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  1. No, it's been known. And in 2022 he has a huge loan coming up for full repayment. Hell, running for president might as well have been just his way of avoiding payback on those loans. https://www.npr.org/2020/02/19/807191309/dark-towers-exposes-chaos-and-corruption-at-the-bank-that-holds-trump-s-secrets
  2. The devil is in the details dude, not sure why you're playing dumb with snarky replies when you haven't even read the story. The Manhattan DA is going to court over his taxes because they believe he's been engaged in tax evasion and tax fraud. Hell, he forced out the NY AG and replaced him with a yes man because they were following the money as well.
  3. Deep Throat was an anonymous source, and they broke no laws despite whatever Charlie Kirk told you. That doesn't change the fact that he committed tax evasion and has hundreds of millions that he owes to foreign banks and god knows who else. Yeah that's what happens when you write and sell books, you make money. If Obama was somehow breaking any laws I'm sure the Republican held Senate would have found something, but alas it's only a figment of your imagination. It's also why Obama paid like 1.7 million in income taxes in 2011 while your boy paid less than a Starbucks barista.
  4. I guess it's payback for all the times he stole them before becoming president. Maybe pick up a newspaper or read a site not named Breitbart and you'll understand., but I doubt you're being sincere and just want to act obtuse for internet points.
  5. Look at all these conservatives so worried about crime rates in cities they don't live in but silent on the biggest thief to ever call the White House home. Gotta love it.
  6. I was reminded about how serious it can be when I learned that it took The Rock over 3 weeks to beat it. If it takes a guy that looks like him 3 weeks then it'll put me in a casket for sure. Wishing you a speedy and fully recovery, and I'm glad my mom was able to retire from teaching last year.
  7. If gomeangreen had its users write a new fight song it would be titled Boomer Humor.
  8. Check out this guy who was staying in the Marriott when it all went down https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casualties_of_the_September_11_attacks#World_Trade_Center_Hotel
  9. 50% for indoor seating, yeah that makes a lot of sense...
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