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  1. I'm in the camp that 2 for 1s are garbage unless it's a super power (OU, Texas, Alabama, etc.). You do those very often and you screw your team because you are scheduling 2 road games for every home game in the non-con. Football scheudling seems to be running about a decade out. I believe we've secured home and homes with Baylor, Missouri, Texas Tech, Cal and it seems like there was another one I'm forgetting. Point is I don't think the home and homes were a priority until WB got here, we've been getting them scheduled but football scheduling runs so damn far out.
  2. This is the way I remember it. This year was a guarantee booked by RV. Then we have a home and home booked last year that I hope to live to see. LOL
  3. Neither IMO. Job opens and reporters just throw out names of ADs that have good reputations. Ark State's AD is always on lists as well. I don't think WB or any other candidate is advocating for mentions nor can they stop it. Same goes for coaching jobs and lists. I think its just reporters trying to get likes and retweets and followers. Everyone relax
  4. It's weird the expectation of our "fans" on some kind of public flogging. I've never seen that. I've never seen the Texas AD do that. I've never seen the Tech AD do that. It seems WAY counterproductive to me to publicly undercut your coach or show lack of confidence in the program unless you have determined you are making a change. I respect Joe and others who've followed the program passionately. I just cant follow the logic. WB never said a negative word publicly about Tony Benford or Tracy Kee or anyone else. I don't expect he ever will on Seth. It doesn't appear to be his style but more im
  5. I'd lay down good money no other CUSA football team plays in El Paso this year year. Smatresk made the right call IMO
  6. CUSA has 13 teams playing football. Collectively, the teams have played 75 games (5.7) average. UNT has played 5. It would be 6 if UTEP had been willing to work with UNT like they offered FIU and UAB (neutral site). So UNT has pretty much played the average number of games in CUSA. Do you pay attention to the rest of the country? Games are falling by the waste side left and right. The SEC has canceled 4 games this week already.
  7. I may be wrong but conference schedules are "assigned." I don't think athletic directors have any say whatsoever. The league throws the games into a computer and it generates a schedule from what I understand. The only bye week that can be "scheduled" would during the non-conference portion of the season which UNT didn't have.
  8. I don't blame UTEP for not moving. I blame UTEP for acting like UNT is wrong for putting health and safety first. one of the differences here is I don't believe there is anyway UNT would attempt to have a football game (fans or no fans) in the midst of a county wide stay at home order with no hospital beds available, the convention center two blocks away being turned into a makeshift hospital by the governor, etc. That being said, UTEP doesn't have to move the game but my guess is they'll see more of this if their numbers don't change.
  9. Gonna need to add Smatresk to your fire train there pal. It was clear from both sides this was a presidential decision. Apparently you think Smatresk was so moved by Seth's fears of the mighty Miners that he, Baker and Seth agreed to cancel the game. What the heck?
  10. https://covidactnow.org/us/texas-tx/county/el_paso_county?s=1205295 After looking at these numbers, I agree with this decision. The team would be on a plane twice, three bus rides and in a hotel. Along the way they'd deal with numerous screeners, airport personnel, bus drivers, maids, cooks, etc. You'd have 3-4 meals prepared by the hotel. None of those people are required to test nor in protocol. The team isn't able to magically transport to stadium an hour before the game. Local test positivity rate has reached 22% which is incredibly high. Maybe the most concerning thing is the 100% us
  11. I believe you are correct here. I think Brint Ryan was the biggest push for the scale of the contract. But EVERYONE was calling for an extension after the SMU/Arkansas games that year, not to mention Seth Littrell is 1 of 2 coaches in UNT history to have back to back 9 win seasons. There were lots of indicators that things were going well. But something is off. It doesn't seem a departure like Graham Harrell would completely derail a program but maybe it did. I don't know. But this isn't the same program we saw in 2017 and 2018. I don't fault UNT for giving Seth an extension. It was
  12. This is true. I believe WB extended Seth twice but Brint Ryan and Smatresk hired Seth and I'm sure had a lot to do with his extensions as well since President and Board approval are required. At the time, most everyone agreed on the extensions (last one was when he beat Arkansas and SMU and after back to back 9 win seasons for the 2nd time ever) but the salary did seem high. Perhaps that was due to the Kansas State flirtations, not sure. I'm not ready to write this season or Seth off. I'm hopeful we'll settle in and win six or seven. But if we have to hire a coach, WB has shown the abilit
  13. I think Rice is down to 10. FAU and FIU are also at 10. Of course the power conferences are all at 10. I'd love to see us pick up a 12th game but understand the logic of not picking up expense if there isn't a big paycheck game. I'd feel differently if we'd have lost a home game.
  14. Seems like there's some unknowns. But UNT announced its refunding students that lived on campus prorated for the remainder of the semester as of last week. That would mean roughly 6 weeks living rent and meal plans being refunded. I don't know how many we have living on campus but has to be somewhere between 6,000 and 8,000 I'd think. Assuming the lesser number of 6,000 at a refund cost of $1,500 each (remaining rooms and meals) that would be $9 million. It's just the start and I assumed low end of all of those numbers. Then summer enrollment has to be suffering from this I'd imagine. Summer i
  15. I got an email today. In fairness, cancellation wasn't until Thursday. Email on Friday of last week said expect something early this week. I got my email on Tuesday. Definitely had not been a week. But it does seem longer without sports. 😞
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