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  1. CaribbeanGreen

    QB Alex Delton from KSU to UTEP-NOPE scratch that TCU

    This is some next level performance art, right?
  2. CaribbeanGreen

    2019 Football Schedule has been released

    One hour to Bossier City!
  3. CaribbeanGreen


    Most of the buzz out of NY is still on McCarthy, but who knows. Kitchens & Fangio done today, strong rumors on Richard to Miami, this'll be done sooner rather than later.
  4. CaribbeanGreen

    Southern Mississippi (1/5/19)

    We don't apologize for wins. 15-1. Book it. On to the next. #GMG
  5. CaribbeanGreen

    Houston, You Have A Problem

    Holgo flirted pretty openly with Tech, but didn't get the gig. It's not a big secret out that way that he's kinda had it with WVU and that they wouldn't be crushed if he left.... I don't think this would be the coup that it seems for UH, he wants out. Plus, his NFL QB leaving, might not be the worst time to bail in his mind.
  6. He actually might. He openly wanted the Tech job, and word is he wants the hell out of Morgantown and they're good with it.
  7. CaribbeanGreen

    ESPN's Film Room Simulcast

    and he's in on this second one! Steve Addazio from BC is also fantastic, he and Patterson have great chemistry. Herm Edwards is a huge personality and Bryan Harsin from Boise is picking his spots. I love this.
  8. CaribbeanGreen

    Johnny Jones does it again....

    You just miss Jigglin' George's, admit it.
  9. CaribbeanGreen

    ESPN's Film Room Simulcast

    I always completely love these things.... once the ND-Clemson game went sideways around half, I switched over to Mack Brown, Paul Johnson, Dave Clawson, and Mike Norvell... it's so great. Anyway, my main point here is that I realized tonight it's a big football wish list item to get Littrell on one of these deals. Shoot that right into my veins. #GMG
  10. CaribbeanGreen

    Johnny Jones does it again....

    That's been the TxSo model for years now. Ridiculously hard non con, get beat up, then roll through the SWAC and make it to March.
  11. CaribbeanGreen

    Something I really dislike

    Jaylon Smith and Jake Butt changed a lot of minds
  12. CaribbeanGreen

    Official UNT 2019 Class Signing Day Megathread!!

    Whoa. Lyles has some legit offers. Big get.
  13. CaribbeanGreen

    Anthony Wyche looking to Transfer

    Garrison Johnson just decommitted. Little less depth now.
  14. CaribbeanGreen

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    Just decommitted per his twitter.
  15. CaribbeanGreen

    Jeff Wilson Update

    He also had a really bad personal foul call that killed another drive. Had the good run, but it was a rough day at the office. Between that and the Olawale drop.... tough weekend all around.