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  1. I figured somehow or another SMU and Memphis would get away from us before long. This could do it for them.
  2. When 32 of the colleges go and make an NFL minor league, whatever smu is able to buy won't be worth a Hill of beans. Now you're a caricature; sad.
  3. What a disappointment it would be to find that the university leadership's vision of what a major university should be is based mostly on what some people volunteer to pay for. Would be so much better for leadership to dream and then go and sell their ideas to constituencies. A giant major university with a baseball team is not even a very lofty dream. Makes you wonder what they ARE dreaming about. But then we shouln't have to wonder, should we?
  4. I will be very surprised if Virginia wins the next game cause NT took it out of them today. I sure wish the Green could have pulled this out. 💔
  5. The teams have played before but it was Benford time. This time much different. Once in a lifetime! Person divided!! NIT record for low total points in a game in serious jeopardy!!! Love it!!!!
  6. OMG with the baseball. Yes, it is a travesty this giant university can't seem to support a little ol' baseball team. In fact it can and should, AND have a modern basketball facility. If we can't have both, then change should come.
  7. HUGE win on the road!! This may be my favorite NT sports team ever. What a tremendous accomplishment!
  8. You misunderstood. Supporters of Texas would like for us to be the anonymous ‘UNT’. They don’t want there to be a University of NORTH Texas. It is the same thing as when they didn’t want the university name change in the 80s. I’m not talking about general fans. I’m talking about people in the state government. The fact people go along with it is similar to how people in Raleigh have managed to get supporters of Appalachian to refer to themselves as the ridiculous ‘App State’. Supporters of Carolina have to love it. So whenever there is a print reference to our school it should be ‘North Texas’ not ‘UNT’ and you should only say ‘North Texas’ not ‘UNT’ and no print should occur attached to our logo.
  9. The eagle in my day was flying through some sort of circular star gate with an N and a T stacked on it. Hated it. I don't like the worm, nor that shade of green. Worm has a big J on it. I also don't like 'UNT'. That is straight from Austin people who think a university OF 'North Texas' takes away from a university OF 'Texas'.
  10. I'll take our stadium over LT's.
  11. The current eagle is the best logo we've had or ever will have. They just need to STOP attaching the letters UNT to it and make it bigger wherever it appears. If I was good with graphic arts I'd make a tiny longhorn with a UT attached to the corner of it to show how stupid this current combination looks.
  12. Really loving what this basketball team is doing!!
  13. They finally realized it wasn't auto racing going on in there so a multidisciplinary committee and some consultants recommended to change it.
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