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  1. I'm not sure what games are up against us schedule wise, but anywhere in town that has the sound on would be primo. #GMG
  2. Without Darden and against a terrible matchup for us defensively, i feel like Bean gives us any puncher's chance we've got with his legs. We're shorthanded and outgunned, and it'll probably be rough, but let the kids go out there and play like there's nothing to lose, cause there's not. #GMG
  3. Littrell's RT of Mackenzie Morris just now.... sounds like it's about to go down
  4. I agree with Lifer.... this offense ain't the problem. Bean and Aune both weren't perfect, but as sophomores??? both more than good enough to win in this conference. Our offensive numbers this year were ELITE by CUSA standards. Yeah, I think Bean has way more upside than Aune and I love watching him play, he can be electric.... but Aune is a solid QB that would be a stud backup and an above avergae starter (especially once he cuts down on turnovers). And yeah... I think the future is Gilmore and Drummond... but the fact of the matter? The REAL future here is Adaway. No matter who hands h
  5. a THIRD pick. Bean please. For God's sake.
  6. He said "he's been perfect"..... Good. Grief.
  7. I agree with that.... but man, he's put up video game numbers. Like no one else in the state is close to him in ANY category. Also, I admit, I'm incredibly tainted by Mason Fine bias AND the fact that the Chief is his QB coach... and, I mean, how could the Pioneer Woman's kid dropping dimes NOT be awesome?
  8. I've thought about it a lot this year. I know he's leaving, I get it, I hope for nothing but the best for him.... but selfishly? Year 5 of Darden just shattering records would be a wet dream.
  9. Maybe, and I'm crazy excited about Drummond, but don't sleep on Gilmore either.
  10. Agree, EPE. Also, this Darden halftime piece is legit.
  11. I mean, both are probably fair. But yeah, I feel like Bean would destroy this depleted defense. Sorry he dropped the ball once. Jeez.
  12. Despite the two long TDs, I challenge how "good" Aune has been.... I'm probably an idiot, but I feel like Bean would have at LEAST 17 on the board on this defense. Again, not the the offense is the problem, the defense is a joke, but we gotta keep up....
  13. You're right. For all our complaining about the QB situation, etc., offense isn't remotely an issue. With an adequate defense, this team is a contender for a conference title.
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