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  1. Let tt do what they do, serve the hinterlands. We need to serve the metro area. I would expect eventually to see an NT-Ft Worth, in addition to the med school. As for Denton facilities, we need a new basketball venue that lets in a lot of light. They need to tear down that giant pile of bricks and rusty metal immediately. Auburn made a nice new arena and then left their old giant concrete turd there for years. It looked ridiculous. We should learn from that lesson.
  2. We must have separate institutions in order to maintain our independence as a 'system'. Otherwise you'd be looking at A&M-Denton or something. Just ask ETSU.
  3. Commonly consumed in a green drink, there is a spirit that if taken in sufficient quantities will help you and your fellow Mean Green fans to make it til the next time that the team performs well, and to forget about poor performances of the past, so you should offer them a 'Mas Tequila!' 🤣
  4. Oh ok ... so when you show up unprepared and lousy the first half of the day so you have to perform real well in the afternoon to net out, THAT'S adversity?
  5. So ... it's adversity when the other teams try to keep you from winning the games?
  6. High point was definitely that hair. It was all downhill from there.
  7. Let's give it another try! If there's a rule against more than one bowl, maybe they'll grant an exception. 🤣
  8. Maybe the expectations should have been more then too.
  9. Brett was right. A perfect fit, right down Main Street.
  10. 'Perfect fit'! That is LAUGHABLE. Really I'm concerned to know who paid for that. I never want to see another half a season like we suffered this year.
  11. Probably the biggest win in Birmingham history. Good for them!
  12. The home crowd must have been 'shocked' by that looooong scoreless stretch in the second half.
  13. Seems like they are taking that loss pretty hard.
  14. Hoping they keep the soccer lines as shown for both games.
  15. I don't think anyone is equating the achievement of the Rose bowl with the Camelia bowl.
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