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  1. Well it is all getting very old. We like to give grief to the bandwagon people who pull for a big winner whose campus they’ve never been on. But please tell me how NT football is ever going to get out of its rut, that with very limited and intermittent breaks, has been going on for decades. I have two schools to go for and the other is currently gearing up to lose to its in-state rival for the 16th year in a row. So they’re in about the same situation, but hey there’s basketball, baseball, tennis and soccer, etc. I just don’t connect with those sports the same way. I said I’m ok with NT as long as we consistently win more than lose but I absolutely cannot stand these thunderous beatdowns over and over again, from a tiny budget place like LT. The whole university should be embarrassed and make it a priority to avoid those in the future.
  2. The repeated blowouts, in the bowls and all this season, are inexcusable. On the topic, good point about Briles. Hogs are desperate.
  3. We left after they got 27 even though messing up the extra point. I could tell I was about to be in for a real bad time with that defense.
  4. You know the team got beat bad if there’s fussing about the band. Until they start playing Ridin On The Wind who cares. And Tom’s version of Rosanna is way better!
  5. Great timing! Looking forward to their comedy $hit show chugging up 45.
  6. It's a legitimate question. How CAN you watch? Best suggestion is with a lot of good whiskey and someone to give you hugs.
  7. Oh man SMU hires some old guys to play and we're bad in second game and people are all down. Look I'm happy if we can consistently win more than lose and especially the home games. So I'm holding off judgement til later in the season.
  8. It is great that NT is finally in the actually ranked group of National Universities. One serious problem with the category is the inclusion of a bunch of tiny schools that hardly anyone has ever heard of. There is simply no comparing the mighty William Carey University, enrollment 3,191 to NT, enrollment 31,347. If you take just the recognizable schools that have enrollment more than 17,000, nationwide there are only 9 that separate NT from TX Tech and only 24 that separate NT from Alabama which is a pretty good school for a really big school. (LSU and Arkansas are also ranked the same as Alabama but are not comparable in enrollment.) It is a big step forward for NT but US News should do something to make the 'National' category more about larger/more significant schools with more complete programs and recognizable brands.
  9. Does Mack understand that their basketball team is not eligible for the CFP?
  10. I like the look. It’s very sci fi and futuristic. I want a football with ethereal green plasma flames that no one on the other team can touch.
  11. They certainly changed the game with that cannon, though it was not a change for the better. Well it was better for the rest of us.
  12. This is all part of the University of Central Texas’ plan to develop ‘Regional Rivalries in the new reality of college football’!
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