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    You forgot scenario #3: Seth Littrell's tenure at UNT exceeds that of Paterno @PSU & Bowden @FSU tenures combined because he loves living in Denton, all the while taking UNT to multiple national championships!!!!!1!1!
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    Fine by me... The Longhorns "Texas Tour" I think is around $35 to attend
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-game-by-game-projections-for-the-season/article_cc65dd91-c760-589d-83cd-7b2af92ac987.html
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    Impressive. Kiffin is representing C-USA In a big way. Deserves a ton of credit for what he has accomplished in such a short time. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nc...568834002/
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    I think if you will research it you will find that UNT is far from alone.
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    In partnership with Athletics. I understand what some are saying about the small fee. But, it does help with headcount and preparations. While small, most that RSVP and pay it will actually show up. In the past when there was no fee...lots RSVP’d (like Facebook RSVP’s...ever tried that?), but many failed to show. Maybe they are going with the theory that if things are free, people see no value in them. Don’t know, don’t care. The $5 should not be a significant deterrent to anyone who truly wants to attend. And, as been previously stated...it is how many of the “big time” folks do it these days. Being or moving toward being “big time” costs money...right?
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    There are a lot of people living in Frisco and the surrounding areas with more growth coming. A lot of those people are working people who would like to go back to school for one reason or another, but simply don't want to drive to Denton to attend classes. Lots of reasons for that, but they aren't doing it. Building this campus puts the University right in their back yard, so they are now able to attend classes they previously would not have.
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    No, the WHOLE school, not just game day. Maybe one day North Texas will be able to produce a youtube video celebrating it's multi-generational connectedness like this....... instead of our usual multi-generational disconnectedness. I'm still shaking my head over that statement/question that an alumni asked someone who posts on the board........"are we still in the MVC? And that is why our football (and other sports) game day always looks the way it does...........compartmentalized and unconnected. The MVC question pretty much says it all.
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    Morris has recruiting skins on the wall--especially recruiting Texas. SL has some work to do there.
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    The next Odus Mitchell huh? The only way that SL would ever think about staying that long is if our culture changes........significantly.
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    I love Lubbock jokes, but this has next-to zero merit as an actual argument when it comes to coaches/careers and scholarship players. Maybe you really were just making a funny.
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    There are maybe 10 hc's in all of Division 1 that would not leave for a job with substantially more money and prestige. I find this endless speculation of Littrell's next job tedious at best. If NT has a great record next year, Littrell will be offered other good opportunities. If NT has a bad season, there will be little demand for his services. Of the two scenarios above, which would you prefer?
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    Proven recruiter! Lit has got to pick up His recruiting to get to the next level.
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    Why Tech would hire someone who hasn't won their conference and maybe they won one bowl out of three...Hummm. And " ifffy" on recruiting. That's a hard sell if ur a Tech fan....they got this scenario now...
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    I attended UNT in early 60's, and if memory serves we had an opportunity to join the University of Texas System but declined.
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    I bet there'd be no issues if it was a TAMU or tu branch.
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    To Jeff Wilson: "That "grinding" you went through is now paying some nice dividends. Congratulations! Now show the NFL what you can do.
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    Or, maybe most people are not chapped enough to actually register either of those things as "dissatisfying" to their gameday experience. And if you are, I feel sorry for you. Relax and enjoy.
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    My thoughts are mixed, I guess. My initial reaction is that it is good to deliver services in a more convenient location for some consumers. On the other hand, I would think it necessary to deliver certain core courses to fashion a quality program and thereby duplicating efforts or forcing some faculty to "road trip". I get that we can customize a few courses to accommodate the needs of the specific businesses in that area or create a new program or two. Does that mean that Denton resident students have to "road trip" to Frisco if they find those courses valuable to their particular needs? I fear the potential for "mission creep" here, duplication of efforts, and costs that could get out of control. So I like that we're expanding our regional presence but I don't want it to cannibalize the mothership. Just my two cents.
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    I intend to go to the Denton Caravan. The $5. fee frosts me a little. It's too little to get excited about. It's too much considering this is the fee that the Mean Green Scholarship Association members have already paid. I wish there were more gap between MGSA members and non-members. Something that would make MGSA membership more worthwhile. Maybe better parking for MGSA members the day of the event. But I'll be there. Right behind those that don't join the MGSA. GO MEAN GREEN
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    I don't know if he will leave this year and I don't know if Tech will be the destination when he does leave. But what I do know is that he is not in this thing for the long haul. He's counting his chips...well not really. He's out the door with an FBS P5 HC offer from any and all. And if he's not offered, damnit he's going to apply. We are whipping boys in his eyes that just happen to be the people currently cutting his check. I mean think about it...He played at OU and then coached at Tech, Indy, Arizona, and North Carolina. When teams like us inevitably showed up on the schedule, it wss time to boost those offensive stats and win going away. Now, he fell into what he surely used to view as one of these very holes, player and coach, and he's apparently looking for an exit strategy. I will root for the dubs and chastise harder during the L's for this very reason. Loyalty is 2-way. But it's a financial business and he's gotta get it while he can. That doesn't mean my viewpoint changes due to that. To the point, I would be pleased with 9-3. So as long as the cumulative score of those 3 doesn't end up being 1,478,412 to 60.
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    Lining Avenue C and heading south toward Interstate 35E are a string of businesses on each side of the street — including New York Sub Hub, Campus Bookstore and Dollar View Full Article