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  1. I like both dudes and odds are we'll need 'em both down the line.... Alec Morris started a freakin' bowl game and put up 300 and 3 TDs (God we should have won that game) when Fine couldn't go.... My very humble useless take is that Bean has boatloads of upside and natural talent that could be deadly at this level of football, and I'd love to see it nurtutred and given a shot. I like Aune, he has a live arm, and he feels like a steady hand if anything goes wrong. But until the new guys get here, man, Bean feels like that guy that has potential to be a DUDE.
  2. College Inn was an absolute dump 20 years ago, but I had some great times there between the cinder blocks. Cheers and GMG!
  3. This. I work in a school, and when we get a positive case we have to go through the contact tracing process that results in numerous quarantines. Four could definitely wipe out a huge number.
  4. Sucks that crime has gone up for sure, but they haven't defunded anything yet. Honestly doubt they will at all. Vote got tabled, delayed, etc... so it's not quite so cut and dry. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/06/us/minneapolis-police-abolish-delay/index.html
  5. Yeah, i learned "striving" in '98 as well. Unis are flat out dope btw. Let's go get a win!
  6. If my guess is right on this, I am very excite
  7. Those numbers are shocking to me. Are you positive about that? In my district, we’re at 44% opting for virtual, with the lowest SES Title 1 campus at 36%. Neighboring districts range from 42-54% virtual, and there are some campuses clocking in at over 70% virtual. I have friends in Dallas ISD, and no one has seen anything near a rate that low, sub 10%. We’re gonna see a near half and half mix as long as this goes on.
  8. Rumor has it Fedora wants one more shot at a HC gig, and either way is def done at UT..... if he's out there and has any interest, I would expect SL to make that call
  9. Yeah, that’s a dogshit loss. Charlotte is awful. This ain’t great.
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