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  1. I thought I saw on this site that they did have a location on campus. Please correct me if I’m wrong. In one semester they will forget about it.
  2. I am assuming they do practice free throws?
  3. He has been a serviceable player. Bad luck with the injuries. He will make a great coach with his additude
  4. Big one. I believe this team has lost faith in the coach.
  5. Like last year missing all the free throws will come back to hurt us. But a good mean green win. Light the tower
  6. Thank you. I believe the guys can handle the big from New Mexico. Now can they keep the three pointers on target
  7. Looks like we are getting a lot of pub from the results of the game that we have been asking for. To bad it’s all us getting blown out.
  8. You want to play for a team that wins championships. If we had your mind set we would be happy being a bottom feeder just to tell kids they can play early. Old Denton thinking
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