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  1. I heard the new DC is going to use the rarest of defenses the 2-2-7
  2. Y’all think any of the Kansas commits that haven’t sign will flip?
  3. I got your point. He is close right in our back yard. But what is the point if we offer first or last. If the big dogs start calling he is not coming here.
  4. So you think it would help if we offered first against those superior schools
  5. I think I know what your talking about when you say this staff has killed it....
  6. Guys it’s a pipe dream that he would come here.
  7. We need to stop our stocking of this kid. He is chasing a dream. We can look back in four years and go man we dodged that one when he has transferred and hit the Juco ranks
  8. Really glad we are shoring up our O-Line with some Juco guys, but only one FBS offer..........
  9. Seth was calling the plays the last half of the season is what I heard. Which worries me.
  10. Team, these two men are new to this. This is the first time they have be subjected to this high and low. I would expect them to go into robot mode. We have to remember we are starting behind the eight ball. We are just now at the standard that you conduct an athletic program. They will grow and be better..... if Seth can’t recruit he is gone after the 2021 season. I believe if we go 5-7 next year Seth hits a pass with a new Qb in all. But after that you better produce or the boat has sailed.
  11. We need to stop this thread he is not coming back. What guy would want to come back with an unproven QB. Even with the injury his stock is good. It would be snowing in hell with this O-Line that he would even up his stock. We have a ton of other problems to deal with than a wide receiver, we are good there. We need size in the trenches. I know black is slimming but dang we are small.
  12. If we win great good job team. Nice to go out with a win. But just don’t get embarrassed out there if we lose.
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