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  1. I wonder if Rendezvous was better back in the day. At this time Commissary, Central and even Corkys are typically better. And I’m not coming down there to TX for anything other than brisket. Don’t even try eating any brisket outside your state. Over here in NC now and I don’t know what they are doing. I found one place where the people are from Houston and at least they have a good sauce. But yeh in MEM if you had to put sauce on a rib something was wrong.
  2. Now don't crap on Memphis or compare. It's apples and oranges. They don't have your region's traffic for example. And there are plenty of nice areas to live in that region; you just don't go to the bad areas. I guess you don't have poor people and criminals in the North Texas region? And the BBQ, they have pork ribs and you have brisket. The two are just not comparable. Their main problem is they don't have a Chuys.
  3. Next the University of Central Texas will take it to the next level and schedule spring-game type fall games against themselves.
  4. Rice does not appeal to the kind of students who want a big sports program etc., and even if it did, many of them couldn't get in. They are in rare air academically. When I was a student, NT certainly did not appeal to most students who wanted all that, but for different reasons. The art and music programs were much more relatively prominent then. Of course those are still excellent programs, but other programs have risen and grown. Growing the sports program has been a serious uphill battle externally and internally. It wasn't that long ago Rice was kicking us all around. May that never happen again!
  5. There IS a conspiracy. It consists of SMU, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech, A&M system and Texas system and their respective brand managers, legislative champions and lobbyists. If you don't believe so, you are naive. Every day they are working in some way, not always in concert of course, to advance their interests at our expense. Now that maybe doesn't have anything to do with this particular headline. I expect that has more to do with the paper maybe thinking the university isn't doing what it should to support a local business. They may even have a good point.
  6. Does it stand for Aggressive As F****?
  7. I think he meant to say 'the North Texas region'. Still, seems like a good decision on this hire.
  8. Most 'news' content, whether print or online, is bought somehow. I have to look at several sources from their different angles to synthesize a fuzzy picture of what might be the truth. Maybe the NT print advertising budget needs a supplement?
  9. I should clarify that my respect level for the coach who wanted to hire him, has NOT gone up. I'd expect after his public clash with the administration, that he will eventually find his way out the door.
  10. Like it or not, UH is a step up at this time. But we have narrowed the gap a lot.
  11. My respect level for SM, which by the way was not particularly low anyway, has gone up.
  12. So happy to have Patrick Cobbs on the NT team again!!
  13. Well they're all leaving now.
  14. I'm at the game. I hope there are adjustments during the half. Their team is noticeably taller.
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