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  1. I think he'll do well once we settle into the new WAC.
  2. They are perfect; and in this case that means they inadvertently found new ways to entertain. Make no mistake, we're fans of the NT Dancers!!
  3. The situation is bad but nothing actually needs to be burned.
  4. Maybe there was confusion in Myrtle Beach: "Did they say 'Show us your pits!'? OK but only one at a time."
  5. Never heard of a pit fetish before but I guess there's something for everyone.
  6. NO to Sumlin. We meed someone young and enthusiastic. Most of the positive energy went out of this program with GH.
  7. There is no light at the end of the NT football tunnel. It's an overall net negative. They're not going to get this right. At this point shutting it down is about the best we can realistically hope for.
  8. Oh I thought this was going to be about 'paper or plastic?'.
  9. Good. UAB deserve it just for having to make the trip.
  10. What's the most points your team has ever scored in a game?
  11. The payout will be: the biggest bottle of codeine cough syrup they've ever seen.
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