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  1. Agree, SL needs to win a bowl game. At the same time, you have to acknowledge that we've been to 8 bowls since our return to FBS in 95 (24 seasons). SL has taken us to 3 (roughly 40%) of them. Since our return to FBS, we've averaged a bowl every three years. Seth is 3/3.
  2. We had an AD that was very emotional? Did you prefer that? It sure didn't help our results. McCarney could be a charismatic emotional guy. At my business, leadership has to remain calm, cool and collected. I think most great leaders try to stay on even keel and not go up and down with highs and lows. I get some of the criticism of the team's performance, the coaches and but criticizing our coach (and the AD) for not going nuts on the sideline doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Their entire livelihoods depend on the success of the team(s) so I'm pretty sure they're in invested.
  3. These are all pretty close. Easy to spot SL because of the bowl record. But I'd probably go #3, #2, #4, #1. My logic is because the other two only played in two bowl games so they must have had a losing season in there too. Because this takes into consideration his first year when he inherited a 1 win team, I'd like to see this same break down using only 2+ seasons. The previous two plus this one.
  4. Exactly. Have you seen Nick Saban bitching every week about Alabama's kick times? But Alabama has no control. The conference bundles and sells media rights. Networks (or streaming services) purchase those by tiers. They pick where to air the game and what time to air them. All a school, President or AD can do is try to schedule attractive home games and hope TV wants to air them.
  5. Following the seat chart, it seems like this is tracking similarly to last year's SMU game but not as well as last year's La Tech record. I'll go with 29,075. I know the #75 will be in attendance.
  6. I agree with much of what you said. This job is better that at any point in its history for a variety of reasons. But 8-4 is going to be better than 2/3s of FBS on any given year. Outside of 10, maybe 20 programs, 8-4 should be considered a good season for everyone else. I get some disagree but the numbers prove it out. It's like Houston saying they fire coaches who win 8 games. Well maybe they do, but you know how many times over the last 25 years they've won more than 8? 5 times. I think our we are building a program on Houston's level but we aren't there yet.
  7. That's some good stuff your'e on pal. Since 1967, we've averaged 5 wins per season. So I guess dissapointment is subjective and you get to decide that, rationale people would have to look at anything 8-4 or better as a successful season. But fan is short for fanatical so I digress.
  8. It was my favorite in recent memory. Really loved the connection to the metroplex.
  9. Here's the facts. 1) The young man wasn't arrested nor charged. So the police as well as the DA obviously did not think a law was broken or there was no evidence a law was broken. 2) Since he wasn't charged or convicted he isn't a felon. I agree he made a poor decision to post the video. Its unclear if he was only filming or was directly responsible for the activity. Considering law enforcement officials made the determination there was no evidence he broke the law, this would probably be considered a violation of team rules and punishment handled accordingly. And while some may not like it, they don't have a right to know if there is no legal action taken. If a kid tests positive for marijuana and is punished, do you have a right to know? No, in my opinion. It's dealt with in the manner the coaches and administrators deem appropriate. To be clear, the video makes me squeamish but those who want to see the kids career ended or for him to be punished repeatedly have their priorities wrong IMO. I love animals. Have 4 dogs and 2 cats. I value the future as well as the growth and development of a human over any of them.
  10. You think Arkansas is a bigger name in Texas than Tech or Baylor? I honestly don't see that. And for sure Baylor and probably Tech have been more nationally relevant over the last 15 years. (nationally relevant meaning weeks in the top 25). If I ranked P5 opponents on a scale from 1-10 from a fan interest standpoint, I would have Baylor, Tech and Arkansas all in the 7/8 range. A 2 for 1 would only make sense for UT Austin, A&M and maybe OU. Outside of that group, I'm not for it. Also, mathematically consistently doing 2 for 1s ensures you'd have 5 game seasons. On average, that philosophy ensures 2 road games and 1 home game. If the 4th game is a G5 home and home then every other year would be a 5 home game schedule.
