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  1. If we get this guy that is some great recruiting. He has all the measurements that the P5 like. They will go after him hard
  2. true but they will have several 5 stars and many 4 stars
  3. I like the gumption of the AD. he can show that we can support a Heisman candidate. i believe if mason has a record breaking year, he will not win because the voters will discredit the conference he is playing in. on the same not if he has a record breaking year, maybe we will win the conference and a bowl game. i will be happy with that.
  4. the title should of been: Be on the look out for a commitment Tomorrow And just keep it up as a running thread.
  5. I’m fine with the bonuses. Their contracted to coach and make sure guys pass their classes in the base pay.
  6. I thought I saw on this site that they did have a location on campus. Please correct me if I’m wrong. In one semester they will forget about it.
  7. I am assuming they do practice free throws?
  8. He has been a serviceable player. Bad luck with the injuries. He will make a great coach with his additude
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