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  1. The best junior golf in the country is played in DFW. Baffling that both the men's and women's teams have no one that contributes that is from DFW. I know that Strack.......................e has made little to no effort to recruit DFW, not sure what the women's coaches deal is.
  2. A poster in here ate at IHOP with Benford one time. He's a great guy, really got a raw deal here. Just needed 8-9 years to get all his guys in here.
  3. Great guy, just give him some time. He just didn't have enough time at UNT to get all his guys in here. If he would of of had 6-7-8 years here just think of what he could of done
  4. Recruiting is a definite concern. Anyone that is contributing at any significant level is a Benford recruit. Has a GM recruit contributed at all????? Everyone that scoffed at the idea of a JJ return, look at what him and another former UNT coach are doing down at TX. Southern....
  5. Super Pit is solid. Not a bad seat in the house and sight lines are good from any seat. Would prefer it over the cookie cutter POS that UTA built
  6. NT Basketball scheduling is embarrassing
  7. Pretty close. Easy to see why most legit programs stay in a team hotel the night before. Even when at home
  8. Don't you have to be successful in the past to be entitled?
  9. Who exactly is going to hire him?
  10. lol ok. There won't be 2500 people on Thursday night for a 8:30 pm kick against a Florida school that is named after an ocean. That is also going against the first round of TXHS football playoffs.
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