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  1. Lance having a really good game today, about to help win it for the Renegades.
  2. They won't turn into world beaters overnight but with his resume I can totally see them pulling off some good upsets against the SEC West in the next couple of years. Anything that gets that division and conference more parody is good in my book.
  3. Same reason a lot of them do - a timeslot on ESPN to fill.
  4. These days college soccer is becoming less and less relevant on the men's side with MLS academies getting into full swing.
  5. I know TBD applies to the actual date and the time, but I figured the weeks and the location were accurate.
  6. 4 home games in a row? Better take full advantage of that.
  7. 6-6 is disappointing but jesus what a miserable bunch we got on this board.
  8. This will unfortunately come down to the final few minutes like the Mid Tenn game. Mean Green 37 Rice 33
  9. It's not even the high def screen, it's the amount of football you can get on that screen all day. I love tailgating and going to games but we're talking 7-8 hours of missed football when you do.
  10. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28068334/penn-state-loss-means-the-bottom-10 Also, a great pooch punt from Akron.
  11. Dude went from coaching high school to having a 10 mil buyout within the span of 10 years. Amazing trajectory of failing upwards, just admirable.
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