  11. Found more info on the NCAA financial reporting at this site using a google search. Pretty interesting. https://ncaaorg.s3.amazonaws.com/ncaa/finance/2019NCAAFIN_AUP-FRS-FAQs.pdf Basically, donations are only counted if they are spent that fiscal year so I assume the money received for the indoor, etc. won't be recorded until it is actually spent. I'm also assuming it isn't "received" by the athletic department until it is budgeted and spent. Until then it probably belongs to the UNT Foundation or some University holding fund. Q: Net fund raising revenues are not spent for current year athletic expenses and are retained for future years. When do you record the revenue? A: Funds received by the athletic department should be recorded in the year they are received and used by the athletic department. Do not report contributions to be used in other reporting years. Q: Contributions - Are premium seating contributions to be reported as sport specific or general contributions? Is there any reason for premium seating revenue to be separated for institutional comparison purposes? A: The face value of the ticket should be reported to Ticket Sales category (Category 1), while any premium amounts over the face value should be reported to Contributions (Category 8 (to the specific sport in both categories if possible). Q: Please clarify the issues surrounding pledges, contributions, and routing of such through a foundation. A: Pledges (a promise to contribute money or assets) are not to be reported into the system. Only when contributions are actually received in the form of cash or assets should they be reported in the year they were received and spent. If a contribution (in whole or in part) is made to a foundation specifically for athletics, then the portion allocated to athletics should be reported as contribution revenue in the year it was received and used. Do not report: Contributions to be used in other reporting years. If, however, a general contribution has been made to a foundation without knowing how much will be allocated to athletics, then no reporting as contribution revenue should be made until that determination is made. Basically, there should be transparency between any foundation revenue and expense that is athletically related. If it is athletically related, it should also be reported and included with revenues and expenses reported on behalf of the athletics department
  12. I seem to recall something the AD put out saying MGSF increased by over 30% last year with a 5 year goal of 100% increase. We'd pass 2-3 schools but still not enough. But if we keep winning at the current clip, it will grow exponentially. FY 2017 would have been 16-17 season. That was the season following the 5 years where we had 1 winning season in football, men's and women's basketball combined. No doubt that would have been our worst year.
  13. The way I read it, it would have been 30% of the previous base for approximately 3 years with no extension. I don't have the brain power to do all the math...but I ballpark it a little less than $1 million. This deal is 30% of the base which is larger plus a year longer at 4 years. I ballpark that at $1.6 million. So if Littrell left after this season we'll receive about $600k more. We would have paid him $150k more in base for 1 year and $100k more in other comp. So if I'm right we'll be about $350k better off under this deal. The previous deal started at 40% and dropped each year by 10%. Seems like this just takes the average. But there's no doubt this deal was done when SL was involved at K-State so he'd have had more leverage. It might only be coming out now but undoubtedly was done when all the rumors were circulating.
  14. Agree with this. The ADs/Presidents vote on location. Grant and Jalie both said repeatedly at their radio show the Star was good for UNT. Of course Marshall wouldn't like it, it's a long ways away for them. I suppose UAB and UTEP don't either because they've hosted in the past. But if a majority of schools weren't for it, it wouldn't be there. I'm going to ask Grant or Jalie when I see them. I think this is more D'Antoni wining than truth. I have no idea what they're thinking on the pod schedules but if you switch scheduling models after one year, you screw a bunch of teams in terms of home/away. Almost everyone does two year schedules (or increments of two) so they get a home/away cycle in. I sit behind D'Antoni's bench two years ago, the man is a fool. Somehow wins games but his players couldn't be less engaged in what he is saying.
  15. I'm not sure how reliable that blogger and obviously it isn't big money. But this is CUSA's worst package what they refer to as tier III. So in comparison the Big 12 doesn't have a tier III deal. Texas does in the LHN but the other schools don't (although they are working on one). I believe that is pretty much what BeIn was paying so it much better broadcast quality and market penetration for similar money and the NFLN didn't take the tier III basketball games so maybe those can be shopped. I think every single non power 5 conference would take this deal for their Tier III rights. Even the AAC because you get Saturday games on a huge linear network in the afternoon. No non power 5 has that. The most unfortnate part of this deal is CUSA just signed over Tier I and Tier II rights for new deals. I can't remember the length of those but the best CUSA games won't be on NFL Network. Best case scenario would have been NFL Network deal with Tier I. I'm not a Judy fan. But I have zero complaints on this deal.
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