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  1. meangreenJW

    MIke Leach 2.0

    I agree with you. But I think our OL is bottom half of CUSA. Same with RBs since we lost Easley. And the inability to consistently get 2-4 yards when we are 3rd or 4th and short is the #1 reason we aren't undefeated IMO. With even an average OL and RB, I think we have some close calls but win all 3 of the games we lost.
  2. meangreenJW

    MIke Leach 2.0

    LOL. Certainly didn't help. Posted 65 wins in RV's 15 years. 4.33 average.
  3. meangreenJW

    MIke Leach 2.0

    I should have offered more detail. I'm basing that comment on this site We won 235 games in the 51 seasons prior to Seth Littrell. That's an average of 4.6 wins per year.
  4. meangreenJW

    MIke Leach 2.0

    Agree. If we could have a coach who over 5-10 years averaged 8-4 regular season I'd take it, especially given our 50 year history of 4-8. I thought the loss to ODU was really bad. Our worst under Seth but the overreaction on this board is a bit much. I stayed away for a couple days.
  5. meangreenJW

    Hawaii (11/11/18)

    They definitely haven't perfected everything but how do you see this as an error on the staff? They aren't telepathic. How would the AD staff be expected to know a Hawaii broadcast would spend half time talking about the history of the Mean Green name? I'd blame Hawaii who is doing the broadcast and couldn't perform a simple google search.
  6. meangreenJW

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    A worse team...yes but still UNT was still widely considered one of the best jobs in CUSA. Iowa State, Kansas State and Kansas are the worst jobs in the Big 12. SL has done an unreal job. I give him credit on being a year ahead of schedule every step of the way in the turnaround of this program. But UNT football had been mismanaged on so many fronts. We have the best stadium in the league, we spend the most money on football in the league, we have the highest HC salary and the highest assistant pool. We probably have the best recruiting area in the league and we have an AD, President and Board that get what it takes to win. The lift at Kansas or Kansas State will be significantly harder as they don't enjoy any of those advantages relative to other Big 12 teams. IMO, the Big 12 breaks down like this OU and Texas - best two jobs by far TCU, Ok State - next best jobs based on facilities, location, etc. Baylor, Texas Tech, West Virginia - if not for the Briles scandal, I think Baylor might deserve to be in the group above Iowa State, Kansas State Kansas
  7. meangreenJW

    2018 CUSA Women's Soccer Tourney Info/Results

    Regardless, rankings have no impact. MTSU was top 25 in coaches poll last year in hoops and didn't make the tournament. I get the criticism if someone at UNT failed to register for the poll (although I think it's bush league to have to pay a membership to be ranked. I can't think of a single reputable poll in another sport that is pay to play). But I believe a missed 24th or 25th ranking would have had zero impact. It isn't a part of the selection process. Most NCAA selection committees are heavy on admin types (ADs, commissioners and associate ADs).
  8. meangreenJW

    2018 CUSA Women's Soccer Tourney Info/Results

    There are two polls released in football and basketball. Media and coaches poll. None of them in any sport has any impact on tournament seedings.
  9. meangreenJW

    2018 CUSA Women's Soccer Tourney Info/Results

    I don't agree. Coaches don't care about top 25. They care about analytics which is the RPI. Your argument holds true that A&M is prolly just as pissed as we are but not because anything to do with a top 25 poll that's only for fans. Coaches care much more about RPI which is an objective measure that quantifies the best teams. The reality is the committee makes this clear, beyond the seeded teams they don't take metrics into account. It's geographic. Besides all that, this is the same story we've lived for the life of the program. We've always been placed against a power 5 team in Texas.
  10. meangreenJW

    2018 CUSA Women's Soccer Tourney Info/Results

    That ranking has nothing to do with the seedings or the committee. Just like in bball, the rankings have nothing to do with the selection process. I have no idea what happened on the rankings and whose fault it was. But a coaches association ranking isn't at all a factor in the selection process.
  11. Uh, I guess one could argue your point on Clark or Holtz (although Skip 58-27 in CUSA games and has won 4 straight bowl games and Clark has done almost unbelievable things at UAB). But respectfully, there is a 0.0% chance we would hire someone who's experience includes only D2 experience. That's virtually unheard of. If Carthel wants to be a head coach in FBS, he's at least 2 moves away. He might be able to get and FCS job but that wouldn't be guaranteed. I think ACU hired a D2 coach. But ACU had just become FCS and hired a coach who won 3 straight D2 national championships. Incarnate Word is hardly a premier FCS program and they hired a Big 12 coordinator. D2 to FBS probably wouldn't happen anywhere. But I doubt UNT would ever do something like that after how badly the Todd Dodge experiment went.
  12. No way Smatresk allows a Briles to coach. The whole staff/family failed Baylor (along with many others). It's a reputation hit we don't need to take when everything is going so positive on the academic and athletic front. With what we are doing on the field and with facilities and budgets, we can get a really great coach without this kind of reputation hit. I don't know how Wren would handle but it's doubtful a President would hire a Briles as HC. With what we are paying, we could probably hire Skip Holtz or Bill Clark who have both proven to be highly successful in CUSA.
  13. meangreenJW

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    But also just in time for our CUSA #1 recruiting class to be sophomores and ready to contribute.
  14. meangreenJW

    Say goodbye to Fouts

    No way it stays as parking. They'll use that land at some point. It's too valuable. But surface parking is cheap to build and they definitely need parking for the time being.
  15. meangreenJW

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    Yep and we should embrace it. It means we are winning! I still say Seth returns next year but is gone after posting back to back 10 wins seasons.