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  1. I agree Rico is better. But if he catches half of his drops, his numbers would improve dramatically.
  2. I'm all for Jalen making the decision he wants to make. He's been a good player for UNT and I believe he graduated in December so he's earned that right. But objectively I think he's making a mistake. When you ask would his draft stock improve, the answer is yes if his production improved, he became more consistent and he eliminated his many drops. I'd argue the other side of this. Coming back won't diminish his draft stock because his draft stock is non existent right now. He won't get drafted. No one has him anywhere near being drafted. It is a class stocked with receivers. His only hope to get drafted would be to come back and have a killer year. I don't fault the young man for chasing his dreams but the reality he is he stood to gain substantially with an impressive senior year and has nothing to lose. That being said, I hope he can get some tryouts, impress a team and catch on. He's one of our own and I'll be hoping for a miracle break through. I think he's making a mistake but it's his life, he earned the right to make the decision and I'm not mad at him.
  3. meangreenJW

    Frisco Bowl

    I believe city of Dallas still gives $300k annually to help "keep" the bowl. Can't imagine Denton doing that. Not saying they shouldn't but that's not Denton's MO. Without a huge sponsorship/support bowls lose lots of money. That's probably why most are owned by ESPN who can justify the loss because they get a game to put on TV.
  4. meangreenJW

    Houston, You Have A Problem

    There's insults, there's brain dead comments and there's this...perhaps the dumbest thing I've seen on this board. Would expect nothing less from a Coug. Go to your own board. They need you. They have a MAJOR problem over there. And GTFO
  5. meangreenJW

    Frisco Bowl

    Smaller bowls don't require anywhere near 8,500 tickets. That number is for the bigger bowls. Most smaller bowls are 3-5k. I'm sure some schools don't sell them all but nonetheless.
  6. meangreenJW

    Frisco Bowl

    Agree Rick. I was in NM. I would put UNT attendance at 2,000. Utah State at 1700. We definitely had more there than them but if I'm being truthful the advantage was probably due to size of the bands. Utah State had some UNM people on their side that helped them fill it in a bit. The game was miserable due to our play. But myself, my son and his two friends had a blast. The people were very friendly and the food was good. It got pretty damn cold when the sun started going down. The total attendance was probably around 6-7k but could pass for more in a 40,000 seat stadium. Honestly not sure what people expect. Both USU and UNT had games this year with scans not much off that on their home campus. (And before you come at me, I guarantee Southern Miss was in that neighborhood). Never got fans like some on this thread crapping on bowl games. What the hell difference is it to you? If the bowl loses money, it's not your damn money. Schools and conferences obviously see a benefit or they wouldn't play them. ESPN obviously has an audience for them because they are constantly looking to add more. The players get to go somewhere new and actually see more than an airport and hotel. They can get a nice bowl gift around Christmas and winners probably get a ring they can show their kids. This is pretty simple. If you don't like the matchup, opponent, location, date, etc. Don't frieking go! But no one cares to hear you come on the board and shit on the bowl game. Takes a pretty sad sack of a person to come on here and dog out people who do go and do enjoy such games.
  7. meangreenJW

    I will say it

    I read after the fake punt he's going to be a fireman. Not sure what major would set you up best for that, but suffice it to say probably not music.
  8. meangreenJW

    UT regents approve new basketball arena for Longhorns

    This quote is pretty much what I've been trying to say. By the way, Del Conte is considered the GOAT of ADs. The new arena will seat 10,000 for basketball games, but it can also hold up to 15,000 for concerts and events. The Erwin Center currently seats up to 16,540 for games. Del Conte said Texas averages roughly 9,000 fans for men's home games. Del Conte said the smaller, 10,000-seat arena will create a more intimate, intimidating and louder atmosphere. "It's like building a baseball stadium," Del Conte said. "You don't build it for the weekend series. You build it for the Tuesday game. A 10,000-seat arena is fantastic and perfect for us."
  9. meangreenJW

    UT regents approve new basketball arena for Longhorns

    I watched Abe Lemmons coach em to 26-5 record and NIT championship in '78. Place was packed. Why would they ever build something smaller? 😏 I kid, I kid.
  10. meangreenJW

    Arkansas Pine Bluff (12/20/18)

