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  1. 1st year: Cooper Glen Apartments up on Locust w/ a roommate who was eventually kicked out for taking a dump in the hot tub. We had a morning final in World Lit (Lyceum), then went to a Rangers day game that was also Dollar Hot Dog day. Went crazy on dogs, then came back and stopped at the Howdy Doody 7-12 on Locust with my buddy's fake ID... Then, full of hot dogs, beer, and the white russians we made (Lebowski had just come out), we hung out in the hot tub in the summer heat for hours. He wasn't allowed back on the premises after that 🤷‍♂️ 2nd year: Ramsgate down on Bernard, small one bedroom. The place was old as hell even then (1999 or so), but by god it was my own place and had a racquetball court on site!! I know it's called something else now, one of the many places in Little D with a trendy nightclub sounding ass name. Years 3-4.5: Pace's Crossing off 288 and Colorado. This place was the best. Wall sized mirror in the dining room, and a little "study" with french doors off the living room where i set up my desk and blueberry iMac. Pretty much lived my best life at this place... Did all my NTTV Sports stuff, worked part time at the Hastings right down Colorado, and I took years off my life eating at Red Pepper's twice a week. Did the Y2K new year's here, and my first year I dated a redhead hooters girl who's now a damn doctor. I sure effed that one up. The last few months I met a blonde who lived next-door and Jefferson Commons, and she ended up as wife #1. Really shoulda stuck with Hooters... that's a lesson for the kids out there. But anyway, hell yeah Pace's Crossing!
  2. Wish the two non-eagle floors had the correct font on the baselines....
  3. Agree with @Cerebus, and while I dug all those places FFR mentioned (I hit the Pickup at least twice a week), every time I'm up on campus these days I'm amazed at all the cool new food options all over the place. Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like there are waaaaaay more options today and an infinitely better food scene than there was when I was kicking around in the late 90s.... I feel like maybe it's not that "Denton has gone corporate and soulless and i have to go to the other side of town to eat," and more "I miss MY specific slice of nostalgia" here.... which is understandable, I just feel like it's a pretty solid scene up there with a ton of character. Like, more places than I have the time to try.
  4. Yup. Icy whites.... @ Army, @ Iowa, @ Arkansas... to me, that's our best look. It's green & white for the purists, it's clean, it's sharp.. #LFG. #GMG
  5. There are a lot of dumb fan boards out there, and those boards have a lot of dumb threads.... but THIS..... THIS may be the piece de resistance, Go Mason, btw.
  6. Fouts Apogee Texas Stadium Ford Jones (Tech) Cougar Stadium in Pullman, WA (Idaho meeting D1 attendance requirements) Floyd Casey (Baylor) Tiger Stadium (LSU) Gaylord Family (Oklahoma) Rice Stadium Superdome Cotton Bowl DKR-Memorial (Texas) Cajun Field (ULL) Amon Carter (TCU) So, 15? I feel like I'm forgetting a couple, but oh well....
  7. Freddie Kitchens - Head Coach, Cleveland Browns
  8. ODU had two draft picks. Jaylen Ferguson from LaTech went on Friday.
  9. Nate Brooks is a Packer. Let’s see where EJ and JG land.
  10. I really like-like the odds of Ganon being an absolute killer in the post for SMU by then. Really casts a Darknut over this whole thing. GMG!
  11. Only thing is, I feel like it won’t be safe to go alone. We need to make sure and bring LaTech with us!
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