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Community Answers

  1. Todd Dodge can coach. There needs to be a UNT version 30 for 30 about what went wrong during his unt stint.
  2. Night game. Mid 30’s with sleet and rain
  3. I was at that game. No way there was 100 people there outside of the band.
  4. If you think they are bad, you really arnt going to like what’s behind them as a replacement. At the high school level, the shortage is a major problem and games are being moved to Thursday and Saturday to be able to be covered across the state. If officials arnt treated better at lower levels it is going to definitely impact the college level.
  5. You could put all officials as “NCAA” officials and you are going to get the same crews. SEC/ Big 12 officials make way more than CUSA officials so the better officials are going to get assigned those P5 games and CUSA and Sunbelt are getting the lesser crews.
  6. Asinine to think there is any type of “bias”. D1 officials work very hard to get to the D1 level and could care less who wins. The issue is the depth/ quality of officials at all levels. Officials are treated so poorly in youth and junior high level games that most quit before theIr first year. There’s a massive official shortage at the high school level due to veteran officials retiring and no young officials there to replace them due to poor working conditions for beginner officials. There has to have a trickle up effect to the college level.
  7. What a joke of a program. Wear your dinosaur costume!!! This team is sooooo fun!!!!!
  8. Cant wait to see what costumes they have for the press conference!!!!!! this team is soooooo fun!!!!!!!!
  9. Bits are so fun!!!! Didn’t catch the postgame presser, did anyone dress up?????
  10. But UNT made it on ESPN last week for shenanigans. So much fun!!!!!!
  11. I sure hope someone goes out there with a TREX costume after this game. Boy this team is fun!!!!
  12. Don't know whats more embarrassing, the heisman ads on the ticket or the loss last week to Charolette. Not sure hes in a spot to be doing bits
  13. Agree with status quo and move on I was able to watch la tech and rice on espn. Prolly cusa fault
  14. My original and only point is it’s unacceptable this game wasn’t offered on a legit network
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