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  1. Guy who refused to wear a mask for the safety of others not concerned with the safety of others. News at 11
  2. Sorry, your logic is astoundingly confusing here. According to something said in the latest Collin County Commissioners meeting the state is classifying any death with Covid-related symptoms as a Covid death, do I have that right?
  3. DOA calls in Houston through the roof https://www.texastribune.org/2020/07/08/houston-coronavirus-deaths-number/
  4. This would be the only way, assuming we can even have football. Yeah summer heat doesn't seem to be doing what we all hoped: the states with the largest increases in cases for the last 3 weeks are Arizona, Florida, and Texas.
  5. The majority of *people*, specifically those not black throughout the country, were against desegregation of schools when board vs brown was ruled. And yes, we are mentioning race seeing as how the post says "NFL Redskins to change their name?". It's not exactly an apples to apples comparison, but it was one of the first examples to cross my mind in response to your "majority rules" beliefs.
  6. Should probably get your eyes checked then, my little karma meter only gets lower in between football seasons.
  7. Desegregation of schools most definitely did not have majority support when Brown vs Topeka School Board was ruled...
  8. Outraged may not be the right word, but the name has raised my eyebrows probably since I was a teenager, does that qualify? Thanks for proving my point, too.
  9. This was a mock-up someone did when trying to make a point about Chief Wahoo being the face of the Cleveland Indians. Similar situation here one would think, but at least the Washington NFL team's logo isn't as gross.
  10. Ah the ole "your outrage is fake because you didn't protest in the streets 5 years ago" galaxy brained take, like we're all living in a static timeline where nothing changes and no one learns any new information throughout their lifetime. What's the cutoff date for when one had to speak up in order to support progress and hope for the name to be removed? What if I said the name should change on twitter or facebook in 2012 but not on gomeangreen.com, am I allowed to be outraged?
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