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    And it is a completely false narrative. If anything, Fine made a rookie OC look better than he is, parlaying Fine’s talent into a top 5 (historically speaking) job.
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    The point of this article seems to be that if Harrell can make a great QB out of little Mason Fine from nowhere Oklahoma, he is going to really shine with USC's four and five star QB's. I think Harrell will do well, but Fine is a tough act to duplicate.
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    They're one of those "directional schools." 😉
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    Just Confirmed...EASTSIDE in Denton will be showing the WBI Championship Game today at 5:30PM. Come on out and watch the game with your fellow Mean Green supporters. In case you don't know: 117 E Oak St., Denton, TX 76201. Just off the square...south of square on Oak. Let's Go Mean Green...bring home the gold!
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    https://www.latimes.com/sports/usc/la-sp-mason-fine-graham-harrell-usc-20190401-story.html?fbclid=IwAR3eA4QK4R2K47s42k-5LXXhsb-drw_8NMTEqEI525xEyeFz1-TI9SM1T94 Back in Denton, Texas, Fine has come a long way from where he was before Harrell visited Locust Grove more than three years ago. Recently, an NFL scout came by to see him and take his measurements. “I can’t control my measurables,” Fine said. “All I can control is what I put on that tape. Some teams may look the other way. Some teams may look at the film. I hope they do.”
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    They made a strong play to join the most likely P5 conference & were shut down 2 yrs ago. Same deep-pocketed Fertitta was at the helm at that time. They're going to have to wait until the next round of shake-ups in a few years. They're absolutely positioned well for that upcoming opportunity though.
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    Because it wasn’t a priority,....not because he “couldn’t do it”. The guy can thread a moving needle 40 yards away while on a dead sprint. He can do shit with a football only a handful of human beings on earth can do. In regards to taking a snap under Center, theres no way in hell do I buy that “he couldn’t do it” arguement. Rick
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    Not sure who USC is. Are they G5?
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    One of the best games as a UNT Alumni & Fan. Amazing atmosphere and I'm still amazed at some of the clips in the highlights how loud we were at that huge stadium, only filling up one section. We drove up early that morning and drove back afterwards - We will never forget that game! Also, one of the best sights (aside from the fake punt return) at that game was seeing how much of the Arkansas crowd cleared out after halftime - then another good chunk after the 3rd quarter. When Kemon got that pick and ran it in, then just pointed at the crowd in our section, you could feel that we had conquered that stadium. Everyone in red was completely defeated that day and it was marvelous. Arkansas game aside, one of my other favorite games was the very last home game at Fouts against Kansas State in 2010 (Riley Dodge days). Dunbar rushed for like 270 yards or something and had a great game. Even though we lost, it's still one of my favorite games during my time there (07-11) - Fouts was packed for the entire game and didn't trickle out after the half. Good times.
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    IIRC, The Big12 was trying to figure out if they would still qualify as a P5 conference with only 10 members & no conference championship game. They appealed the NCAA. In the meantime, Houston was really jockeying to get in, and many others speculated BYU or Cincinnati/Memphis would also join to round out a 12-team conference if the NCAA handed down they needed to get to 12 teams. When it came back that they would retain their P5 status as-is, they told all of those suitors to kick rocks. None of the P5 conferences want to share their $$$ pies if they don't have to.
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    Had a chance to watch practice a few weeks ago and every qb including the freshman was throwing strong wide receiver out patterns. I don’t think that play was an option with Mac! Great group!
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    If you have deep pockets like Fertitta you can buy your way into "primetime". IMHO, the success Houston is having in sports, they are ripe for making the move up to a P5 conference.
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    FWIW. starting with last year, I've never seen a North Texas football team this deep in QB talent.
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    He deserves a statue at Apogee!
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    Great article. It's awesome seeing good things about UNT in the LA Times. Plus, now we know for certain Fine's height: 5'10".
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    I think he already broke out last year. I think I might have gone with Kelvin Smith somewhere in that countdown. Dion Novil could be another breakout player. (And we better hope he is.)
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    I’m all for that. My 50 year high school reunion needed a place and my wife said OK without a problem. However, I’m a little hurt that Lifer just assumes my house is “a smaller venue” than the Coliseum. Is Miller High Life OK with everyone ?
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    This might be a little off topic but eff it it’s the off-season. What where the reasons that Houston got turned down? Doesn’t seem like they’ve changed anything since two years ago? Anyone know?
