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  1. Is the game on tv or the flohoops app?
  2. What a joke. They need to get their heads in the game
  3. If we do not run for more than 300 yards in a huge win. I will be very disappointed. We need a good emotional boost before going on the road
  4. Slow down there. We still have one more win to go before we face off with the fightin road kill. FIU maybe be in a bad place right now we still need to show up on the road. It’s a trap game for us
  5. If this game is in anyway close, Seth needs to do nothing. It’s not like the AD will pull the trigger. I hope for a North Texas blowout. I’m convinced we will not get a new coach until Seth wins only 4 game next year. I’m standing really tall looking over that fence a mean greener pastures
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