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    My wife’s pedicurist has a close friend who knows a guy who saw a realtor drive past Rodney Delong’s house. That realtor attended Purdue. Our coach is as good as gone to Boilermaker country folks!!!
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    BTW...Your Mean Green just walked out of WACkO with #20 Baylor’s hardware. When was the last time we’ve have a team beat two ranked teams in the same season, much less in three weeks time? Rick
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    That's like getting a bowl invitation with a 5-7 record and winning the bowl game.
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    OK, now it's time for the thread talking about how long we can keep the coach.
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    Just because NT hired a coach and named him the tight end coach, does not necessarily mean the tight end position is going to be emphasized anymore than other Littrell years. Does anyone really think NT hired a full time coach to only be involved with one position and at this time two scholarship players? A lot of football coach titles are more associated with the pay range than their actual duties.
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    Soooo, if NT beats the #20 team and the #10 team, why aren’t we ranked ?
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    Our odds look good but time will tell...GMG
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    He & Keith Wooden were a nice combo in the post.
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    so is beating the #10 team in the nation...it goes both ways
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    McCasland's team's pattern of starting hot and faltering late is worth keeping an eye on. Concerning to me.
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    guys, I'm pretty sure we can replace the 3 receptions for 29 yards he had last year. Hopefully for him this was a good separation and i wish him nothing but the best, but acting like we just lost a superstar in the making, im not convinced.
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    losing to california baptist (2-9) doesn't help...
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    Cole McCrary is an interesting player to watch. He was really raw out of high school but after a year in the system and in the weight room I want to see what he can do.
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    The first three games were for seeding placement for the actual tournament, which started Saturday evening. We were 0-3 and were the last place seed and matched up to play the first place seed 3-0 ULL...and won to get to the championship. We went into the championship 1-3 and beat Kent St to go 2-3 and won the trophy. Rick
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    Sounds viable to me...we will really miss him...hope he stays to finish out the season.
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    1. You were talking about next year, so I did mean Miller and Duffy who are seniors. McCasland is a defense first coach, I don't think he is ever going to have a team that consistently lights it up. 2. You assume that the reason that McCasland goes with a small lineup is because he doesn't have quality bigs. I think that is to be determined, I think it is just as likely that he prefers a 4 guard lineup. 3. It is obvious that everyone wants that quality big man, there are just not a lot of them out there. Plus why would he want to play for McCasland with his demonstrated passion for small ball and the outside game. 4. So McCasland goes into next year with a solid guard rotation of Woolridge, Draper, Gibson and Smart. Add in Johnson and Wise, who both look like very promising recruits. J. Simmons is basically playing forward in a guards' body and Z. Simmons who could develop into a special player. He then has 3 almost unknown tall players including one who is listed as a guard and another who's known as a distance shooter. What this team needs most is a rim protector and rebounder. None of the redshirt freshmen or Alcindor seem to be that type of player. I predict McCasland will sign a guard and a post player, and maybe one other big if he clears a spot which is likely. McCasland is a defense first coach, so look for defensive forwards without great offensive skills which he maybe able to sign. I don't think your ultimatum at the end is really true. Unless he has a disastrous next year, I don't see NT making any coaching moves.
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    After an undefeated weekend in the Mean Green classic, the North Texas softball team (10-4) competed in the Baylor invitational in Waco and won the invitational championship against Kent State View Full Article
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    Whether we win our next three or lose our next three, Mccasland cannot sit by and feel like our win total alone is enough to warrant running it back with this roster next year. This team needs offense and quality size and we only have two scholarships left to do that.
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    Old Denton scheduling. https://youtu.be/-ATHw1_bia8
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    Just before first pitch of the championship game of the Baylor tournament this morning our softball gals prove that it’s actually possible to do a unified chant that not only has a unified beginning...but most importantly an ENDING!!!! Yes........an ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew that it was ever possible? Rick
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    This team is like a cheap suit, looks good at the beginning, but the quality sucks.
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    I wonder what the Alumni Assc. would charge for that bus ride?
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    Not quite. He came on in Mac's last year and redshirt in 2015. I have no actual info, but my speculation is that the new coaching staff may have not been interested in him or vice versa. From everything I've seen and read, hes a great athlete, so I am disappointed. Reeder likes TEs, so this move really surprises me considering how few we have on the roster unless there was something else behind the scenes that we are unaware of.
