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  1. If you wanna bring one win Houston Baptist to D1, you were more than welcome
  2. Hey, if we could land a five star backup from an elite program, that would be great... SMU is OU south
  3. We lost probably our best RB in Adaway for the season. Shorter and Bush aren't playing, and our WRs are a giant strugglebus. But I'll say this. There was ZERO quit tonight. The boys fought like hell. 17-0 from mid 2nd on. Of course there are problems, of course we have to stop coming out flat... but this is a team picked to finish next to last in the conference, a two score dog on the road, and we fought like hell to have a chance to win on the last possession. It won't be popular. I get minusing me. Hell, I might do it myself. But i still believe in this staff and these players. We're young as hell. And we are full of fight. #GMG
  4. We need to recruit HARD at WR. But that was a strong ass fight. We dominated for three quarters.
  5. What a fight, guys. If this doesn't end well so be it, but we gotta be proud of these guys.
  6. We had em off the field. Ball coming back. Ref bailed them out on a trash call.
  7. This is the most emotion I've seen from Seth on the sidelines. He's fired up.
  8. 12 point road dogs against a conference favorite, spot them 24-0..... we may not love it, but holy fight. No quit in this bunch at all. Proud of em. #GMG
  9. We're all pissed, but at least we're showing some damn fight. I'll give us that. We've had some absolutely trash drops kill us, but Aune is bringing energy, the defense isn't laying down.... this ain't Portland State. It ain't good, but it ain't that
  10. Yeah, this ain't on Aune. We're outgaining them. Our WRs are so impossibly awful
  11. Bryson Jackson shouldn't see the field again this year. Period.
  12. Ragsdale looks great running the ball, but apparently can't catch
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