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  1. CaribbeanGreen

    TV Coverage Upgrade for Rest of Season?

    ESPN app on my AppleTV streamed perfectly all night, no issues.
  2. What's the old saying, better lucky than good??
  3. What a mess tonight is
  4. Tweet just said they're coming back onto the field in 10
  5. No. I feel like they'll finish it no matter how late.
  6. What a weird, weird spot. On every level. Just get out with that dub. #GMG
  7. Great execution on the punt given the weather
  8. No. ESPN 3 uses home team announcers. Same reason we've had Doogie and LaDarrin so often. Honestly, i feel like the Liberty guys have been pretty good. 🤷‍♂️
  9. Winning the 8. Four more to go. Get the ball, score, dagger. Look, it ain't beautiful. But it's a mess out there. The situation is a mess. Just get out of there with a W. Just win. #GMG
  10. Need POINTS. Six would be great, but you need to go up two scores. Period.
  11. Liberty isn't bad, they had a bye last week, it's a classic trap game by any definition, we spent the week hearing how great we were, it's raining, it never should have been scheduled in the first place?
  12. Since we went up 14-0, Liberty has dominated this thing minus one play. This is gonna be a fight. Definition of a trap game on every level. Go win this thing.