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  1. Very proud of Mean Green Basketball!
  2. Glad I got to see #12 play. Will never forget. Thanks for post.
  3. We need to get out of CUSA. All those lowly nearby road opponents apparently someone treasures are just dilution. We need to elevate above that competition. Stop berating Houston. You all know we want to be on the same level. And Houston, you should be ashamed feeling like you need to come in here to look down. Thanks for the recognition.
  4. If the university leadership would be swayed by this mighty fanbase on such an issue, then our leadership crisis continues.
  5. Would be happy to take their place.
  6. Racking up 98 points on the way to another win. Impressive!
  7. It doesn’t matter what division; wherever we are we need to consistently win most of the games. And that will lead to opportunities to move up. It is a travesty that this massive school in such a rich area can’t consistently win most of its games given the usual competition. The underperformance is SO old I can’t even explain why I even care at all anymore. Shameful effort by administration after administration.
  8. I think you meant to say 'sad numbers' instead of 'interesting numbers'.
  9. Another step down the road toward me not caring at all what happens with this program. 2011: not good times.
  10. That's great news; very happy for you!
  11. That we can’t beat enough of these crap teams to get in one of these crap bowls is a dismal statement about the state of our program.
  12. You guys are excited but what it must mean is we made some insanely bad hires. That is not good news. I have seen this kind of sacrificing before and it did not produce good results. Several years later a new coach takes several more years to clean it all up. NT has such an anchor hanging around it, it would take someone with tremendous positive recognition and energy to recruit at a high level. The only way is like some of you have said, broaden the fundraising significantly to raise enough money for it.
  13. Meanwhile ... spotted in Target's chip aisle in Charlotte NC. ???
  14. Well it is all getting very old. We like to give grief to the bandwagon people who pull for a big winner whose campus they’ve never been on. But please tell me how NT football is ever going to get out of its rut, that with very limited and intermittent breaks, has been going on for decades. I have two schools to go for and the other is currently gearing up to lose to its in-state rival for the 16th year in a row. So they’re in about the same situation, but hey there’s basketball, baseball, tennis and soccer, etc. I just don’t connect with those sports the same way. I said I’m ok with NT as long as we consistently win more than lose but I absolutely cannot stand these thunderous beatdowns over and over again, from a tiny budget place like LT. The whole university should be embarrassed and make it a priority to avoid those in the future.
  15. The repeated blowouts, in the bowls and all this season, are inexcusable. On the topic, good point about Briles. Hogs are desperate.
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