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    That's cool! I got hooked just over 10 years ago, been going to the Denton show ever since. There is a great lineup this year so don't want to miss it! The DCI tour premiere is broadcast live in local theaters and is set for June 20th, its good chance to see whats in store for the season while being indoors lol I'm a bit of a big fan and enjoy watching the classic and "old skool" shows pre 2000's. I'm a big SCV fan, but PR is my all-time fave! Crossmen had a great season last summer and I'll be excited to see them again as the make another finals run!
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    Bbecause I'm not going to indirectly concede to package after his departure. There will be players in line that have the ability to sustain and I expect to see sustainability.
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    He is the best to ever throw the ball at UNT. I am not disputing that.
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    3 mil a year in basketball is big time. Puts Sampson in the same category as some pretty savvy basketball schools and the 21st highest paid coach in CBB. Paid more than 9 SEC coaches. UH is trying to pay their way to primetime.
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    Want a piece of Mean Green history? How about a piece of Fouts Field’s goalpost? Yep...it’s a piece of Mean Green Football history. It will be in our silent auction.
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    It was not GH's idea to go up there to look at Fine, it was Littrells. I suppose that Harrell was impressed with what he observed in Fine's confidence as he talked with him, but again, it was Littrell that initiated the whole process. When I observed Fine during the fall practice of his freshman year, my main comment was that "he oozed confidence from every pore". That didn't come from spending a couple of weeks with Coach Harrell. I also assessed that he and Shanbour were the best pure passers of the group. That was not Harrell's doing either. UNT was only mentioned in the context of being Littrell's and Harrell's employer. There was nothing mentioned about what a great school and/or what a great program we were.
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    Mason Fine has been a tremendous player for us throughout his time here at UNT. I am sure he will have a great senior season. With that said, let's not act as if this production under this system can't happen again, especially if you consider the talent level being put around whoever the successor is. Fine came in and produced very well with minimal talent around him in the early stages. His successor will have 2 fold the type of talent Fine first started out with. It's also worth noting that QB's in these types of systems put up numbers. It just happens. I expect there to be a drop off until there is some built in experience for the next starter, but I do not expect the productivity to be floored. And in no way am I trying to diminish what Mason Fine has done for this program and university. He's been a Godsend.
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    This is my nephew. He's a 6'6" high school sophomore QB at Raypec High School in Missouri. He's got Michigan State and Iowa State after him already. He's an amazing arm talent. Also an elite basketball player. His grandma is a dean at UNT. Someone tell the coaches. http://www.hudl.com/profile/7532592/Conrad-Hawley
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    I don't normally comment on voting, but I love getting Rays
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    https://www.mensjournal.com/sports/5-best-quarterbacks-nfl-history-shorter-6/doug-flutie-buffalo-bills-patriots-chargers/ I'd say he's in good company!
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    The Pac would benefit greatly from coming out this way, but they will wait on getting the best of the Big XII they want. I think the Texoma 4 will go that way eventually, but I can also see a Pac 18 that included the Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas public schools and that creates three divisions of 6, where you always play the 5 in your division, then 2 each in the other divisions. UH is stuck on the outside. They give it a hard try and have money, but their location, much like Cincinnati, just kills them. Everybody thinks they have that market covered by bigger state schools that are connected to the city. In Houston, Texas, A&M, and LSU like having control over that market. In DFW, its UT, A&M, Tech, OU, and OSU. Cincinnati has Ohio State and Kentucky that have strong ties to that city. As we have seen over the years, you can want to join these schools in a conference, but those power league schools rarely have any interest in adding you just because you want that.
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    My requests from a non musician. 1. No more shorts, etc... Wear our uniform. 2. Be musically excellent. That is expected of the GB. 3. Create an entrance and march on to and off of the field. 4. Stop bastardizing our Fight Song with the start and stop and different versions Williams loved to do. 5. Cut down on the number of times Fly Like an Eagle is played. 6. Get the crowd going. Remember that you are there to support our team and represent UNT. Make us all proud.
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    Antonio Gage. Unfortunately, in the end, he could not qualify. But prior to that, he continued to field other offers & play the recruiting game while "committed" to us, and people didn't like that. People gotta stop taking that stuff personally.
