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  1. They're the Sharks? This sounds like a fun project team if they include them on NCAA 23.
  2. That is straight laughable from Aune right there.
  3. Offense so uncreative it's like they know our signals.
  4. a paragraph is too much to read for you? Standards have fallen at the alma mater I guess.
  5. My fiance calls them the flag virgins.
  6. well I was born in Longview so that makes sense. I only say tiny Rose Bowl as compared to the one in Pasadena though.
  7. DKR would be stupid empty, Q2 would be a great venue for a small bowl though.
  8. That’s their claim but since I got engaged at the Portland Rose Garden over the summer I tend to disagree.
  9. It's funny how far people go with mental gymnastics to avoid any hint that something might be racist. Okay, if that's not what he meant by that tweet then what exactly was he implying? *crickets* He said some racist shit that you're spending way too much energy and time trying to defend, all because you share the same favorite football team. Sheesh.
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