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    We hinted on the recruiting podcast! 6'1 280 very nice add
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-president-smatresk-named-to-c-usa-executive-committee/article_116226d4-e64c-5f64-b520-e35345b6e5a7.html
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    To me this is the most impressive part of the article. Because before now, the two bolded words above have never historically applied to any sort of committee at North Texas having to do with athletics.
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    All commits will be in. And a couple more prospects to keep an 👀 on. I wouldn't be surprised if we had 2 commits this weekend. 2 are very close
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    Well after they offer our guys they will become 4star players.
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    DRC: UNT was forced to add young alumni section to provide buffer between students and the visitors' bench in 2014 https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/c-usa-rules-changes-open-door-for-seating-change-at/article_2966366b-a905-52fe-92ec-aaec061f66e9.html
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    @FirefightnRick, no sir, this is great news. When has North Texas had anyone involved at this level? @SilverEagle, exactly. Smatresk, Baker and the entire team in place right now is like nothing we have ever experienced.
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    There are a lot of dumb fan boards out there, and those boards have a lot of dumb threads.... but THIS..... THIS may be the piece de resistance, Go Mason, btw.
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    I think everyone knows he can’t win a Heisman no matter what. But this puts him out there to more mainstream fans and perhaps aids his chances at other awards (O’Brien perhaps) and the NFL draft. It also promotes the NT Mean Green brand, which is always a good thing.
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    Now all FAU needs are some students to actually show up to sit in their new section. Rick
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    that does seem high for a roundabout, but I assume it will cost a pretty penny to move utilities and also acquire any additional ROW. Roundabouts do work though :)
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    We hinted about this one on the podcast. Why you should always listen. This will make @NorthTexasWeLove happy. 6 '1 280
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    Maybe we should be interested in their guys.
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    I honestly forgot about English. Is he going to be healthy?
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    We are absolutely cursed at DT it seems. How many recruits/ players have we lost at DT over the last 7 or so years? It’s like the football gods decided that Booger and Mean Joe exceeded our quota and now we must forever struggle.
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    Let's just take a moment and bask in your sig. That's a beauty, there. And, like clockwork, your response was some middle school IQ drivel. Carry on.
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    That's probably not a basket you want to put too many eggs into . . .
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    https://sportdfw.com/2019/06/05/dallas-cowboys-fixing-crowded-wide-receiver-room/ Good reading.
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    Not directed at you, but none of this downplays freaking D-Day. Everyone knows it was a pivotal moment in a brutal war where the good guys sacrificed so much and won out. America is freaking great, but you know what, Mason Fine is great, too! Maybe not America great, but still great. Also my sister's birthday is 6/6. We just yell at her NO PRESENTS FOR YOU JERK BECAUSE IT DOWNPLAYS HOW MUCH SACRIFICE THIS COUNTRY HAS GIVEN UP. Misplaced, misguided, and sanctimonious. Of effing course we should be commemorating American sacrifices that happened on that specific day, but those exact sacrifices have allowed the rest of the world to keep going and we all appreciate it. Not to mention there were pivotal battles over different continents happening on different dates and different wars.
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    Sounds like you hate America /s
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    Overall, I’d say the turnout was ok. Unfortunately, it didn’t look as good as Houston’s. I met some alums that aren’t really involved and tried encouraging them to come around more. I hope the AD continue to work on getting more engagement is Austin and doesn’t abandon this stop in the future. My family had a great time and it’s always great getting some face time with the staff and coaches. On a more football note, I had a one-on-one conversation with Littrell and he was very positive about this upcoming season. He’s going to be more involved in the offense and doing things his way, like his UNC days. He said good things about Aune and Bean as Fine backups and eventual replacements. He doesn’t think the offense will skip a beat from last season. Defense sounded more of a question mark but he was excited about some of the younger players. He doesn’t shy away from the fact that this is an area that is more of an unknown. It really does seem like Littrell genuinely enjoy being here, but I really hope we can continue to build up our facilities and fan base to make him want to stay.
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    Post any visitors in this thread please
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    Looks like the 2nd commit has landed 😎
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    I hate roundabouts only because people enter them without a thought of yielding to traffic already in the circle. So easy to get side swiped.
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    It's been a long time since I lived in Denton. I never knew that intersection had become such an issue. What's driving the traffic there?
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    DRC: UNT finished fourth last season in 247Sports recruiting rankings for C-USA after FAU, Marshall, UAB loaded up late https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/unt-leading-the-country-in-commitments-among-g-programs/article_c76f74b3-f55a-5765-a430-75b6090a2fe0.html
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    Not sure why you think Saafi and McMillan are only depth signings, I suspect both will see a lot of action next year. There is a history of jucos not producing in their first year that come on strong after that. I doubt the loss of Shaw changes much of anything. Novel will probably start at NT with LeBlanc and English as back up. Saafi and Colvin can play the middle as well as de. NT's best defensive player Hamilton will play on de and there will be a number vying for the other de position. Again I think NT defense has a great chance to be improved this year after some early growing pains. Way too early about worrying about 2020.
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    My new office on campus needs more UNT stuff... nay... demands it... please post pics or link to auction site!
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    If spacing was such a problem why wouldn't coaches just tell their guys to take a couple steps off the line?
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    I suspect that most on this board are at least two generations removed from WWII. Mr father graduated from high school in 1941, enlisted in the army and following his stateside training was shipped off with the Fifth Army to participate in the Italian campaign as a mortar gunner. About a year and a half later, he returned from the front with injuries which plagued him the rest of his life. I thought about him a lot on June 6th. As I read this debate, I am trying to think what he would have to say about all of this. My guess is that he would have preferred another day be chosen for this very special announcement. I realize the significance of 6/6 but this was also the 75th anniversary of D-Day and also most certainly the last time any of the participants will be alive for a major commemoration. None of this downplays the significance of Mason Fine's accomplishments. He is by all accounts a very special young man and I suspect that if his service was really needed in the military, he would be among the first to volunteer.
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    Yes, please post pics of items if possible.
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    Warning - all Over the board here: 1. When I hear 6.6 I always think, the antichrist was born this morning at 6am. I watched a lot of horror movies as a kid and Damien and the Omen’s series was one of my favorites. 2. There is only one D Day and the ceremonies this morning brought tears to my eyes. So powerful and I will try to stand at Freedoms Alter one day. 3. Very cool we have a some awesome publicity coming our way with Mason’s website launch. I feel a special season in Denton ahead. I am excited to believe in it, watch it, and live it with my family and friends. 4. How about some College Gameday pub! Remember a few years back when tcu was hot they sang them in the intro every Saturday morning. With a cool name, Heisman hopeful, let’s get Game Day to work us into the promo. They could do a lot with the name Mean Green and for several reasons we will be a Team to watch this fall! Lastly, none of this happens without our courageous heroes at Normandy. There are moments like this where you reflect and question your own will, purpose, courage and strength. Grateful to be Free. God bless the USA!
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    Aaaaanyway.... Lets hope Mason has a injury free season and puts up huge numbers. How awesome would it be for him to at least make the finalists headed to NY
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    I don't think that is the issue here. You are right. It is a day to remember all of those who lost their lives 75 years ago on that beach. However, I don't know this is the place to be telling people no, they can't get excited about Fine for Heisman or the launch of this website bc if falls on the same day as D Day. Nothing but love for my fellow Mean Green here... just hoped you would understand the reactions you are getting are not bc people don't respect themselves or anything else. GMG
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    Ah that’s ok. The world is full of people that don’t even respect themselves much less anything else. Rick.

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