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  1. Wow there is a great example of no D line push. If HBU can do that...Who can we stop
  2. We are struggling in the trenches. We will not do much with no big push on O and D
  3. 3-8 i just don’t see it. We will run the heck out of the ball and have a ton of short passes to Darden and let him do his thing. If we get behind A couple of TDS I don’t see us making a Comeback with the QB situation. please prove me wrong
  4. It looks like WKU is gone
  5. I heard the new DC is going to use the rarest of defenses the 2-2-7
  6. Y’all think any of the Kansas commits that haven’t sign will flip?
  7. I got your point. He is close right in our back yard. But what is the point if we offer first or last. If the big dogs start calling he is not coming here.
  8. So you think it would help if we offered first against those superior schools
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