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  1. Arkansas is 7-0 and has an unreal non-conference record inside Walton arena over the years.
  2. https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/11/15/mens-golf-on-campus-golf-practice-facility-plans-announced.aspx It's official. Contains details. Very nice.
  3. What in the actual hell? You want an admin that gives public evaluations every time the team has a bad season? Doesn't happen at any level of sports? You know why Ben? It would destroy culture and make hiring good people impossible. The AD's job is to communicate his evaluation of the program to the head coach and the President/Board. Undermining your coaches and thus recruiting publicly is about as counter productive as you can get and is the opposite of good leadership.
  4. I'm an old head but I've never really cared. Much more concerned about uniforms the players and recruits like. I think the ath department should do throwbacks in black to really screw with the uniform nazi's heads.
  5. Pretty much agree with this. Ref's 3-3-5 relies on too much talent at individual positions for us to run right now. First of all the safeties and corners in Ref's scheme have to be legit because to effectively run it you have to be able to run man coverage. Ours can't cover man against good receivers. Secondly, the linebackers have to really fast, athletic and smart because they have to be great blitzers. No way 3 d linemen can get pressure on passing downs so they have be exceptional at being able to read, react and get to the QB or RB in runs. Third, you have to be great on the D line because occasionally you drop 7-8 in coverage and need to get some semblance of pressure with 3 d linemen. So I would argue front end, middle, back end we aren't good enough to run that scheme. Hard to see us being there next year either.
  6. Do you actually follow UNT sports? WB made more changes here in a year than had been made in a decade. Want to criticize? Fine. But this comment is nuts if you actually followed. Vito wrote a story on how many changes there were because there were so many. It seemed like it was half the staff.
  7. Agree, SL needs to win a bowl game. At the same time, you have to acknowledge that we've been to 8 bowls since our return to FBS in 95 (24 seasons). SL has taken us to 3 (roughly 40%) of them. Since our return to FBS, we've averaged a bowl every three years. Seth is 3/3.
  8. We had an AD that was very emotional? Did you prefer that? It sure didn't help our results. McCarney could be a charismatic emotional guy. At my business, leadership has to remain calm, cool and collected. I think most great leaders try to stay on even keel and not go up and down with highs and lows. I get some of the criticism of the team's performance, the coaches and but criticizing our coach (and the AD) for not going nuts on the sideline doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Their entire livelihoods depend on the success of the team(s) so I'm pretty sure they're in invested.
  9. These are all pretty close. Easy to spot SL because of the bowl record. But I'd probably go #3, #2, #4, #1. My logic is because the other two only played in two bowl games so they must have had a losing season in there too. Because this takes into consideration his first year when he inherited a 1 win team, I'd like to see this same break down using only 2+ seasons. The previous two plus this one.
  10. Exactly. Have you seen Nick Saban bitching every week about Alabama's kick times? But Alabama has no control. The conference bundles and sells media rights. Networks (or streaming services) purchase those by tiers. They pick where to air the game and what time to air them. All a school, President or AD can do is try to schedule attractive home games and hope TV wants to air them.
  11. Following the seat chart, it seems like this is tracking similarly to last year's SMU game but not as well as last year's La Tech record. I'll go with 29,075. I know the #75 will be in attendance.
  12. I agree with much of what you said. This job is better that at any point in its history for a variety of reasons. But 8-4 is going to be better than 2/3s of FBS on any given year. Outside of 10, maybe 20 programs, 8-4 should be considered a good season for everyone else. I get some disagree but the numbers prove it out. It's like Houston saying they fire coaches who win 8 games. Well maybe they do, but you know how many times over the last 25 years they've won more than 8? 5 times. I think our we are building a program on Houston's level but we aren't there yet.
  13. That's some good stuff your'e on pal. Since 1967, we've averaged 5 wins per season. So I guess dissapointment is subjective and you get to decide that, rationale people would have to look at anything 8-4 or better as a successful season. But fan is short for fanatical so I digress.
  14. It was my favorite in recent memory. Really loved the connection to the metroplex.
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