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    This. I will never shame a young man for changing his mind or wanting to press pause on making a decision at this stage of the process. I also don't fault 2019 de-commit Garrison Johnson for his decision but it's much better for all involved to have Carpenter be open about his second thoughts than it was when Johnson made his feelings known so late in the game.
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    What's with the trend of one sentence paragraphs? I've noticed that a lot lately in sports coverage. Is the influence of texting creeping into everyday writing? It's like the author can't carry a thought through more than a sentence or two or maybe they are just writing for their audience. It's not just the NTDaily, so I'm not picking on them.
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    Does his dad still have any eligibility left? 😮 Welcome, Dane!
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    Aune looks like #2 and Martin looks like #3. Bean still tries to make up for his indecision with his legs. He does have good wheels, but then, just about everyone else does too. BV is right, Keune will probably redshirt. He does have some Fine-like qualities however. Addaway looked pretty good. He weaved through the middle of the defense for his first TD. He has very good speed, but I still haven't been able to evaluate his power running. Siggers is getting back into rhythm as a rb after spending a season at DB. White looks pretty good and Shorter made some pretty good catches, but he seemed a bit off after taking an uncomfortable fall in the endzone going for a fade pass. He got mugged most of the day by the DB's...…...as did all of the WR's. It looks like our DB's are being turned loose to go bonzai on the receivers. Hopefully they will then learn to dial it back. #20 and #40 looked good out there at LB. #32 was a monster. All the starting DL's were putting a lot of pressure on the QB's and I saw a lot of #45 and #46 around the ball when they were in there. That's good, because they both look like they are capable of jamming up the middle. just going by todays efforts, #47 seems to have the strongest leg. #49 under kicked a 50+ yrd FG attempt, and #47 had more than enough leg, he just missed. All the receivers had to battle a brutal cold gusty wind today. It never got over 48 degrees and the wind averaged around 15-20 mph. I was sooooo glad to get back into my truck.
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    Promise? And who TF is “we”? I didn’t know Houston was letting their Make A Wish kid dictate conference affiliation.
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    Stop ruining everyone’s “ignore” setting. Rick
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    Which is exactly how every power member feels about y’all being in a conference with you...
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    Don't sleep on my boy Greg White. Needless to say the offense is going to be dangerous again this year. Just hope the defense can reload rather than rebuild
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    Welcome aboard (soon to be) Dr. Cook. I know that the many music purists look down their noses at marching bands but the energy and excitement many college bands bring to game day is in many cases as much a part of the game as the football team. My first wish is for an exciting marching band product on the field. But my second hope is that some sort of solution can be made to correct what I think is an error as far as uniforms during the beginning of the football season. I hate the khaki shorts and the poorly thought out t-shirts. Isn't there something that could minimize the heat and still look sharp on the field ? I hate the thought of using anything from Southern Meth but their white trousers are certainly cooler (I guess) than a full blown band uniform late in August. GO MEAN GREEN
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    On the contrary, his DCI background almost guarantees another era of "corps style" marching. He is not the director of the Northwestern Marching Band, but a grad assistant. Here is an example of his high school band on the field: I must say I am very disappointed with the hire. I hope I am wrong.
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    Kind of sad a former coach that was terrible here is getting exponentially more attention on this board than our women’s basketball team that is still playing.
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    got it...registered...and you owe me a beer for your screw up...
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    This is a video of Sunny Dykes bending over with his hands on his knees like he’s going t vomit on TV during the SMU game last season, after which he rubs his forehead and closes his eyes as if he has a migraine...makes me giggle every time I see it...if you guys can’t see this I need to convert (?) it to gif format...really hilarious...the broadcasters are like this is not how Dykes would like his season to begin or some such crap...really funny. F38FD9C4-AB44-42B8-B369-A3543FCD84A9.MOV
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    Was there and one of the best UNT sporting moments in my time! To be in that stadium with the North - Texas chant going on will never be forgotten! GMG
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    As others have mentioned, coaching was a factor. To me, we also need to remember the 3 injuries that took place in the LaTech game: Easley, Hall, and Fine. Easley was picking up steam and ended up missing the rest of the year. Hall missed the rest of the LaTech game, missed the next 3 games, and returned against UAB (not the easiest opponent to come back against). Fine missed no time but was never the same as we often saw him hobbling around during and after the LaTech game. So in short, our best member of the secondary, most physical offensive weapon, and our star QB. That LaTech game affected the team for the rest of the year IMO.

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