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    We hinted on the recruiting podcast! 6'1 280 very nice add
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-president-smatresk-named-to-c-usa-executive-committee/article_116226d4-e64c-5f64-b520-e35345b6e5a7.html
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    To me this is the most impressive part of the article. Because before now, the two bolded words above have never historically applied to any sort of committee at North Texas having to do with athletics.
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    All commits will be in. And a couple more prospects to keep an 👀 on. I wouldn't be surprised if we had 2 commits this weekend. 2 are very close
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    Well after they offer our guys they will become 4star players.
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    DRC: UNT was forced to add young alumni section to provide buffer between students and the visitors' bench in 2014 https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/c-usa-rules-changes-open-door-for-seating-change-at/article_2966366b-a905-52fe-92ec-aaec061f66e9.html
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    @FirefightnRick, no sir, this is great news. When has North Texas had anyone involved at this level? @SilverEagle, exactly. Smatresk, Baker and the entire team in place right now is like nothing we have ever experienced.
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    There are a lot of dumb fan boards out there, and those boards have a lot of dumb threads.... but THIS..... THIS may be the piece de resistance, Go Mason, btw.
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    This website is awesome.
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    I think everyone knows he can’t win a Heisman no matter what. But this puts him out there to more mainstream fans and perhaps aids his chances at other awards (O’Brien perhaps) and the NFL draft. It also promotes the NT Mean Green brand, which is always a good thing.
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    Now all FAU needs are some students to actually show up to sit in their new section. Rick
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    Quick feet! Very nice.
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    that does seem high for a roundabout, but I assume it will cost a pretty penny to move utilities and also acquire any additional ROW. Roundabouts do work though :)
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    We hinted about this one on the podcast. Why you should always listen. This will make @NorthTexasWeLove happy. 6 '1 280
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    Maybe we should be interested in their guys.
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    I honestly forgot about English. Is he going to be healthy?
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    We are absolutely cursed at DT it seems. How many recruits/ players have we lost at DT over the last 7 or so years? It’s like the football gods decided that Booger and Mean Joe exceeded our quota and now we must forever struggle.
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    Let's just take a moment and bask in your sig. That's a beauty, there. And, like clockwork, your response was some middle school IQ drivel. Carry on.
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    That's probably not a basket you want to put too many eggs into . . .
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    https://sportdfw.com/2019/06/05/dallas-cowboys-fixing-crowded-wide-receiver-room/ Good reading.
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    Not directed at you, but none of this downplays freaking D-Day. Everyone knows it was a pivotal moment in a brutal war where the good guys sacrificed so much and won out. America is freaking great, but you know what, Mason Fine is great, too! Maybe not America great, but still great. Also my sister's birthday is 6/6. We just yell at her NO PRESENTS FOR YOU JERK BECAUSE IT DOWNPLAYS HOW MUCH SACRIFICE THIS COUNTRY HAS GIVEN UP. Misplaced, misguided, and sanctimonious. Of effing course we should be commemorating American sacrifices that happened on that specific day, but those exact sacrifices have allowed the rest of the world to keep going and we all appreciate it. Not to mention there were pivotal battles over different continents happening on different dates and different wars.
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    Sounds like you hate America /s
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    Overall, I’d say the turnout was ok. Unfortunately, it didn’t look as good as Houston’s. I met some alums that aren’t really involved and tried encouraging them to come around more. I hope the AD continue to work on getting more engagement is Austin and doesn’t abandon this stop in the future. My family had a great time and it’s always great getting some face time with the staff and coaches. On a more football note, I had a one-on-one conversation with Littrell and he was very positive about this upcoming season. He’s going to be more involved in the offense and doing things his way, like his UNC days. He said good things about Aune and Bean as Fine backups and eventual replacements. He doesn’t think the offense will skip a beat from last season. Defense sounded more of a question mark but he was excited about some of the younger players. He doesn’t shy away from the fact that this is an area that is more of an unknown. It really does seem like Littrell genuinely enjoy being here, but I really hope we can continue to build up our facilities and fan base to make him want to stay.
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    The roundabout planned for the intersection of Bonnie Brae and Scripture streets will cost an estimated $3.4 million, city of Denton staff said at a public meeting about the construction View Full Article
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    Welcome home Garnett! The Mean Green family is your home away from home! Congratulations !
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    Yes! Welcome aboard.
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    I hate roundabouts only because people enter them without a thought of yielding to traffic already in the circle. So easy to get side swiped.
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    Three years before construction to begin and ten years for completion.
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    It's been a long time since I lived in Denton. I never knew that intersection had become such an issue. What's driving the traffic there?
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    Would a stop sign been more expensive? That intersection is a pain.
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    I feel like they are trying to keep the schools that matter in CUSA happy or involved....but that Charlotte guy kind of blows that theory out of the water unless they view Charlotte as a critical piece?
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    I think our DT depth is concerning but not an emergency. Yet.
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    Initial comments: * This author compares "The Joe" in Ruston to Apogee. Lost me right there. Why does the side of the stadium in the picture of "The Joe" look like the top section needs to be aligned with the lower section? Why would they build it that way. Again, the comparison to Apogee is ridiculous. * #3 being WKU, where most of the seats are on one side of the stadium, is way too high. * I have never been to MUTS, but I have always that their stadium looked good on television. I don't like that it is an erector set like Central Florida. * Charlotte's stadium is just so small. Looks like a high school or lower level college program's. * Alamodome: Is this guy for real? Lost me with this quote: "the surrounding area for parking and tailgating is top-notch." To say that and criticize Apogee is laughable. * FAU: Have always thought it looked pretty good on television. Not a fan of the erector sets. * Southern Miss: #9 is way, way too low for "The Rock." * FIU: Embarrassing. * UTEP: The Sun Bowl is a great stadium. Way too low on the list although the fans have been terrible lately. *Rice: I love older stadiums, but this is just way, way to big for Rice. *Legion Field: Great history in a terrible location with little done to maintain it through the years.
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    It's just misplaced virtue signaling. Nobody here disagrees with honoring veterans but it wasn't really germane to this post on this board.
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    dOn'T yOu KnOw WhAt RiCk DiD fOr ThIs PrOgRaMmmmmmmmmm
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    No, today is a day of remembrance and to honor the sacrifice boys Mason’s age and younger paid during the “launch” on the beaches of Normandy France in order to start the rescue of the world from pure evil. Rick
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    From a purely NCAA perspective, these two situations are polar opposites. While Penn State was awful, their indiscretions had no bearing or benefit to the product on the field. Baylor on the other hand was done to keep kids on the field making their indiscretions directly related to the product on the field. It would seem to me the NCAA would be much more with in their rights to sanction Baylor over Penn State.
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    Even though I hope you are right, I don't see McCasland changing his basic offense. That offense is based on a point guard and a big plus three wing players. Geu could play a wing, but he is going to have some strong competition for that position. I think Gibson starts, but even if he does not; he will get starter minutes.

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