    That was hilarious! And that Santa was legit!
  11. For the most part, attendance nationally has trended downward for several years. Student attendance even more so. I think Johnny Jones years are a good example. 5 consecutive 20+ wins seasons with two NCAA tournaments which was better than Blakely's three 20 win seasons. And only once did we exceed 7,000 announced attendance. It was 7,100 vs Texas Tech. Building an arena on the hope we can have 5 consecutive 20 win seasons with two NCAA appearances and be able to host in-state Big 12 team is literally like building a house for Thanksgiving to me. Yeah, you're ready for that one day out of 365 but it doesn't make any sense the other 364 days. Houston has better tradition and is in a similar metro area. They've won 20+ the past three years and are 9-0 and ranked 21st in the country. They are in a just opened renovated venue. They announced a sellout for LSU a few days ago but if you watched the game, there were several hundred seats available. Here's announced attendances this year 3725, 3952, 3784, 3872, 7092 (Oregon), 5587, 7039 (LSU), 6131. Want an example closer to home? UTA won 20+ each of the last three seasons. They haven't come close to filling up their 7,000 seat arena despite having 42,000 students. In fact in 16-17 when they won 27 games including winning at Texas, they averaged 2,798 (announced). TCU averaged 6,200 during Jamie Dixon's first season in a newly renovated arena. It dropped to just over 6,000 last year. That's announced and actual attendance isn't close to that if you watch their games. Their arena capacity? Just under 7,000. I get there is differences of opinion. But I'll say this again, there is no facts or analysis out there saying we need an arena bigger than 7,000. (I'd argue for 6-000-6,500 but won't for the sake of blowing some minds around here). And if attendance numbers from 40 years ago is the argument for, there are a significant number of modern day examples that say different including our own during Johnny's reign. To me, it makes much more sense to build an arena that we can make a home court advantage every game than to build one we would maybe come close to filling every 5-6 years. We can disagree. I'll be there beside you cheering regardless.
  12. Lots of good points. Sounds like University admin wants Super Pit capacity to stay at 10K because it hosts dozens of commencements each year. Perhaps even more important than UNT commencements is hosting 20+ high school commencements which is a great recruiting tool. The issues with the Pit are the lack of ammenities (think hub club at Apogee) or premium seating. No suites and very few courtside seats. The ath dept added the loge seating last year which immediately sold out which shows demand for premium seating. Any renovation that helps with the needs of the athletic department cuts capacity which isn't what the University wants for their events. Costs - It often costs more to renovate an old facility than build new. You be demolishing tons of concrete to build suites and club seats and expand loge seating. Plus all of the existing chairbacks are terribly uncomfortable. To renovate the Pit the right way would probably be $60 million plus and the University loses what it probably sees as an asset (huge place to host graduation). You'd also have to replace expensive things like infrastucture (wiring, plumbing, etc.) to modernize the facility to host other things like concerts. If you think the figure is high, that's exactly what Houston just spent on the Hoffeinz which is very similar to the Super Pit. And despite what some people say the Pit is WAY too big. You can talk about the 40k students all we want but they've shown no interest in consistently coming to events other than football (even FB is inconsistent). Here's top 12 all time crowds in history 1. 10,600 vs SMU (1977) 2. 9,100 vs DePaul (1980) 3. 8,816 vs WTAMU (1976) 4. 8,100 vs Texas (1980) 5. 7,105 vs Texas Tech (2010) 6. 7,100 vs UTPanAmerican (1977) 7. 7,087 vs Bradley (1976) 8. 6,921 vs ULL (2012) 9. 6,838 vs LSU (2011) 10. 6,820 vs Baylor (1976) 11. 6,793 vs Ok State (2007) 12. 6,500 vs Creighton (1977) I believe the next highest would be the CBI championship game. So in 42 years we've had a dozen crowds 6,500 or more. Five of those were against "Power 5" programs that probably brought a lot of the fans. Only 7 more than 7,000 with two of those being against Texas and Texas Tech. These were probably tickets sold with actual in the building being somewhat less. There are lots of schools with large enrollments out there, there's no evidence that winning basketball plus large enrollment equals monster crowds. Texas is building a 10,000 seat arena. They play in the Big 12, they are the state's flagship University (apologies to A&M) and they have a way better history/tradition. I'd bet a nickel to a dollar that Texas probably thinks they could go even smaller but know people will lose their minds if they come in under 10,000. Those of you who think we need a 10,000 seat arena aren't basing that opinion on facts or analysis. As mentioned, Houston (with 45,000 students) just renovated Hoffeinz. New capacity?? 7,100. We need a place that feels cozy when you have 3,000 but can accommodate 6,000 plus on the rare occasions we need it (which has been once every 3.5 years since 1976). That shouldn't offend anyone. The best thing that could ever happen to football or men's basketball is to sell out and turn people away. There's not a single marketing initiative that would create a bigger buzz than that. So on super rare occasions where we would need more than 7,000 (average 1 every 6 years), let's sell out! Only one time in the last 38 years would we have turned fans away in a 7,000 seat arena, that's vs Tech in 2010. You'd have to go all the way back to 1980 to find another time.
  13. meangreenJW

    New Mexico (12/18/18)

    Was able to find it again.Don't know that I've seen this link posted but the level of detailed thought/research that went into our athletic facility master plan is impressive. Most people probably would get bored but being construction, I loved it.
  14. meangreenJW

    New Mexico (12/18/18)

    This is the image I found once on the UNT site regarding the facility master plan. It would be so sweet.