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  1. Buncha suburbanites and local yokels debating the merits of cities they spend so little time in... I generally think of New Orleans as overrated but the last time I was down there was with old friends of my fiance and we stayed in the Bywater and that felt way more authentically New Orleans than Bourbon Street.
  2. Was worried after the Welsh, but regained a lot of confidence after the England match. Gregg needs to stop having such a hard on for European players though, not a single MLS player in the starting lineup yesterday and he's just letting Ferreira waste away on the bench while he plays useless Haji Wright.
  3. Okay with the subject being brought back up, it's easier for me to tag @Censored by Lauriethan find the post. When do you give someone an RV?
  4. This has long been debated but according to the creator he says beep not meep.
  5. Ah yes, let's do a bootleg to the flat on 3rd and 17, nice play call.
  6. Just sprinkles of college football dotted throughout 4 hours of ads. 🥴
  7. 6-6 and gonna get blown out in a bowl game, total definition of mediocre. I'd rather us be bad, at least it's funny then.
  8. I really really really prefer not to have this internal conflict. Garbage conference and we're just another team in it. Even UTSA's win loss is a facade this season.
  9. Someone is shotgunning the eagle barf to everyone in this thread lmao.
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