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  1. Tap the brakes on "the defense looks okay".... 20 in the first quarter to a bad offense that couldn't hit 30 on UC Davis...
  2. No argument that Reeder has been a huge downgrade from GH so far, but this is one of the better P5 defenses in the country in their place. It's still trash, but SMU was even worse than anything out there today.
  3. These officials aren’t helping. Two trash calls to extend drives.
  4. On the (bright?) side, Littrell’s career just died in Dallas tonight
  5. Sitting in the stands. White overwhelmingly outnumbering green, SMU making their score. We ain’t good.
  6. Texas Tech beat an FCS by 35, Alan Bowman (who missed half of last season and derailed Tech's season) played the entire way. This board was abuzz about how the Lane Train had derailed and Ohio State crushed FAU. Justin Fields went longer than Mason Fine. Appy State in the SunBelt crushed an inferior opponent 42-7. The backup came in for one series, just like Bean. UTSA crushed Incarnate Word 35-7. Their QB went the whole way. Just a few games i looked at. Point being, it is entirely normal for the starter to go this long. Giving a backup legitimately valuable minutes where they run the offense and throw the ball is a considerable anomaly.
  7. Yeah, he wasn't great in coverage, but dude can hit. Led the team in tackles and had some huge shots. Almost seems like more of a safety type.
  8. Agree to disagree. Teams play differently and coaches coach differently when i game is done in the first quarter. Am i worried about our defense? Hell yes I am. I was before kickoff tonight. I also don't think we're "fearing ACU getting the ball back" at any point.
  9. Look, the defense is a legit question. Of course it is. We all know it. But don't you also concede that just saying "WE GAVE UP 31 to ACU!" is a bit misleading considering this was a three score game in the first quarter?
  10. Yes, these four handoffs, a dropped snap, and one overthrow are key and will make a big difference down the road!
  11. I guess i don't get what this big "experience/preparation" factor is that backup QBs get by coming into garbage time and handing the ball off.... what team anywhere puts a backup QB in and runs the normal offense/throws the ball much at ALL? Don't fear injuries. You can't. I don't love running Fine either, but I don't mind him being in the game.
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