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  1. shootermcgavin44

    Mccasland Has To Make Better Use Of His Scholarships

    Recruiting is a definite concern. Anyone that is contributing at any significant level is a Benford recruit. Has a GM recruit contributed at all????? Everyone that scoffed at the idea of a JJ return, look at what him and another former UNT coach are doing down at TX. Southern....
  2. shootermcgavin44

    Super Pit thoughts

    Super Pit is solid. Not a bad seat in the house and sight lines are good from any seat. Would prefer it over the cookie cutter POS that UTA built
  3. shootermcgavin44

    Maine (11/20/18)

    NT Basketball scheduling is embarrassing
  4. shootermcgavin44

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    Pretty close. Easy to see why most legit programs stay in a team hotel the night before. Even when at home
  5. shootermcgavin44

    Where the Blame Actually Lies

    Umm do you know Gio Vizza?
  6. shootermcgavin44

    I would rather work..

    Don't you have to be successful in the past to be entitled?
  7. shootermcgavin44


    Excuse me?
  8. shootermcgavin44


    Who exactly is going to hire him?
  9. shootermcgavin44


    lol ok. There won't be 2500 people on Thursday night for a 8:30 pm kick against a Florida school that is named after an ocean. That is also going against the first round of TXHS football playoffs.
  10. shootermcgavin44


    Never going to have a better chance to be relevant ever again. Beat SMU Win your body bag game Have a chance to run the table in a down year in your conference Forever will be with directional and slap state Sun belt, CUSA, southland schools
  11. shootermcgavin44

    Blue Lot Sold Out

    There were thousands of empty spaces in the blue lot
  12. shootermcgavin44

    Oh ya UAB is easy

    12-0 or 5-7 the end result is probably The Heart of Texas Bowl
  13. shootermcgavin44

    So, we are bowl eligible...

    30K next week attendance!!!!!
  14. shootermcgavin44

    Oh ya UAB is easy

    Mabye this team, just isn't very good.....
  15. shootermcgavin44

    So, we are bowl eligible...

    11-1 =Heart of Dallas Bowl 5-7 2 years ago= Heart of Dallas Bowl