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  1. Just came across another article on Memphis candidates. Seems like they know it would be hard to get WB away from here. https://dailymemphian.com/article/5133/Potential-candidates-on-radar-to-replace-Tom-Bowen-as-U-of-M-Athletic-Director unlikely but familiar faces: Wren Baker - North Texas - Athletic Director One of the top young athletic director’s in the nation, Baker is in a similar situation as Alnutt. He has a solid job with the potential to jump to a Power Five opening in the future. Many in Memphis hold him in a high esteem after he worked under Bowen, but it seems unlikely he ends up involved with the open job.
  2. Based on everything Wren says, I don't see him leaving for Memphis. I did a quick twitter search and perused their board. His name is prevalent. But Smatresk seems to support Baker in every way. Maybe, it's wishful thinking but I don't think he leaves for anything less than Power 5.
  3. Understand but midweek games in softball and baseball (even more so) are often undpredictable. The "better" team often doesnt throw their #1 pitch much if at all because they have a huge conference series looming. Often the lesser conference team plays all out to pull the upset. This how we beat Baylor a couple times under Kee.
  4. Correct. A conference's Board of Directors is the Presidents. They make the call. And it's almost impossible for a commissioner to get fired (google Larry Scott Pac 12 and you'll see he's pretty much despised by the ADs).
  5. Baseball and softball losses are weighted way differently. People don't take them into account near as much because people's #1 pitchers are way better. Hope is 6-1 for instance, the rest of our staff is 3-3. Probably not an exact science but in baseball/softball I think more credit is given for quality wins than a bad loss because of that.
  6. Yeah, I did miss Simmons which was an error. Draper was a walk-on, not a recruit so not sure how much that really counts. So we have 6 guys averaging double figures. Two of them were from Benford era. So in year #2 for McCasland, 37% of offensive production come from Benford recruits. My point remains anyone who says Mac is "winning with Benford players" and his own players aren't good enough is being asinine. Sure, some recruits haven't panned out but this damn sure wasn't plug in play.
  7. Huh? Draper and Wooldridge are LITERALLY the only Benford recruits on the team. Some of you guys don't seem to know how the scholarships work. Alcindor is redshirting. He only played against non D1s. Tikhonenko is injured. He only played in 8 games and will likely get a medical redshirt. Wise is redshirting too. None of this was an issue and we scored fine until injuries mounted up. It does seem they missed on Tope. We just don't get much out of him. And I question the decision to put DJ on a scholly. It's a feel good story but DJ just isn't athletic enough to be counted on. But redshirting the guys he has redshirting is a great sign to me. It says Grant is building a program. If he wanted to win and get out of here, he'd burn the redshirt. But he hasn't. Does everyone griping realize we were missing two starters (Duffy and Ryan) and our 6th man (Simmons). We played with 6 guys, one of which was DJ. And I've never seen a player struggle post injury like Rose has. That couldn't have been predicted. We should end the year with a top 120 RPI, maybe top 100 following last year's 190 rpi. Benford never finished above 275 and finished below 300 multiple times. If you look at what Kelvin Sampson has done at Houston GMac has exceeded his 1st two years. Kelvin was 13-19 (4-14) in year #1 and 22-10 (12-6) in year #2. In my opinion, Grant is doing a really, really good job.
  8. Good pub on the basketball schedule. I took his Graham comment as a joke.
  9. The NT Daily become horribly bad seemingly overnight. What the hell happened?
  10. CUSA road wins are huge. Especially Saturday games. Winning game #2 on the road in CUSA is really tough. Watching the scores every week, home court is huge for the Saturday game. Few CUSA teams charter. For instance our team probably left Wednesday morning flew to Norfolk. Practiced, went through scouting report, etc. Played a night game on Thursday. Get up early Friday morning and catch flight to Charlotte. Hold a practice somewhere, film, scouting report, etc. Get up next day and play an afternoon game. Because of the way the league does it, your 2nd road game is always against a team that's played both at home. At least we have lots of direct flights. From Ruston, Hattiesburg, etc. the flight itinerary would be much worse.
  11. I agree Rico is better. But if he catches half of his drops, his numbers would improve dramatically.
  12. I'm all for Jalen making the decision he wants to make. He's been a good player for UNT and I believe he graduated in December so he's earned that right. But objectively I think he's making a mistake. When you ask would his draft stock improve, the answer is yes if his production improved, he became more consistent and he eliminated his many drops. I'd argue the other side of this. Coming back won't diminish his draft stock because his draft stock is non existent right now. He won't get drafted. No one has him anywhere near being drafted. It is a class stocked with receivers. His only hope to get drafted would be to come back and have a killer year. I don't fault the young man for chasing his dreams but the reality he is he stood to gain substantially with an impressive senior year and has nothing to lose. That being said, I hope he can get some tryouts, impress a team and catch on. He's one of our own and I'll be hoping for a miracle break through. I think he's making a mistake but it's his life, he earned the right to make the decision and I'm not mad at him.
  13. I believe city of Dallas still gives $300k annually to help "keep" the bowl. Can't imagine Denton doing that. Not saying they shouldn't but that's not Denton's MO. Without a huge sponsorship/support bowls lose lots of money. That's probably why most are owned by ESPN who can justify the loss because they get a game to put on TV.
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