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  1. I called the ticket office at 4:55 yesterday. They had them emailed to me by 5..
  2. Quarantine got you down? Lack of competitive UNT sports To distract from reality becoming a problem? Dont worry friend! Tonight it 8 pm CST, UNT’’s Rocket League team of dbanq, 2Fast, and Silverado take on Cal Poly. Twitch Link here.
  3. This kid is GREAT! I met him while he was touring UNT with hid dad. Houston was completely geared up with UNT apparel and had just been offered the position with athletics. He even told me about how the Mean Green name was born...and how incredible of a QB Mason Fine was,and he was sad he never got to see him at Apogee. I look forward to the work Houston will put out for the Mean Green in the coming years, and glad to see the passion and fire future alumni will have for THEIR alma mater! GMG
  4. Not sure if it will help, but The pastor of Cornerstone,John Hagee is a NT alum...
  5. UNT goes down 3 games to 1.
  6. ONE FRANCO HARRIS! THERE'S ONLY ONE FRANCO HARRIS... ONE FRANCO HARRIS, THERE'S ONLY ONE FRANCO HARRIS! (now if we can only get 20k fans at Apogee singing this!)
  7. My new office on campus needs more UNT stuff... nay... demands it... please post pics or link to auction site!
  8. Fair warning. While courses will easily transfer to UNT and apply towards degree requirements... based upon sequencing requirements and other factors, students will often have 3 or 4 years of coursework in their major to take to graduate. However, as the student has completed all the basics, they may struggle in maintaining full time status. Music Major? You are at UNT for 4 years. Art Major? 3-4 years. engineering... 3+ years... Now business, if a student is selective and uses https://registrar.unt.edu/transfer-guides to chose courses carefully, 2 year grad is likely... but you gotta be
  9. As an Admissions Officer at UNT, I should hope I know a little about the former... cannot speak specifically to the latter... but I can make assumptions...
  10. Univ of Sydney also matches Univ of Melbourne’s tuition of “”Band 1” degree programs of $6566 AUD per year, or appx $4500 USD. As both are the same, it is likely this is a mandated tuition by the government. Also, the Australian Higher Ed system is based on the British system and Bachelor degrees are earned in 3 rather than 4 years. So in reality, these tuition rates are easily accessible using public websites, we can determine that tuition costs for a complete Australian Bachelor’s Degree costs $13,500. Using the 2019-20 UNT Tuition Calculator, for a Dance and Theater major is $13,000
  11. FYI: John Hagee, founding pastor at Cornerstone Christian is a UNT Alum.
  12. On the diagram they reference “Wood Texture”. This is all I can think of...
  13. As a teacher, you should know better than making fun of a speech impediment.
  14. Coach Chico is rollin with #Hit1 at UTEP this season.
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