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    Does that mean they are thinking about upping it or prolonging it already? It was a decent improvement this season, but given the recruiting that seems a bit early. I would much rather they discuss the contract of Benfords successor. On the other hand, I am happy the track thing seems to be moving along.
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    I like this one. He was Ruffin's DL coach and Ruffin knows the DL.
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    MGB: Discussion of budget and scope of new track venue also on agenda http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2017/02/unt-regents-to-discuss-littrells-contract.html/
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    man. you grown. you gotta proofread, brah.
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    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the color/lighting profile on this image is darker than it should be. @TheWestie can confirm.
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    what does it matter anymore. WB wasted this year dithering and evaluating, might as let the dumpster fire finish off now, just do not complain when the crowds do not return for the next year even with a new coach. UNT Administration showed they were absolutely fine with letting Benford completely destroy MBB.
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    SMU receiving the death penalty...again
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    Like the hire. Welcome to Denton and UNT Coach Yellock.
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    So basically: I'm just glad he's alive, let alone able to play football!
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    Similar to the smash n grab jobs from the coaches we've hired?
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    Only clue found at the scene was an extra large suit. Appears to be unworn.
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    This game again shows, that there is talent and the team isn-t actually as bad as the record. If it had a coach that knew how to teach it how to finish, win in tight situations and close out teams, it could actually have a decentish record.
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    DD recruited better than those that came after him but lets not act like he was a good recruiter. He just sucked the least.
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    Kelly green is the official color. http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/44518592/list/color-of-the-week-kelly-green
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    But, is every shade of green "mean?"
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    Actually, I think it was a return to the official color of the university.
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    Damned if he doesn't look like Geraldo Rivera's brother!
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    All of it is irrelevant because North Texas gets what North Texas gets. What each coach has done with what North Texas gets is the only thing that differentiates one from the other: -Dickey won four titles and had four bowl appearances. -Dodge, neither. -McCarney, no titles, one bowl. -Littrell, no title (yet), one bowl (so far)
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    DD also didn't have to recruit against as many FCS schools in Texas. He was a good Sun Belt coach, but played not to win in OOC games and his record shows that.