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    UNT will be trailing at the half, but coming out of the tunnel mid way through the 3rd quarter will be Jeffrey Wilson, riding on the back Bryce English, riding on the back of Raveon Hoston, which will catch FAU by surprise and spark a UNT rally for the victory. If these events occur as I have described them, and I have no reason to believe that they won't, I believe they will be the key to the game and UNT will win.
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    What are your 3 keys to success? 1 - UNT run game hits 200+ yards 2 - Hold FAU to under 150 yards rushing 3 - UNT +3 in the TO category
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    The L&R manager just called & the school called & said that we would have 60 there!! I'm glad they are supporting us promote this game broadcast💚
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    This game simply boils down to our defense or lack thereof.
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    Yep, resigns immediately. Will not coach the regular season finale or bowl game. Hearing 7.5 million per year and a 10-year contract. TEN YEAR contract. Texas AM is dumb as a box of rocks. Want to get someone to not work hard and strive for greatness? Get a retread coach and give him a 40 or 50 million dollar buyout. Kind of a side not, but I have been against paying players since the beginning. Now, considering the rise in coaching contracts and gaudy overpriced facility upgrades...I say pay the players and pay all of them. Bring in contracts, agents, endorsements, etc. and drain these money grubbing financially arrogant universities for as many dimes as one can.
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    I believe we were technically eliminated from playoff contention in preseason 2014.
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    At the airport in Phoenix in my Mean Green gear... Flying PHX-HOU-FLL... Hope there's some Mean Green faithful on the HOU-FLL flight! I'll be in an aisle seat. GMG
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    I have got a thought: Remember the haiku days? We should start again
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    That's their new branding scheme. Looks kinda like a flaccid penis on their helmets if you don't look very closely.
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    Our defense will surprise a number of people tomorrow, most notably, the FAU offense.
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    I suggest someone watch for Kiffin to raise his head towards the video board to key when a run is coming.
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    A single three-and-out might be what does UNT in. I see the game playing out very similar to the Army game.
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    None of these will happen, unfortunately. Mason needs to be timely and hit his receivers in stride for a chance at this one.
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    Weren't we in on this guy for a long time during his original H.S. recruitment? Maybe this ace recruiter knows him well enough to convince him to come on back like he did? Think this guy, this guy, or this guy would like to move closer to home? This guy & this guy may be out of our range (Freshman All-Americans last year), but maybe they'd like to come home & play with a former H.S. teammate? Think this current NT commit could convince this guy or this guy to come over to NT?
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    Turner Smiley will suit up in a North Texas uniform for the 47th time Saturday morning in Boca Raton, Florida. As the only player on the offense to appear in View Full Article
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    actually, President McConnell use to tweet about UNT athletics pretty often.
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    Let it go people. Prior to Smatresk, when was the last time a UNT President tweeted anything Athletics related?
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    First game got out of hand real quick, and we never recovered. I have a feeling there will be some pretty disappointed FAU fans come 2 pm or so tomorrow afternoon. It will be pretty cool celebrating a conference championship on your turf though. 👀🐸☕️
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2017/12/01/friday-qa-chuck-king-fauowlaccess
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    Phillip Fulmer? Wow. The Alabama whistle blower returns. I had no idea the dude still had clout at UT. I thought he was run out of Knoxville via torches & pitchforks... Tell Deondre Francois we’ll take him at UNT.
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    @Harry, has the beat writer for an opponent ever interviewed you?
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    I've taken my kid to East Side many times -- until she started to actually score goals against me in foosball. Then I cut her off. General rule of thumb at East Side and Oak Street is kids out by 9 p.m.
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    Also not a huge fan of the Allen watch party... Probably just because I don't like Fuzzy's tacos. Wonder if they'd let me bring in some Rusty Taco.
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    We have 100% confirmed that we won't see a surprise appearance by Mr. English tomorrow, right?
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    This. A 3-3-5 is not built to stop a power running game, but to use TCU as an example, it can stop a team that is trying to run out of a spread type formation. One problem with us is our 3-3-5 is predictable and a bigger problem is we don't have the hybrid players like TCU to make it unpredictable and successful. We barely have players on defense that can do one thing at a high level. We will need hybrid players that can blitz, stop the run and tackle in space, have a high IQ and play recognition, speed, and the ability to cover to pull off a successful 3-3-5.
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    Short of Reffett pulling a Briles-esque move where he completely revamped his entire offense before the bowl game against UNC, I don't see how this 3-3-5 is going to stop FAU's run game. So, my key to this game is to bring a completely different defense than we've seen all year. Short of that, we must score on every single possession....and that still may not be enough.
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    I don’t know, Michael had Fredo shot. If Lane gets another job, it is always an option.
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    3 Keys for a UNT victory: Defense actually show up to play a football game. Offense actually show up to play a football game. Special Teams actually show up to play a football game. I believe that will happen. The team will be extremely focused.
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    Gotta imagine he will make the Mean Green Hall of Fame.
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    They are showing the game and just confirmed they will have sound.
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    Possibly. I think the first half, particularly the 1st quarter, is of high importance. If we either 1) Come out and stymie their offense early and/or 2) Put up points quickly then it sets a tone for the game and let's FAU know that UNT is here to win.
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    Nursing A Horrible Hangover from celebrating a Mean Green Conference Championship too hard!
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    No surprise at being the underdog. Good material for Littrell to use. If we could pull off the upset people and recruits would certainly look at UNT as a top G5 program.
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    😂😂😂hilarious...just like the score is going to be. In all seriousness, don’t waste your money. Save it for the Pullen Weed Eater Bowl in Nowhereville, AR.
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    @KRAM1 Not sure anyone is paying much attention of UNT basketball right now. I mean you can rattle off all the checks in the box you want, but when we lose to the likes of UT-PQEURNTEIV (looks like Canada's new term for LGBT), not many folks will pay attention. This paired with the current success of the football program makes basketball just a blip on the radar right now. *Last night was promising though. 4 or 5 turnovers in a 2 or 3 minute stretch under the 8 minute mark vs a good basketball team can't happen. We looked competitive and poised to make a CUSA run up to about that point last night.
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    He speaks the truth. I don't see how we don't rush for 200+ yards.
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    Still more than FAU can stir up. I did hear that FAU was handing out free buffet coupons to the local Luby's to entice the more "mature" citizens of Florida to stop by. This is why the game is early, so they can get to Luby's by 4:00pm. Creative marketing at its finest.

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