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  1. So y'all kept your backups in even when the game got close? Sounds like a great way to win games... Good luck with the rest of your season.
  2. This gets lost in translation, but if you're a P5, its really not that hard to get into the top 25. Maryland beat ranked Syracuse, made it to 23, and then got beat by Temple. This early in the season its all over the place. If you're in the G5, you have to play lights out for 75 percent of the season to get close to cracking the list.
  3. Absolutely. When we look back on these past two years, we're going to enjoy the total win numbers, but there will always be that thought about "what-if"... It's a damn shame.
  4. If we can’t win CUSA and or a bowl with Mason Fine as a senior, the formula for success doesn’t get any easier next year. If that happens, I’m not calling for SL to be fired, but I certainly won’t be upset to see him leave.
  5. Yup. No excuses could be made for dropping this game. In order to be a serious program you have to beat up on bad teams in your conference.
  6. If we looked like we had a plan for the first 25 minutes of the game I wouldn't feel so bad. Took the opening kick off, ran 3 stupid plays, and it was all downhill from there till after halftime. Going on the road against an P5 team is tough. But we only can pull our shit together for about 40 percent of all snaps. You have to control what you can. Having a game plan, and not getting 100+ penalty yards are two things you can control.
  7. Their stick for a QB ran for 70 yards. D'Eriq King is going to look like Mike Vick unless we get some midseason SEC transfers
  8. This team sure does find a way to make any outcome on the field feel tenuous.
  9. Cal looks like a 5-7 team. But so do we. We left soooooooo many opportunities on the field. The final score is close so the positive brigade will be out in force saying this is a step in the right direction. When in reality it was a poor showing.
  10. Hand off, hand off, hand off, turnover on downs. Killer offense
  11. Turning this shit off. The D sucks but they fought hard. Can't say the same for the offense. #Hit6
  12. Swing pass behind the LOS, 8 yard gain for a first down.
  13. Draw run for 1 yard on 2nd-10. This offensive scheme burned up the FCS? Shit sucks man.
  14. Line drive punt fielded at the 5. Considering our coaching payroll is one of the highest in the Group of 5, it sure doesn't look like it.
  15. Side judge adjudicated that properly. Don't blow it dead unless you are 100 percent sure the player was out. Good officiating.
  16. At least our university had a good free halftime commercial
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