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    For better or worse he is the best coach (by winning percentage) we have had since Hayden Fry left for Iowa 40 years ago. 40 years! Cool your jets and be grateful we aren’t just striving to be bowl eligible anymore. We are trying to hit 9 these days instead of 6. Although that loss sucks hard because of who the opponent was, we still have an entire conference slate coming that could be a totally different season from this start. And those of you saying Seth isn’t going anywhere because no P5 would want him forget that he was a staff disagreement from being the KSU head coach despite losing to Old Dominion and blowing several 21+ point leads. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
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    I have been home now for several hours and have had time to reflect on what I witnessed tonight. Something has to change and quickly or we will lose any and all respect and momentum we have gained. I walked out of Ford Stadium tonight disgusted and sick from what I observed. I was not alone. Many I walked with to our respective vehicles were expressing the same feelings. Why can we not take the next step? This is year four for SL and company and we are not seeing results. There is a disturbing trend starting to repeat itself. In 2016 we roll into West Point and whip Army on their field, only to crap the bed against UTSA the following week. It’s year one, but we are making baby steps. Moving to 2017, after a pool party and an ass whipping at the hands of FAU, we somehow manage to get to the Conference Championship only to get our ass handed to us again by the Lane Train. But things are forgiven, as it’s only year two. Let’s not forget a close HOD Bowl loss to Army and a NO Bowl blow out to Troy along the way. But we are making progress, right? So now let’s move onto year three. We start 4 and 0 with a P5 win over a struggling Arkansas team which SL says was not an upset. Another baby step in the right direction? After a win at Liberty we roll home to Apogee and dedicate a statue to a UNT Great, only to squander a double digit lead and take a crap on our home turf in a loss to La Tech. The next disaster would come a few weeks later at ODU when the heavy favorite Mean Green would piss away a 28 point lead in a loss to a conference bottom feeder. Don’t forget, this was after blowing a lead on the road at UAB in a game we were picked to win. With all of this said, I won’t even go into the New Mexico Bowl. Yes, I know Fine went down early but I think if we are being honest with ourselves, we all knew where this game was headed before the injury. Now we find ourselves in year four. We had a great first half in the home opener before letting things slide late against a weak FCS team. We were told the team lost interest. Really? So what the hell happened last night? Did the team lose interest again? This has got to end! We should not tolerate this kind of result in year four. This team has too much talent for this kind of performance. Anyone else see a trend here? The season is young. Will it be a success or filled with disappointments? GMG
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    This game felt like #olddenton
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    My one thought I woke up with this morning before heading off to work..., ....”Did we really go for a 4th and one and fail from our own 45 with a pass out of the shotgun...while down 14-0,....then later settle for a field goal facing a 4th and 3 down 35-17 late 3rd quarter?” Rick
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    Watching the game last night I couldn’t help but think back to Littrell’s first three recruiting classes. We don’t have many Mccarney recruits left and a lot of the JUCOs we signed early on are gone. In year four we’re at the stage where we are leaning on the early high school signees to be the upperclassmen and leaders of the team. According to 247, the 2016 class was ranked 8th in CUSA, the 2017 class was ranked 11th, and the 2018 class was ranked 8th. And by my metrics based on offers, these classes were even a little below the last two Mccarney signed. The turnaround since then is well documented but those guys from the 2019 and 2020 class are years away from being the upperclassmen of our roster. What also hurts is that we only signed, by my count, 10 high school signees in that first class in 2016. It was always a peculiar decision to go so JUCO/transfer heavy right away in a rebuild. And while some of it definitely paid off early, it definitely would be nice to have another 5-10 seniors and redshirt juniors, especially at some of the positions where we are not looking great. At this point the roster is what it is. We are recruiting better at most positions, and that took time to turnaround our reputation. We have won the last two years without having great depth, and we’re going to have to do so this year as well. All this to say I don’t need to go into detail on where the team needs to improve, but based on recruiting results this team should be an average to slightly below average CUSA roster with a really good QB and that’s what we’ve looked like this year.
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    https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/9/6/mean-green-finalize-2019-schedule.aspx Three 2019 Tourney teams, two NIT teams. I'm ready for some Mean Green basketball! But first - let's win conference FB! Lot of opponents from the Natural State, including a trip to Arkansas November 12. Did the Razorbacks not learn their lesson inviting us to their place?
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    Ready for the old guy rant? What is it that I do every year on signing day (now days)? I look over the list of QB's/WR's/RB's that everyone else is salivating over and ask the same question..........WHERE'S THE BEEF? It's really simple people, who is consistently getting pressured and who is consistently applying pressure in a game? Who got sacked five time last night and who got sacked only once? On both sides we are (and have for God knows how long) being dominated at the line of scrimmage. I started really worrying last week when Abilene Christian started doing their Old Dominion imitation. DON'T WE EVER SCOUT OURSELVES? I MEAN REALLY AND VERY CRITICALLY SCOUT OURSELVES? SMU ran the same long pass plays, and same long running plays to the exact same side of the defense that ACU did! Someone commented on another post that (hopefully) the team will get mad and take it out on UC? Really? Getting 31 points scored on them by ACU didn't make them mad? So much so that they would have/could have gone down to Dallas and taken it out on SMU? As the character "Hobart" said in "Silverado"......"It's a bad start boys"
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    I don't worry about soccer either...because I don't care.
