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    I can never fully tell if this baiting of the word "socialism" comes from a disingenuous or simply ignorant place.
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    He was in a long line of people with knowledge of the situations that ‘passed the buck’ up the chain rather than nipping it in the bud. Of course when the punishments come, they’re going to cascade back down. Don’t want to be a “scapegoat”? Don’t let it get by you. He & Mount Vernon deserve each other.
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    I attached the picture I use to my board identifier (my school and my last name) in response to threads that deteriorate to the level this one has. I will just thank the "17," and anyone else who donates to this program that I obsess over, and appreciate your continued generosity and commitment. Every dollar given, during good times and bad, has brought us to the point we are now, arguably the best of times this athletic program has ever delivered. GMG
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    Ill hand it to you, you are correct. I would much rather have all that money back that helped build those facilities. I would much rather have our womens soccer team playing on intramural fields over by Peterbilt. I would much rather have our golf team scrounging around trying to find a place to practice, instead of at a state of the art facility like Maridoe. And lastly, I wish they wouldn't have torn Fouts down, because they could sell Apogee to someone and give me my money back with interest and I could go back to watching football with a track between the field and the bleachers with horrible sight lines. But you have convinced me. I got swindled. I'm going to call Ernie K. and convince him he was swindled as soon I hit send. That way we can make sure we never get swindled again by helping our University along. I would love to meet you some day, to see what intelligence really looks like, to see someone who didn't get swindled by donating money to the university that educated his family and that his family loves....
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    But we are having success on the field, so nobody is looking at who the donor base is. Thank you Ben for making my point.
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    If true, then that is great. Also if true, WB needs to step his game up because that's unsat heading into year 3.
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    You do realize that the same people that got "swindled" by the previous athletic director are the same people that are donating now. To my knowledge there has not been one new large donor cultivated. Just the same ones continuing to step up.
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    Liberty will most definitely be the school that brings him back into FBS. There’s some commentary to be made there but this is the football board so ill move on.
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    So the very players that made them terrible offensively last year... all return? I guess that’s good news, for CUSA defenses. PS: J’mar Smith is not a good QB.
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    I am proud to be in a conference with La Tech. Don’t get me wrong, I want to beat them into the dirt every time we play them, but they always bring their best and they represent our conference well. Where ever we go conference wise, I hope the La Tech pennant continues to fly at Apogee. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Our main rival...sustained success.
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    Can we play Grambling rather than Rhode Island? Would love to see their band at Apogee
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    DRC: Top five players rank among elite players in C-USA https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/north-texas-roster-rankings---elite-c-usa-players/article_77894bf6-7968-5b68-9893-12c5a4c57a14.html
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    UNT surpasses both of those schools easily. Pony fans are stuck in the 80s thinking that they’re relevant. UTSA... well, they’re a junior college. I’ll be afraid of them when I’m afraid of UT Arlington
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    Imagine the delusion to think that people in Houston actually give a shit about UH sports...
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    Defensively, yeah. Now that the NCAA ALL-TIME sack leader is no-longer there, we should do a little better! Offensively, it appears Skip needs graduate transfer QBs in order to win a conference title.
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    They might’ve been 111 last year, but for the second half of our game in Denton against them, their defense flat out whipped our ass up front. Very similar to the UAB beating we took.
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    Well if he can make it a year or two without any of their poor girls having trouble, Liberty will be prepared to offer him $5 million per year.
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    smu or utsa…. ive heard all the trash talk in San Antonio... and the preppies in Highland Park. We are head and shoulders above those chumps...We are a great University....GMG
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    Hope you never screw up or get treated as a scapegoat, covering all bases here, and want a second chance.
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    Social democracy does not equal a socialist dictatorship. The American "far-left" is basically center-left compared to the rest of the world. But when juxtaposed against the American right wing, fueled by 30+ years of Reaganite austerity that seems intent on ripping apart the New Deal and taking us back to the 1920s, universal healthcare/education, anti-monopoly, pro-union policy seems crazy. FDR must be a commie, right? Yet those policies are extremely popular. So popular, in fact, that Donald Trump used them on the stump to get elected.
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    I'm right there with you. My money goes to NT season tickets and to Stars games. Now that I'm back in DFW, I may try to get Stars Season tickets. The Winter Classic is going to be epic. I got mine the first evening of presale. I guess RBP realized he was off and isn't going to take my bet.
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    I will never forget the dark green uniforms that looked black with red accents and drums. The band looked like a visiting band. Pitiful.
