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  1. This is 100% spot on. The education requirements/salary & benefits matrix is way, way off.
  2. Now that's taking a Guac on the wild side if I've ever seen it
  3. Guess I’ve never been to a real American city. That’s gonna be real bad news to a lot of places, man. you know you can not like a place without changing the definition of a very basic ass term, right?
  4. I dig this shirt, I've had it for a few years. Wore it to watch the MB Bowl a couple years ago from a bar in Shreveport, solid conversation starter.
  5. Wow. Talk about a thing running outta gas the last two weeks. Sooooo... let's flip these forum locations. This is Texas, and we're apparently not even Sun Belt quality.
  6. Wow. All the good feelings from this year about to be down the tubes.
  7. They are whipping our ass in the second half. Perry took the night off. We can't score. What the hell happened to this thing?
  8. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article258225703.html
  9. It was definitely there in 98-99... I attended some event there that year, though I can't recall what it was. I don't think it lasted long after that though.
  10. Measures like that are likely very rare; I'm in education and don't know of any schools in North Texas doing anything similar; as far as closures/going virtual, that's obviously a last resort. Any closures this time are going to be more brief (barring anything unexpected and unfortunate) and are for a completely different reason than last go round. Staffing was a bear this year to begin with, and now with this variant we have schools that can't safely monitor students and teachers/staff being asked to cover and pick up slack that strains them beyond reasonable levels. Mesquite ISD announced closure til 1/20 today, and I expect similar short closures to follow, at least until this spike passes, to beef up staffing numbers.
  11. Maybe.... he also came down to USC and UCLA in recruiting, so it's possible he just heads up the 405 to Chip....
  12. No one is here and we have zero rebounds through 6 minutes. Yet weirdly, I believe. Let's go. GMG Edit: WE JUST GOT A REBOUND
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