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  1. i too would like to join. i am in Arlington too
  2. Sig381

    Official UAB Game Score Prediction Thread

    i feel like this game will be a shootout. we need to get up on them early and make them pass. Mean Green- 41 other guy-37
  3. 24 Mean Green 10-other guys rain will keep it close. Our running game is better
  4. This is the game that will define North Texas football. We will see if the back up can play and win.
  5. So our O-Line is not as good as we thought. It’s up to the coaches to earn there money
  6. The shine is gone. Now it’s time to see if this team can overcome and prove they are champions
  7. Sig381

    Google "UNT Football Schedule 2018"

    I have crossed my eyes, can't see it. What did you notice?
  8. so far from the board we have 117 going to the game.
  9. Me+1 my wife and I are spend a long weekend at lake Dardanelle making the the short trip north to the game. Still looking for the mean green Jell-O shots.
  10. Sig381

    Official Arkansas Game Score Prediction Thread

    Arkansas will be ready and they will run the ball all over us. we will keep it close but the home field and most the calls will go their way. Ark: 41 UNT:30
  11. I don’t see a win. I hope for an upset but we must play a prefect game to win. Arkansas will not pass on us to much. They will run all over us. They will use there size to break us down. We will give up big runs. Our guys have not seen this kindof speed and size this year. Arkansas will be ready to play at home. Just hope fine makes it out of Fayetteville.
  12. Sig381


    to be honest, i to do not really see a win. we have played two bad teams and did what you should do to bad teams. i believe Arkansas will come out fast. they are at home and have a coach that knows how to beat us. since i will be in attendance i hope for a close game.