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  1. Why? no more slants? running against a dline that is whooping our ass? not putting Darden in space? This is the same s#%t as latech.
  2. Look at Vandy’s roster and signees. This kid may not see the field on D.
  3. 5 reasons why our future is bright... 1. Great leadership in place! 2. Great... young QB. 3. Skill positions building on 2017. 4. English and Hambone! 5. Primary coaches headed into year 3. What are your 5?
  4. If you believe in the athletic fee increase benefits... below is a link to help spread the good word. May take a minute out of your day to help student athletes and the value of a UNT degree. http://www.meangreensports.com/athleticfee/
  5. What are your 3 keys to success? 1 - UNT run game hits 200+ yards 2 - Hold FAU to under 150 yards rushing 3 - UNT +3 in the TO category
  6. Many teams on our schedule lost key players (qbs), coaches and as many have stated we have the tougher teams in our house this year. I'm bullish SL will move the O into the 21st century. Our D and ST have been okay when they have confidence they won't be on the field for 80% of the game. I like the talent on the team and the group of coaches we have now is far above what I've seen in the 00's. I think our fan base will help energize the coaches and the team. Football and our UNT status is certainly "a network effect".
  7. This is an easy one. UNT>Tulsa - 9x the students, 52% women, best offensive coordinator in college is our new head coach, near Dallas and Fort Worth, professional sports are close and a great school.
  8. The quote and the kid are near-sighted. I have degrees from A&M, UNT and Stanford. I had my best days at UNT. I also know now that without my strong foundation from UNT I would not have the other degrees. There is a place for everyone. If this kid feels as though maroon is his favorite color, so be it. I do agree with the comments earlier that we at UNT can be our own worst enemies. It's an awesome place, be proud.
  9. And THIS! Brandin Byrd (@BByrdUNT) 1/20/16, 1:41 PM #UNTouchable #SoarWithTheMeanGreen pic.twitter.com/e1pztXRCey
  10. Didn't help McCaffrey until his bowl game.
  11. Go to @3tech_finesse and click like on this tweet to get him to UNT next to Bryce, Mr. Young and our other DT studs. @3tech_finesse needa make that move up here
  12. From @BeGreatEight Dear recruits, Only reason Miami became "The U" is because all their talent wanted to stay home and turn a program around together.... Truth Trice
  13. I enjoy reading all of the post on this site. IMO a way to help our university out at this moment is to retweet or click like on kids posting about UNT offers or UNT interest (Twitter posts). These kids need to feel like their choices are validated or simply need time to learn more about our coaches and what UNT has to offer. One click is easy and doesn't interfere with recruiting. Thoughts? Up for the challenge (those of you not doing this today)?
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