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    Why does he deserve a second chance? Baylor paid this dude $15m just for the pleasure of firing him. I’ll save my pity for the destitute.
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    Who is UNT's football rival ? "Building a large fan base." That doesn't even make sense. " Our rival is building a large fan base. " My freshman English instructor at NT, Dr. Burns would have eaten this guy alive. Wow. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Just goes to show that people still believe in second chances, as they should. Rick
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    My former high school played against Mount Vernon. We were a diverse school, and they were not. When they played this past year, I heard their players were using racial slurs against my high schools players. The game was so chippy that they had a post game meeting between the refs and coaches from each team. The head coach before Art literally left for a job 15 mins down the road at Winnsboro. I have heard Mount Vernon is like any small town from East Texas. The school board is full of “good ole boys”. There are people from Mount Vernon defending this hire on the East Texas sports forum. They are trying to argue that he had a clean record at Stephenville, and he didn’t get charged with any crimes. I’m glad I moved away from back woods East Texas.
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    Thanks for the spoilers Bert. I wanted to be surprised by the number 1 spot.
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    I love her albums
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    However, I will give you 2010 and 2015. Not happening in 2011 through 2014 though. We were bad from 2011-2014, but not get beat by FCS schools bad. 4-8, 9-4, 5-7 FBS teams typically handle FCS squads with relative to moderate ease. In that timeframe (2010-2015), SHSU played at least 1 FBS school every year. They had 1 win. The win: A 48-45 OT snoozer vs the 1-11 New Mexico Lobos.
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    Oh, the opportunities provided by this post...must use restraint. 😂😂
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    Ahhh, the RV FCS Scheduling Tactic is now being employed down there at UT-KFC.
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    Winning football games Trumps integrity.
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    But, hey, socialism would be different in the U.S.! RIGHT!
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    UNT's biggest rival is Texas Woman's University. The Pioneers divert resources and sense of community from UNT sports teams.
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    I thought RV was gone from the Athletic Department but for some reason some people cannot seem to understand that fact. We keep bringing his name up for some unknown reason and it serves no purpose other than revisiting history which is over and done. Also these statements are always negative toward RV. Never any positive things that RV accomplished such as, getting the Mean Green Village concept going, getting the original Athletic Building constructed, getting the current Women's softball field completed, plus getting Apogee constructed just to name a few. All this was accomplished with very little Financial Help from the University other than the Athletic Fee which he helped to get passed along with some great student help. He had to fight for every dollar he was able to get, and pushed the Administration for help at every step. He helped us to build the foundation for where we are today. Let us remember these good things and thank him for his effort and be thankful for the good things and be glad he is still Mean Green through and through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree or disagree with this facts, but these are the facts.
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    Hide your young women, Mt Vernon. No politics on the football board emmitt01.
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    Honest question here. Should he change careers or just retire? No second chances in life?
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    Yak yak...dude hired bums that lost. And that's the bottom line. Carry on.
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    Please remind me, what was Briles convicted of? Seems more and more we live in a time of Guilty unless proven innocent. Don't get me wrong, I don't care for the man, but as a society, we are getting to the point where we want to be the judge and jury and pass sentences on what someone should be able to do the rest of their lives. I guess a lot of you on here are very careful of the shows, movies, music, and professional sports you watch and listen to since so many in those industries have been accused of crimes.
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    Not a Briles fan and not defending him because I know he didn't have control of his program, but I don't think he was accused of any sexual assaults. Also, I doubt he's going to be recruiting any bad characters to Mt. Vernon, so I think the women and children will be safe. He's gone from head coach at a Big 12 school to head coach at a 3A school. He was making upwards of $4 million a year now he's making probably around $60K. Not to mention his reputation is obviously shot. Plus, he's 63 years old so I doubt this is a stepping stone to getting back to a major college job. He's paid a hefty price for his "crimes" and rightfully so. The sad part and the hypocrisy is that Mt. Vernon will probably have greater attendance numbers at their football games next year than any 3A school in Texas.
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    Ross Bjork, the AD at Ole Miss is heading to College Station as its new AD. Bjork was at Western Kentucky prior to Ole Miss.
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    Unfortunately UTA is now bigger than UNT. How did that happen?
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    You guys basically kept RV insulated for years from ever getting fired by the BOR or administration. Trust me, any competent AD makes up for you 17 if they had the chance, basically like they do now. Go fall on your sword somewhere else.

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