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    Mods can move if they wish, but when any of our teams are playing for conference championships, it should get football board publicity. Opponent is Middle Tennessee. Double Header Saturday beginning at 1pm. Game 3 on Sunday at noon. If NT wins all three it is guaranteed the CUSA regular season championship and #1 seed in the conference tournament by virtue of its head to head tiebreaker with La Tech. We need to pack the stadium this weekend with fans. Even if you haven't paid the least bit of attention to softball so far this year, make a point to go out and support. If you demand big time wins before supporting a team, well this team has them. Two top 25 wins including one over a top 10 team (and that team is STILL in the top 10 today). Almost certainly the biggest series in the history of NT softball. Let's pack the stadium for it. GMG!
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    This is the first pass of the paint scheme for a cornhole game that I am making. Looking construct it this weekend. I will post photos when I am finished.
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    Decided to get some different angles of the IPF today to obtain a sense of how it changes the Eagle Point skyline.
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    Guyton signed by Dallas.
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    It’s unbelievable how large the structure is. It’s going to look very impressive from I-35. Rick
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    It seems we always talk about the future contract of Littrell and how much we're going to pay the next coach etc etc, but I think at this point, extending/giving a raise to Wren Baker should be the number 1 priority on Smatresk's list. After Softball captured a conference title with yet another one of Wren Baker's hires, the proof is in the pudding to me. Maybe I'm still a bit jaded because a monkey humping a doorknob would be more effective than RV, but Baker has been next level in comparison. This guy is a bonafied AD and I'm of the mindset that we should be doing everything necessary to keep him. Just a thought I had after this year's string of success
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    Bunch of battered wives are we
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    My favorite quote in the article is this: “I coach great kids who do the work,” DeLong said. “I like this place and want to coach here a long time.”
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    NDSU fan here. You will not be disappointed with Geu. Dude works hard and has some nice post moves. Can hit an occasional 3. Not a bad defender and has ability to guard players bigger or smaller than him. Sad to see him leave, as I really thought he deserved more playing time.
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    Luckily, we have Jared Mosley as well. He was extremely successful at ACU, and has probably only gotten better under Wren's leadership. I think we're in good hands either way
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/source-former-unt-kicker-cole-hedlund-signs-with-colts/article_dc4a6486-d8cb-58c8-afbc-f1f4e165e396.html
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    https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/05/14/ranking-all-the-fbs-starting-quarterbacks-in-texas?ref=article_preview_title the article coming from Dave Campbell has got to give a huge boost to Masons story.
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    I didn't mind that. He seemed engaged with his group and was able to captivate them. Didn't like the shorts and what not, but I am sure his band loved it. Never met the guy, but from afar he seems like a genuine good dude.
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    Great for Cole. I am stilled surprised that Trevor Moore never caught on with a team.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/five-unt-breakout-candidates-for-fall/article_6b174707-2806-5d84-b406-d36ca226759a.html
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    Almost finished product
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    How did you mf’ers miss me??
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    Deandre Torrey is trending up. Worth a look. https://swcroundup.com/news/2019/4/30/playmakers-deandre-torrey
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    Andrew you are a great fan but some of these posts are head scratchers my friend. Did Benford ever sign a quality guy from Guyer? I’ll hang up and listen. This cycle Grant has literally landed our second highest rated recruit of the past decade, a nationally ranked JuCo point guard and a key player from a NCAA tourney team.
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    You should have said "Where is Jake Fromm".
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    DRC: Win marks another milestone in growth of program under Rodney DeLong https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/softball-unt-clinches-share-of-c-usa-title-with-win/article_1e9f2e67-ac04-5bf3-826b-86872397736b.html
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    I may have gone a bit crazy this weekend, but once the paint had dried I will have Conehole, yard jengia, washers, tic tac toe, yard yahtzee, and a ladder toss all painted in North Texas livery. I will say the 3.5"x3.5" dice have been a pain to paint but sanding all the 2x4 jenga pieces has been a royal pain in the ass. I will post photos once complete.
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    Congrats to Mr. Waters, & if any of our 5 guys recently signed as UDFAs need any additional encouragement, they need look no further.
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    I really hope, who ever the backup is, they let him get game time experience this year.
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    Looks like a farmers market.
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    G5 teams willing to get worked over like this make it all the tougher to get teams like UT to come to Apogee. UTSA deserves to get beat by 50 points every game.
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    Nice of UT to work with their stepdaughter program like that.
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    DRC: First of our annual two-part series https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/reasons-for-optimism-about-north-texas-heading-into-the-fall/article_533693b5-1f20-5874-8333-fd2e4d75baa8.html
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    DRC: Javion Hamlet and James Reese both committed to UNT on Sunday https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/breaking----unt-lands-commitment-from-juco-point/article_694e25eb-d673-575a-bbc1-439d119b4d59.html
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    Passed away this morning. Great man. http://www.deberryfuneraldirectors.com/obituary/dwain-bean
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    Baltimore has a lot of love for North Texas after Zach Orr really came on the scene.
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    ...saw this on Instagram. Wish we would break out these great looking uniforms at least once a year! #classic #collegiate
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    First thing positive out of MacLeod's office in.....forever. CUSA-NFL Partnership From the CUSA fan board.
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    Nope. I have a problem with each of the things you listed, and think that having college athletics and demanding accountability are not mutually exclusive. It really isn’t that complex.
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    Solid? God we are getting spoiled.
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    https://www.dallascowboys.com/news/scout-s-eye-how-is-k-moore-using-the-rookies?sf212533013=1&fbclid=IwAR202gr_VFD6V93T4so-AllVUnfs0DMoGOtTwFAg_dZOyNbw80zSl75E4ds Finally got to see some receivers catching the ball during the team period in the afternoon practice. Jalen Guyton lined up as the “X” receiver and executed a nice slant route as Phillip Nelson put the ball right on him in stride. It was those types of in-breaking routes by Guyton that allowed him to shine in college while at North Texas. Guyton is so natural receiving the ball on the move.
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    Dan McCarney- Mixing his buyout checks with grey goose
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    It’s very possible that you will never like the construction of a Mccasland UNT roster
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    I agree with all this. . . . But if he goes to SMU, he is dead to me.
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    Yes, we split our doubleheader today, but La Tech lost at USM. If NT wins tomorrow at noon we win our first conference championship and get the #1 seed for the conference tournament. I can almost feel the collective eye roll from those that only peruse this football board, but when our teams are having success they deserve support. It’s time to jump on the bandwagon. I HIGHLY encourage you to make it out at noon tomorrow. Today was a blast and now we control our own destiny with only one game left.
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    He should stay at UNT for one more year. Take graduate courses. He will regret leaving college if he moves on. College was the best 7 years of my life. Fun times.

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