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  1. Huh? How long you been following UNT? In WB's first couple years on the job literally half the admin staff turned over. I bet we had more turnover in those two years than in the decade before combined. There's pretty much an entire new staff.
  2. I don't even think it was a 2 for 1. I think a body bag game was scheduled first by RV (this game) and then Wren scheduled a home and home. After this I think the only body bag game left is Wisconsin. https://dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/mean_green/football-unt-adds-home-and-home-series-with-missouri/article_2db641c1-1108-5bbd-981d-7775bbcbabfa.html
  3. You always bring up Benford and I'm confused on why. WB was hired in August of 2016. The decision to keep Benford for that year had already been made. At the end of the season, he made a change and hired McCasland. You're making assumptions because he took seven months to assess the program or because he didn't fire him midseason? He let him go the day after the season ended. I personally think mid season firings are the wrong way to go especially now with the portal but to be clear Benford had already been given another year when Baker came in.
  4. I would argue that we've only been serious about athletics for a decade or so. For years we had the awful budgets, god awful (in some cases on existent facilities), and no commitment (went FCS for God sakes). Now we are top two in facilities in CUSA, top two in budget and top 3 in conference championships (all sports) since joining the league. I think I read our top 3 winning percentages (for all sports with head to head records) occured in the last five years. We have over 40,000 students and over 400,000 alums and we sit in DFW, the #5 DMA. And Denton County is the fastest growing county in the US. We've been to bowl games 4 out of 5 years and won 9 games back to back in 2017 and 2018. I get the 4 out of seems cheap since two were with sub .500 records but guess what Charlotte (another team being discussed) has 1 bowl appearance ever. I believe when SMU, Tulane and Memphis went to the AAC all had losing records for 8 or more years. All are enjoying some of their greatest success. So I would think other teams see the potential we have. One other note. We don't have to be better than the teams currently in the AAC or MWC. We only have to be more attractive than the other candidates. Look at the other teams listed UAB, Charlotte, FAU, UTSA, Rice. Everyone of those teams have weaknesses in their resume.
  5. I can't remember her name but I think softball was fired. And not renewing a contract (i.e. Benford) is pretty much the same IMO. But I agree that's a huge buyout to weigh. And if we get in a different conference, seems like we'll owe several million to CUSA to exit so timing is probably not ideal.
  6. I know this has been posted before...but I'd bet money Wren has let Aresco know UNT's interest. Aresco was quoted when Wren was hired. Michael L. Aresco, Commissioner of the American Athletic Conference: "This is a spectacular hire. Having known and worked with Wren while he was at Memphis, he is an extremely experienced, personable and capable executive and will do a great job for North Texas. The college sports landscape has never been more challenging, and Wren's intelligence and vision will be enormously important to North Texas and Conference USA." Also, one of Wren's first hires was CFO Stacy Martin who left a couple years back to be CFO at the AAC. That can't hurt either. https://theamerican.org/staff.aspx?staff=87
  7. I see so many lamenting shortcomings (real or perceived). I'm encouraged because in my lifetime UNT has never been better positioned. Would it be better if we were coming off the two 9 wins seasons, perhaps. But I'd like to think University presidents are looking more big picture than that. UNT has very strong enrollment, vastly improved academic and research rankings, vastly improved facilities, and an athletic program that is coming off of one of the best 5 year stretches in it's history all things considered. There's no doubt, there are things that would make our profile better that we have yet to accomplish. But with current leadership, I believe we are in the best position in our history.
  8. For whatever reason it seemed last time academic profile made a big difference. It played a huge part in Tulane and Tulsa into the AAC, and Mizzou into the SEC. After a while I'm sure everyone looks about the same athletic wise. I think our tier 1 research will help. But AAU level institutions get a boost for sure or at least they have in the past.
  9. There's been several good videos hyping football on social media? I don't check youtube but is that the place to put those videos? All I've ever went there for to see games that were broadcast there. I've never really went to youtube for regular content. They almost always push it out on my twitter and facebook feeds.
  10. Not sure why you're saying this. I follow most of the teams in our league. We've been pretty cutting edge during WB's tenure. I would rank our social media content, stream production quality, game experience, etc. at or near the top of CUSA. I tihnk UNT athletics today outperforms most other CUSA and non power 5 institutions. The fact that not one student-athlete has expressed concern on social media during the "woke generation" we live in tells me there's been communication behind the scenes with coaches and student-athletes. NIL was allowed July 1st. UNT announced a program on July 1st was one of the better known companies who's partnering with many P5s. Not sure what else could be expected . Also some schools have announced a "program" but have no outside company helping (ie UTSA). Not sure that is really a program. Sounds like it's a website and those schools aren't really investing in it.
  11. I think they got less. Those "ESPN family of networks" games are all ESPN 3 or ESPN+.
  12. Not trying to be a smartass here, but who? Who has a sport with a direct comparison (men's and women's golf, men's and women's track, men's and women's basketball, baseball and softball, etc.) where one team has clearly better facilities? Because that is a lawyer's dream in today's sue happy society.
  13. I hear you. But it doesn't really matter, what coach DeLong says or wants. The federal government through Title IX requires the softball team have facilities that would be equal to a baseball program. So UNT would have to invest in softball facilities if it were to build a baseball facility. There is no way around that. Regardless of what fans want (and I want baseball) softball would have to play in a facilty that had every bell and whistle a new baseball stadium would or we'd be out of compliance.
  14. I didn't take it as negative against adding baseball. The talk about current facilites not having enough space to accomodate all athletes so expanding the athletic center would be step 1 to ever adding sports. Secondly, people can say they don't want to hear about title IX but Smatresk and Baker (and the UNT regents) have no choice but to follow title IX laws. I just tried a quick count of UNT athletes on the rosters at meangreensports.com. Because of football it looks like we have about the same number of males as females on our rosters. But UNT is nearly 54% female according to my friend google. So most likely the next sport UNT adds will have to be a women's team or teams in order to add a male sport like baseball (title IX requires female to male athlete ratio be roughly equiavlent to campus ratio). All of that would require more weight room and athletic training space since we can barely accomodate what we have now. Secondly, I'd imagine (and hope) we'd want to build a facility if we added baseball. Judging how we build facilities now, it would be first class. Having softball in an average facility (if you've been to Lovelace, it's utility at best) would also be a title IX issue. So my takeaway is these two projects are important (I've long said softball can be consistent top 25) and probably required if we are ever to add baseball. Just my 2 cents.
  15. I'm in the camp that 2 for 1s are garbage unless it's a super power (OU, Texas, Alabama, etc.). You do those very often and you screw your team because you are scheduling 2 road games for every home game in the non-con. Football scheudling seems to be running about a decade out. I believe we've secured home and homes with Baylor, Missouri, Texas Tech, Cal and it seems like there was another one I'm forgetting. Point is I don't think the home and homes were a priority until WB got here, we've been getting them scheduled but football scheduling runs so damn far out.
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