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    I don’t buy that one bit. If he gets the squad that he really wants, I do expect it to be a relatively high scoring team. Not a team that’s leading the nation or even conference in points, but a team that is efficient offensively and is cracking 80 fairly routinely. That’s what we were between the beginning of our CBI run and through the first 16 games of the year. That’s what he wants to be. Not a team that sacrifices offense for defense. I don’t assume that. Mccasland only had one player above 6’4” in his rotation at Arkansas State as well. I get that’s what he does and I’ve spent a lot of time explaining that to people on here this year. But even in a “four-guard lineup” you would still prefer quality size. The point of a four-guard lineup is not to have a smaller lineup than the other team. The point is to put as much skill as you can on the floor. If Mccasland could get a 6’7” player who shoots as well as Gibson (bad example after yesterday) he would. So when I say quality size, I don’t mean get a bunch of 6’10” guys. I mean get at least one player who has the size, length, and strength to rebound and defend the four spot, but can also adequately stretch the floor from the four spot, and get at least one person who the coaches can trust at the five behind Simmons. And also someone who could play both, ideally. I.e. someone 6’7”ish who can rebound well and shoot well enough to play the four next to a five like Zach Simmons. Someone like Colin Voss I think would be nice to have off the bench in this scheme. We still play big men. It’s not a five-guard lineup. That’s no excuse. A good recruiting coach could get a decent five here, even in a primarily four-guard lineup. Zach Simmons is a very involved player in our offense as a passer, rim roller, and even in back-to-the-basket plays. A good big would play here plenty and be very involved as well. And a good recruiting coach could spell that out fairly easily. I don’t feel comfortable with that group, and wouldn’t consider that a solid guard rotation heading into the season. If you’re starting Gibson and Smart then you have no established bench scorer. I really would prefer Draper towards the end of the bench. A capable player but the more he has been forced to play, the less successful we have been. Not terrible, just don’t want to have to bank on him. And as for Jalen Jackson and Larry Wise, they are promising but their shooting abilities are concerning. Wise does not have a smooth looking stroke and Jackson is shooting 21% from three and 66% from the line this season, according to MaxPreps. As of now I don’t feel comfortable in those guys and Draper being our top bench scoring options. That’s planning very dangerously imo. I think all of those players are worthy of scholarships, I just don’t think it’s playing the percentages smartly to have those be your top bench players. Jahmiah Simmons has been an absolute liability offensively this year, particularly in conference play. Mccasland seems to like him but I really think we need more options at the four next year than just him and Mohamed, which is what it looks like for now. He seems to be recruiting this position with offers like Trey Wade out there. Agreed. We desperately need a rim protector. Zach Simmons isn’t even really a great rim protector. But we need someone off the bench who can be at least a decent rim protector when Zach Simmons is out. This roster is in no shape to be filling our last spots with players who lack offensive skill. Losing Miller and Duffy and replacing them with poor shooters who are limited offensively is a recipe for a lot more games like the last four we have played. Not sure how you interpreted me saying “that’s on him. It’s his responsibility to figure it out” as an ultimatum or a suggestion at a coaching change. I’m just saying he needs to be held responsible for the roster and if it isn’t good enough next year, that’s on him. And based on what he is getting paid, we can’t just give him a pass simply because he is doing better than the previous regime.
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    Ah hell no? What happened? This is a tough loss for the team!
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    I think the loss of JUCO’s hurts the big boys more. All the JUCO players who have top shelf talent AND grades get snatched up by P5’s as depth.
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    It's just one "L" but that's OK. Some have referred to me as "Phil the Thrill" - there's no reason to get into that here...
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    I was really hoping that he would. 😢
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    Probably a coincidence and due to factors out of coaching staff control. Conference Play First Half vs. Second Half 2016-17 ASU 7-2/4-5 2017-18 UNT 5-4/3-6 2018-19 UNT 6-3/2-4
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    Started 18-6....finished 20-12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016–17_Arkansas_State_Red_Wolves_men's_basketball_team
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    did coach mac have an end of season collapse at ark state, because he had one here last year and seems to be having on this season. I like him as a coach but its starting to become a pattern
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    See what happens when we play Alcindor!
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    Well we can put the theory that the coaches are redshirting Alcindor to bed.
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    Good. Those kids are paid too much already! Can you believe they want to raise the minimum wage to 27 cents, calling it a “living wage.” Ha, just wait until they’re replaced by a kiosk.
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    6’ 2” 190 lbs. Not rated yet 247 is not reporting any other offers at this time. https://247sports.com/Player/Dylan-Robinson-46058559/
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    Here's my take. Some places, NY Sub Hub for one, add character to university campuses and should be saved while other crap holes, IHOP, should be gone yesterday. I really wish there was a way to save the location because these are the places that make schools unique.
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    Dude is demonstratively wealthy per his own post. Obviously he can afford to add a vehicle annually.
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    The good news is I guess there is a chance of getting the players back on the court this season. McCasland is downplaying the situation and of course they are not going to give out any real injury information. Right now NT is a horrible situation, continue on using 6 players and risk losing another due to no game rest or remove redshirts for very few games. McCasland is probably making the right move because the team is not going to win without Woolridge and the others anyway, even burning some redshirts.

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