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  1. I think it's more like 30 teams, you know who they are, with games in which I have no interest. On another note, I finally got a 'smartTV'. I would have no issue watching NT games on some of the channels available on that thing.
  2. The difference is that ND is an actual and excellent university. Besides, there’s already Baylor.
  3. I'm not saying Louisiana is a bad program; just that they're in an unfortunate location. If they moved to New Orleans, then they'd be desirable.
  4. Louisiana is the sound of desperation from the bottom of the toilet. Let's not go down the toilet to save their program. They're in the middle of nowhere. Maybe SFA and Sammy etc can save them.
  5. It seems like for the vast majority of people who get it, it’s no more than a cold. I am wondering how many people who die from it would have died from something else pretty soon. We should probably go on and build our societal immunity to it.
  6. I mean, what would we do anyway? They have bombs and missiles! 😁 Supposing ours was based on that (clearly one is based on the other), we couldn't have picked something better than a fighter jet. Memphis got their tiger logo from a circus ad. Maybe there's a license agreement and mutual defense treaty.
  7. All students are not the same. The one who can get into North Texas (but not TX or a$m) can also get into Texas Tech, yet some choose North Texas while some choose TT. The ones who go to Denton are looking for something different than the ones who go to Buttock. Here's another example: Charlotte and Appalachian. The same student who couldn't get into NC or NC State can get into either Charlotte or Appalachian. Boone is a cool place but it's in the boondocks. Charlotte there is a lot to do and you can easily get to a lot of other places. The students who stay in the urban areas want to preserve other interests while in school, not just university life. That definitely affects the level of connection with the university and its sports programs. We need to not look so much at what relative winning tradition a school brings to our conference. It's not going to do anything good for us. It will mainly benefit that school to continue its existing tradition. We're so far out of the loop, do y'all really think having LT and USM makes any real difference for us? We should avoid Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. It's closer, but it's not better for us. Unfortunately Birmingham is the next marginally decent place east. Sure a lot of big-time programs are in the middle of nowhere but the ship has already sailed on those. These other ones aren't going to help us to the big time, or even be good competitors for us in the long run.
  8. Matching up against schools from the middle of nowhere doesn't make any sense for North Texas. It hasn't worked out well in the past and it never will. Urban schools fundamentally appeal to a different type of student on a mass scale. Our university needs to take a long term view and find a way to fund football and basketball through the downturn, in a way that enables long-term competition against similarly situated universities. I am in favor of of a conference that adds TX State and GA State but does not include WKY, LT, USM or Marshall. Whatever they bring to the table is not good for us in the long term. As for UTEP, I think they have to go too but for different reasons; too much of an outlier. I'd include ODious U for now but they seem to be on the precipice of pulling a North Texas and dropping to FCS/AA or something.
  9. Ha ha! I've been to Harrisonburg and Nacogdoches, and places like Lafayette and Jonesboro too. There is a big difference in our situation. We need to demand that the administration make something of it, not use this challenge as an excuse to sink in the swamp.
  10. Oh goody! We can add jmu and sfa too and Allen high school. I mean that's just a yellow busride away.
  11. Boo hoo odorous U is just sad they can’t play ecu. They and jmu and liberty can have each other.
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