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  1. Dude went from coaching high school to having a 10 mil buyout within the span of 10 years. Amazing trajectory of failing upwards, just admirable.
  2. Same reason year after year we hear how Nebraska will return to its old glory and Notre Dame will be in the CFB playoff. A lot of the people grew up with certain favorites and now that they're producing the media and the narrative, so they want those same teams in the limelight.
  3. He's gotten more national attention from that presser than our entire team has all season.
  4. Things were looking up at the time, but this team is worse than UTSA and we put them out to pasture. Mean: 44 El Paso: 16
  5. Pretty much how I felt. I wasn't asking for it, but if you're going to do it at least make it good. I think the story and the acting was pretty solid.
  6. That's a completely fair point, people are going to have passions about certain things that in long run, don't really matter a whole lot. I'm here because I am very happy when our Mean Green do well and while I'm not passionate about the traditions (bonfire, clock tower, scappy, etc), I do see where they hold a valuable place in the University and the athletics program. I do love college football more than NFL for that very reason: people forked over a lot of money to get their degrees from institutions at a very critical time in their young adulthood. I love the bands and revelry and the gameday traditions that each school has. But I just honestly can't relate to being so upset and offended over the student body choosing to make a white squirrel a secondary mascot. So what if it was done before at another campus, do you see people at Alabama complaining that Nick Saban won a title at LSU first? Do you guys really think we were the first University to call ourselves the Eagles!?!? Should we ditch Scrappy because Eastern Michigan did it first? I am intentionally stirring people up in this thread, but if you're really that butthurt over a guy in a squirrel costume (who was just there to greet kids and entertain people) then you kinda deserve to be mocked IMO.
  7. The climate is toasting species out of existence, plastic islands are forming in the pacific, and the world is in conflict over resources, but I'm losing my shit over a guy in a white squirrel costume at a football game. That's healthy living folks.
  8. Well this post here makes me completely in favor of it then.
  9. I mean, that's just simply not true. UCLA literally has their colors copyrighted as UCLA Blue and UCLA Gold, but you'll always see various shades of that blue for sale anywhere you go. I get trying to be specific about the green, my issue is more with those who think they're some sort of martyr for the school because they throw up a fit over an albino squirrel. And when you say Pantone 356 exactly what green is that supposed to be? Because when I started in 2001 we were definitely a forest green until TD came along and lightened it up.We mostly seem to have stuck with that lighter Kelly Green, but you can still find various shades of it in the Apogee store or the campus bookstore.
  10. Wow. Thank you for your service, soldier.
  11. I was on campus when it happened, it was never any kind of intention to replace Scrappy or Mean Green or Eagles as a mascot, it was only intended to be a secondary mascot because people liked seeing them around campus. It's funny to see how worked up people on this board get over it, but I guess they gotta be upset at something at every opportunity.
  12. "Underwhelming" "3.5 of 5 stars" uh...okay. I guess you'd call that underwhelming?
  13. And now the white house spokesman is just openly admitting to it and saying so what. And then on the same day saying they're gonna violate the emoluments clause. What happened to all those constitutional conservatives who lost their minds when Obama gave semi-legal status to DREAMers?
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