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  1. We have the worst joke of a program that's ever been. Looking across the whole lifetime of it, there's not enough good do justify all the bad. Make it stop.
  2. That tiny little eagle next to 'UNT' in the new logo tells you all you need to know. The leadership once again don't care about athletics success. At this point I know they never will, so I'll go along with them. Pull the plug.
  3. Nah. It's just time for North Texas to stop having sports. Actually that time started a long time ago.
  4. I would be happy if that was TT’s last win of all time.
  5. Their leadership has made it a high priority. They have a high proportion of fan engagement. I’m not sure which caused the other. Either way they have managed to bake it into the mix. On the other hand you have Charlotte that is much more comparable to us. I see a pattern, and a distinction. And you can say, Charlotte didn’t even have football. Well there are reasons for that, and they are some of the same reasons we have had it but only rarely been good at it. But Appalachian is not immune from everything; if Carolina or NCS ever really starts to care about football and feels any pain in the
  6. Appalachian's success has nothing to do with sbc. Those people care about winning at football cause there's nothing else going on out there in the middle of the mountains where they are.
  7. Let's see ... Nashville or Ruston? Tough choice.
  8. I don't expect young people to put their lives on hold indefinitely because I might be too old and frail to survive this virus.
  9. We can all agree there are too many of them.
  10. Dallas Methodist University Mob of Green Brumbies.
  11. That is fantastic but I wish they'd gone for SMU Mob of Brumbies instead.
  12. You mean they were supposed to foresee the disastrous national overreaction to it?
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