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  1. Can not believe we hired a consulting firm to find a naming rights partner? They take nearly a year to find one and it is here in Denton! What a waste of funds!,,
  2. Why did we extend this series? Our fans are abused. to our students and players it is just another non-conference game . We are nearly always non-competitive. If you know you will get your ass kicked why not at least get a good $$ guarantee for it. this is no rivalry but most times it is a horrible slaughter. Lost respect for our AD to extend this series and put the fans and alumni through such a miserable experience year after year when it does nothing but embarrass our program.
  3. We have the most overpaid coach in FBS Division. He has more in facilities than anyone else in history. Yet his recruiting classes have no size nor any speed. Sonny Dykes is killing us both in the portal and in metroplex recruiting . Seth reminds me of Tony Benford as a first time head coach. W/O Graham Harrell he is in WAAAY over his head. As Dykes said SMU was their own worst enemy in the first half. Once their offense came alive near halftime our defense showed the same slowness and ineptness it has in the entire Littrell era. The QB is adequate at best. Kason Martin was a near State Champion with his father as Manvel's coach. He has gotten zero opportunity here. The few times he has been allowed to play he threw a TD in each of the last two bowl games. Personally I hope he enters the portal goes to La Tech AND KICKS OUR ASS NEXT YEAR. AS WAS THE CASE WITH SPENCER STACK YEARS AGO IF YOU PLAY IN A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP DON'T GO TO NORTH TEXAS. It is the kiss of death. Another tidbit for all you Mason Fine worshipers. He was nothing W/O Graham Harrell and even with him who did he ever beat that was worth a crap? Florida and FAU handled him with ease, and he coughed up the ball when in NOLA Bowl and for Troy the rout was on. USU embarrassed us in NM Bowl. He lost to Old Dominion and Charlotte blowing big leads in each game. He had the opportunity to play 11 and 12 game seasons for four years. Derrick Thompson and Steve Ramsey set all those records in three years against better opposition. Fine seemed to constantly have pulled hamstring, etc. Scott Hall played with no carttilege (sp) in his knees and won four conference championships. Fine was better than adequate, but he never deserved the worship our fans gave him. I would have been glad to have U of H's Clayton Tune in his place. BTW Tune out played Fine as well the one time they met.
  4. National recognition titles in four of five years — UNT BB No CUSA Championships, three bowl game blow outs, absolutely no effort against rival SMU FB salary = double BB salary What is wrong with this picture?
  5. What does that say about Littrel and the thorough ass kicking that Well’s USU team gave to UNT in NEW MEXICO BOWL???
  6. Ask SMU about how they fared against an FAU team lacking their coach and a half dozen players. That’s what it would take to raise CUSA but our players, coaches , and students are content as whipping boys for SMU. Cancel the series as it is just an embarasment not a game!!
  7. Assume you don’ t mind TEXAS STATE who conveniently drops the at San Marcos from their name Texas State is a system of Sam Houston, SFA, and those wannabes in San Marcos. There is no school named Texas State as it is a system. Sam & SFA should also become Texas State just correctly adding @ Huntsville and @ Nacogdoches (Spelling)
  8. Universities in Texas have sovereign immunity from lawsuits. Suing under this contract is just throwing good money after bad..
  9. If FB does not play forget BB and al women's sports. They all depend on FB to survive!
  10. If non conference is cancelled we lose $1.4 million on A & M guarantee. This is where ALL other sports realize FB drives the bus. None can survive w/o their share of FB revenue. This could easily be the end of college athletics at CUSA level. As far as end of pandemic, it seems to only get worse with winter surges promised that will eclipse the present. I am 73 and spoke with my internist who is about five years younger and he felt neither of us will see COVID-19 eradicated in our lifetime. Welcome to your new normal compliments of Peoples' Republic of China --germ warfare division.
  11. There was nowhere near 30K @ Houston game. Hundreds of empty club seats, wing zone maybe 3/4 at best, lots of empty seats on both ends of student zone, and most Dentoites were home watching jeopardy or taking a nap.
  12. After UCF was beaten last night by Cincinnati I think SMU owns Dallas and could likely win out and finish in the top ten. Kind of shows where good recruiting and use of the transfer rule can transform a team . I find it sickening that all Denton High School coaches give us NO help in recruiting and actually down play us to their players.
  13. I was just looking at some clips of Fine in '17 & '18, it is evident that putting those 20 lbs. on him plus the beatings that Utah St. & LaTech put on him last year have taken their toll. He is now wild high every game, is absolutely no threat to scramble , and really does not handle the game as well as he once did. Except for the era of Jeffery Wilson, he has the best set of running backs since SL has been here. The only reason anyone can stop these backs is that they are daring Fine to throw. Even in prior year many of his passes were under thrown but Guyton and Bussey could come back and make a circus catch and Fine would get the credit. Believe me I saw Steve Ramsey who played against far better competition and Mason Fine is no Steve Ramsey. I think all the press early and preseason also got in his head.
  14. Fine is a shadow of the last 3 years. All who blame the offensive line need to Mason's comments at press conferences. " our O line picked up on all front changes Houston made". I know the Cal announcers thought Fine separated a shoulder in the fourth quarter. I know something is wrong as he is consistently wild high with open receivers. It is essential with this year's pathetic secondary that we move the chains and keep the D off the field as much as possible.
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