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    As Tre’s adoptive GMG parent, I’d like to congratulate him for being one of the few in green to show up ready to play yesterday. Glad he made the most of his opportunity. I for one welcome our new Mean Green running back overlord.
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    This thread title disturbs me every time I see it.
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    The bigger, stronger, faster team doesn't always win, but that is the way to bet - Coach D. Bates 1978 (he was my freshman football coach) He also said "You can trick them for a while, but sooner or later you find out who's the biggest, strongest, and fastest" And finally, Coach Bates gave me the best advice of all. He said "Keep your outside arm and leg free at all times." Coach Bates was a great philosopher.
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    Nice 70 yard field and not enough fans to fill that as well.
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    Got some people looking to make a trek up to Denton for the Houston game. Anyone know the details for getting a RV pass or anyone looking to offload one?
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    Hopefully we will see a lot more of this young man.
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    Yes, a painful detour last night, but we have so much more to build on than in any time in our history. GMG!
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    Yeah. The pace of our offense seemed very very slow. Even at times when there needed to be more urgency than normal.
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    When are we supposed to see Reeder's "hurry up?" It's almost as if they tried it in spring and fall practice and don't think our players can handle it...
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    To Billy's point--as long as the QB play stays high, I think the recruiting results of the last couple of years is going to start to pay off.
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    Given how terrible CUSA is we are probably still capable of winning the conference. But it looks highly doubtful we win another non-conference game.
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    Agree. Those two plays baffled me as well. Play calling was horrendous.
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    I’d cut him some slack. He was the only bright spot of the night. And it is first real go at it. He should be happy with his contribution. Regardless.
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    The coverage on Bussey was not that tight. The problem was not throwing the ball. Bussey maybe had one target all night. How does a coach/QB not get the ball in his hands?
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    Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing?
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    SMU definitely has more talent this year but we are better than what showed tonight. We looked entirely unprepared to play. And that is the most disappointing thing for me.
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    There were plenty at Apogee store before the ACU game.
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    Guess who's driving home in a new Hyundai tonight?
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    When is the last time someone other than yourself helped you achieve orgasm?
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    I'll believe that if I see us not having a DB more than 10yds deep and still giving up big plays.
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    Typical, all flash and no substance.
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    Not really. It is just game week/day. We will move along after today and you can continue on being a small private that nobody cares about outside of your faithful 5,000 or so. Must suck being in such a large metro city and nobody outside of Highland/University Park caring.
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    Terrible trolling. I have better expectations for SMU.
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    Good job of upgrading the schedule. Now prove we can play with them. Grant and staff will have us ready. Go Mean Green!
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    I really like the amount of tough opponents! VCU, Dayton, OU at home. This is the year. They gotta go all out!
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    Good to see some bigger names on the schedule, especially Oklahoma at home. I've already got that game on my calendar.
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    no difference here since I never buy Nike anyways. Their tennis apparel is overpriced and their tennis shoes are pure crap. So just reinforces my opinion
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    The best example of why stats can be very misleading. He had a very bad game. Period.
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    Riddle me this fans/ alum/ coaches/ opponents why is it the top receiver for North Texas only targeted TWO times the entire game? How does a Heisman candidate not get the ball to his best player? How does the OC not game plan for one of his best players? A kid that will kill the North Texas draft drought does not touch the ball. The one pass to #8 was behind him. The other pass was out of bounds. The corner was a step if not two steps behind each route. Again how does this happen to such a prolific offense?
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    Wait, you haven’t even opened yours yet? its too bad your players have to cross a highway to get to practice.
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    This is not only a substantially jump up in oc scheduling, it is also one of the toughest oc schedules around. It should prepare the team much better for the conference grind than previous McCasland schedules, but that 20 win standard is going to be a challenge.
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    No, I have a car, that I bought on my own, that I drove here. Come on over. But you won't.
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    I don't live in Denton. Yes we lost. And I'm not the one hiding behind a keyboard. Twin Peaks. You coming? I didn't think so.
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    Tre had a decent night but the fact that he's pleased despite the loss should be a concern.
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    Two contract extensions in a relatively short period of time. Two salary increases as well. Yearly income that would take many of us 20 years to equal. I have to raise my eyebrow and become very concerned when the head man has become better at Coaches "speak" than winning Conference Championships, critical conference games, bitter rivalries and bowl games.
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    DRC: Make no mistake, this one hurt https://dentonrc.com/sports/thoughts-on-north-texas-loss-to-smu/article_ff79de60-637e-5960-a222-b9c739bf0fc9.html
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    I'm gonna die from freebasing this thread.
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    An even more worrisome thought: Those same 2016-2018 recruits for UTSA are in the same boat, except Frank Wilson recruited much better than Littrell those years, and now they have their QB. I seriously wouldn't be surprised if we went into Houston at 1-3
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    With this offense and in a weak CUSA, if we do not win at least 6 games and win a bowl game (or at the least be very competitive) then I think Littrel should be gone.

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