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  1. They certainly changed the game with that cannon, though it was not a change for the better. Well it was better for the rest of us.
  2. This is all part of the University of Central Texas’ plan to develop ‘Regional Rivalries in the new reality of college football’!
  3. The ACC. With global warming, the North Texas region could be coastal. Louisville got in.
  4. I pity the cougar having to come on here trying to build himself up, dreaming of the day the only real rival he could ever have goes back to playing SH and SFA. Even sadder is some NT ‘fans’ think that would be a good idea. Yes that will draw crowds to rival the best high school games. Now these people are desperate that they might not be able to go to the away games. So what! It’s about the brand, not about you.
  5. I wish they had not put such a cruddy looking floor with the eagle. They should put a smaller eagle in place of 'North Texas' on the one with the building.
  6. That's a cool story; thanks for sharing it! NT pride!
  7. It's a disaster. There's nothing to keep the chickens from getting out.
  8. Absolutely. As for 'splitting the market' with SMU, who cares? The market is several times bigger than most other 'markets'.
  9. Yes to MW. Only home games matter; those are better brand opponents.
  10. Neither have the Panthers lately! Well it was about all they could do to get a program together. They are probably struggling with the reality of the commitments needed to be competitive in the sport now. But I think they will get it together and be an asset. Unless we can get to a better conference, they’re a better match for us than most of the other schools at our level.
  11. Charlotte is one of the best things NT has going in this conference we call home. Eventually they will build out the tiny stadium. They are about the only member that has any upside comparable to NT. By the way they are a founding member of the conference and consistently ranked as a better institution. Don't hate.
  12. I am just not gonna complain about the TV; all I can think of is how much better the schedule is than the 2009 schedule.
  13. What a cool honor and great recognition. Also, cool hat!
  14. Well if he can make it a year or two without any of their poor girls having trouble, Liberty will be prepared to offer him $5 million per year.
  15. I wonder if Rendezvous was better back in the day. At this time Commissary, Central and even Corkys are typically better. And I’m not coming down there to TX for anything other than brisket. Don’t even try eating any brisket outside your state. Over here in NC now and I don’t know what they are doing. I found one place where the people are from Houston and at least they have a good sauce. But yeh in MEM if you had to put sauce on a rib something was wrong.
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