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  1. Peacock

    UTSA Cannon?

    On the diagram they reference “Wood Texture”. This is all I can think of...
  2. Peacock

    Iconic Mean Green Football Moments

    As a teacher, you should know better than making fun of a speech impediment.
  3. Peacock

    #hit6, #hit9, #hit12?

    Coach Chico is rollin with #Hit1 at UTEP this season.
  4. Peacock

    One and done

    I like the Scrappy Possum.
  5. This needs to be referred to as The Brewer Rule henceforth, in all media, throughout the universe and in perpetuity.
  6. Peacock

    Hey you GIF experts

    Now that is service!
  7. I was not going to go... but I told my wife, if UNT wins... I was going to blame her for not letting me go... She said we are going then. Leaving Denton at about 6 am Saturday. Plenty of Pork Cracklins to consume on the trip!
  8. Yeah, I got mine pretty hooked. She was in Dubuque and saw Eli Young was playing and had a Battle Flag shipped for the concert. Even got the thing signed.
  9. Peacock

    Please control this board better!!!

    I am confident this picture was in your gallery and not just taken.
  10. FWIW: UTSA's Student Athletic Fee Referendum is Crushed
  11. Peacock

    La Tech at UAB

    Blocked!!! UAB wins!
  12. Peacock

    La Tech at UAB

    Both were following penalties, so a little longer than usual, but the K had “Scott Norwood” Syndrome...They were wide right...
  13. John Baker was a punter for the Rams in 2000-01. Played in SB 36.
  14. Peacock

    Ferry to West Point

    I talked to a few Army Alums that were recruiting in Ft Worth the other day... They recommended the ferry... wanted to make it, but I am cheap and sprung for the Rice game instead...
  15. Peacock

    SMU Game Tix arrive yet? Update?

    I just got 12 tickets Row 1 Sec 123... They match where my season tickets are in Apogee. Can't wait...