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  1. Zach Orr was absolutely snubbed. I know these lists are focused on college performance, but ZO was able to climb from an UDFA to being second team AP All-Pro in the NFL. He was a special player and its a shame he had to retire so early.
  2. This season has illuminated a lot about SL and the team he built: it was all Mason Fine, some good WR's, some luck, and an easy schedule. What still baffles my mind, is how the administration has backed themselves into a corner, and effectively locked SL to us come hell or high water. Any gains they have made in how the AD's office is run can be quickly negated if the on the field product remains at this level, and we get into financial trouble by having to eat a bad contract. This situation sucks. We suck. And unfortunately, I don't see it being any better next year.
  3. Your take is too generous and rose colored. We’ve won zero big games, and zero bowl game wins over the past couple years with all of that same institutional support and an all-UNT history QB. We’re correcting back to the mean, which at UNT equates to .450 football. Next year’s team is in for a world of hurt. There is no depth, or if there is they’re having a terrible year. The shine has been rubbed off of SL, and he’s not going anywhere. We’ll look back on these years and be incredibly angry that we didn’t capitalize on the many opportunities to make real changes to the program.
  4. ACU was the only gimmie on this seasons schedule. We do not deserve to go bowling. Sorry to Mason and the other seniors, but they’ve had chances to win bowls and have fallen short. That’s life. The university needs to save the money and look forward to next year.
  5. When I die, put “there were issues in all 3 phases” on my tombstone.
  6. Love the kid and it’s admirable that he put up the numbers he has. Undoubtedly the best QB North Texas has ever had. But let’s get real... He’s a sure fire UNT HOFer. That’s it. Joe Greene was a generational talent, NFL HOFer, made a huge imprint on the NFL and is a household name for what he did in and out of football. This isn’t a shot at Mason, he’s seems like a good guy. But comparing the two is a little ridiculous.
  7. Hate to say it but there’s too much optimism in this thread. If LaTech doesn’t drop 60 on this defense I’m sure they’ll be disappointed.
  8. Fire the entire coaching staff. The gig is up, this crew is not good. Capitalize on the things that are going well with the program and find a better HC to take the reigns and run with the ball.
  9. Go ahead and downvote me, but fire everyone. I don’t care. Seth and company have officially overstayed their welcome and the gig is up.
  10. Yup. This is a situation where putting all of your hopes in 3 or 4 players to carry an entire team has gone to shit. No depth and no fundamentals.
  11. That’s not surprising. I don’t think you would be a good AD if your emotions are all over the place like a fan.
  12. Yup. We have bid against ourselves over the past two seasons. Maybe some shit tier P5 will take him off our hands.
  13. SL and his agent played us for fools last year, and yet some fans on here pretend like he’s doing this for free and isn’t just trying to leverage us for greener pastures. How many contract extensions/modifications has he gotten by using the “well we used to suck” card? If this is going to be a transactional relationship, fine. We need to expect more on our side of the transaction.
  14. He needs to be fired on Monday. This scheme sucks, there is no game planning, and there are never any successful adjustments. No tolerance for this crap.
  15. The coaching staff also needs to protect Mason from himself. If the kid is hurt, don't let him gut it out. The offense cannot protect him. We cant win with a broken QB
  16. Other than keeping it close at Cal, I can’t name one positive thing that has happened all season. It’s going to take a miracle to right the ship
  17. I think everyone made too many assumptions based on last year. We assumed Reeder would successfully implement a good system, and that Fine would look like he did last year. Neither of those things happened. 7 wins looks impossible at the moment.
  18. The game plan is clearly to get into 3rd & 12 and heave it into traffic.
  19. Absolutely. The play calling sucks but Mason is missing open receivers and forcing it into questionable situations. Nothing is working
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