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  1. I follow this online community regularly and find it extremely entertaining because I love DFW sports discussion and everybody seems to be super smart. When something falls into my wheelbarrow like college basketball arenas, I lend my expertise. You're welcome. I've probably seen 100-plus games at The Pit, and it's fine. But think about what has happened over the past...I don't know...eight years? Arlington spends $80 million on a new arena. It wasn't long after that when SMU announced a $42 million renovation to Moody, which turned out to be amazing. They went from 8,600 seats or so to 7,000
  2. Probably a coincidence and due to factors out of coaching staff control. Conference Play First Half vs. Second Half 2016-17 ASU 7-2/4-5 2017-18 UNT 5-4/3-6 2018-19 UNT 6-3/2-4
  3. It won't be much of a game at all. UTA has Hervey and Neal, and they just got a 7-foot graduate transfer shot blocker from Virginia Tech.
  4. Wow, that looks very similar to the first five years of J. Jones tenure at UNT. 2001-02 15-14 8-7 4th (West) 2002-03 7-21 2-13 6th (West) 2003-04 13-15 8-7 3rd (West) 2004-05 14-14 6-9 T4 (West) 2005-06 14-14 6-9 T4 (West) 2006-07 23-11 10-8 3rd (West)
  5. What about Mark Slessinger at New Orleans? He just won a regular season title and has his squad in the Southland title game. It must be terribly difficult to recruit there with LSU and Tulane, and he won a conference title at a program that almost dropped down to D-III before school administrators came to their senses.
  6. It's hard to say if he's a bad coach, but the results certainly aren't there. Somebody pointed out a while ago that it took Johnny Jones a few years to win consistently. But along the way, there were flashes of greatness and signs of progress. Right now, there aren't either of those, and that's not acceptable. If he finishes in the top four in conference and wins 18 games this year, which is still possible, he should probably get another year because that's obvious progress. If this year turns out to be just like last, you have to find somebody else.
  7. "A friend who has not attended a game in years, after watching us play UTA said "NT had better athletes, but they are better coached." This comment is just absurd. New to the board. Thanks for all the warm welcomes to come. I was at the UNT-UTA game. Combs is the only player on UNT's roster who would start for UTA. That might change when Frazier comes aboard, but for now, the Mean Green simply lacks talent. It's not a coaching problem. Shooting guard hits 32 percent from long range against pretty average to below average competition so far. Point guard can't shoot and turns the ball over
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