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    Glad my alma mater finally made it into my tournament...now go on and win the CBL championship!
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    I remember when our participation in the CBI was announced, some questioned if the $40000 paid was money well spent on a lower tier tournament. Thank God the administration invested in this tourney. The extra playing time, practice time, home games with boosted attendance, the return of Duffy, and a chance to win a championship have been invaluable. Not to mention that we can expect boosted attendance next season due to the new winning ways and "fun" style of bball. Without the CBI, we would not have any of this and would have ended the season on a bummer.
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    My daughter wanted a pic with everyone. We had the best time. The team and the staff did a fantastic job creating a fun, exciting, and family friendly environment. Dilly Dilly!
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    Everyone wants to be a part of the winning. Just goes to show what real winning can do for any program regardless of the state of the program of fan base.
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    NCAA Tournament anytime over the CBI. I'd take a NIT Championship over a NCAA appearance though.
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    Bunch of whining in here. I have had more contact from the school and AD this year than in any year from the past 20... And probably more than just the last 5 years combined. Quit the pessimism
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    Yeah got my Master's in 2015, and was a manager with the MBB program for the 14-15 season under Coach Benford.
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    Does CBS 11 have a lot of UNT grads working there? I see we get more love from CBS11 than any other channel.
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    You mean when Clinton left with a republican congress? ...but the Obama administration tripling the dept gets a pass from you, right? At least I try and hold BOTH sides of the aisle accountable. I'm sick of it from all of them. That's all I'm saying. The GOP ran as conservatives, then acted like Libs. They'll pay for it in November, and they should. Rick
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    Remember who won the CBI in 2015
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    7 of 8 of those were by George "The Archer" King, who I brought to the Jacksonville State game the other night. He kept saying..."I sure would have loved to have played in an offense like this". Rick
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    I think Gonzaga realizes that playing in a better league will help them more down the road when it comes to getting at-large bids. The screw job St. Mary’s has gotten twice as an at-large team has really been eye-opening to just how weak the rest of the WCC is perceived to be. Unless BYU has a decent team, nobody else gets much respect or attention.
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    I really hope they can get the ball in Guyton’s hands at least 8-10 times a game
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    There will be more reaction from North Texas Spring Game on CBS 11 News at 10pm (Should hit around 10:38pm)
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    He isn't ready and is under qualified for that spot. This has shaken the HS coaching ranks.
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    Positives.... O-line looks to be improved. I am not as concerned about them as I was at this time last season. Fine looks healthy and sharp. He has good chemistry with the receivers. I think we can continue to throw on most teams. Negatives... Our defense continues to worry me. When starters were on the field and everyone was serious, our D couldn't make plays. Tackling looked bad on too many plays. The secondary seems the weakest part of our defense...again. I don't believe we have a running back in on our team that can replace Wilson. In all honesty, I don't believe the platoon philosophy will be able to replace Wilson's production either. Our kicking game needs to get much better. We are probably still waiting for some late transfers and we have a long time before next season, so I'm not worried yet.
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    That was more of the defense making a mistake than the kid making a play. Seems like confusion over who had outside contain.
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    That's the thing, he's going to have to better shooting the ball from 18 feet and in. His FTs will need work as well. But athletically kid is pretty gifted.
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    I refuse to be cocky about this. I know they couldn't keep up with the speed/shooting we've demonstrated thus far, I just worry that at some point we'll get gassed and/or shooting simmers down. Hope it's not next week.
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    This is very true. How many of you: Have friends and family that are certain you are the biggest Mean Green fan EVER Find it as almost a novelty that you follow the team "You have season tickets?!" "You go to Every game??!" Ask you about the team with almost a smirk on their face
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    Until very, very recently, Athletics has been treated with disdain by the BOR and administration. He faculty hated its existence, mostly, so it easily spread to The student body/alumni. And the previous AD was lazy as hell, but kept his job for 15 years because he stayed in his meager budget every year and never complained about the lack of funding. Everything was all about cost...known costs, not opportunity costs. Thankfully, it appears that this line of thinking is finally changing at the top, so it will filter down accordingly.
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    Interesting article North Texas is mentioned as well as UTEP, UTSA and Rice. https://mwwire.com/2018/03/19/a-16-team-mountain-west-maybe/
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    Don't like the early start to Spring ball, but it gets me pumped nevertheless. I was not able to attend unfortunately. Out of town. Can someone give a little more in depth analysis of today...No offense @Brett Vito. #GMG
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    No, but I don't think that there are many defenses that can dominate our offense; especially our second team defense. They did seem to improve as the scrimmage wore on but it appears that our offense is so good that many times when the defense was covering they were still able to make the play. Recognition seemed good but one cause for concern was broken tackles. We have some backs and receivers that if you don't wrap up, they'll get additional yardage or even break clear. To me, this defense seems a little quicker and will become even more so this fall when more speed arrives. Also, I'm still waiting to see English and hoping that he'll be both a dominant player and a spiritual leader for the defense this coming season.
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    Random thought but I wonder if we've ever considered painting the rest of the end zone Kelly green instead of keeping the "natural" green of the turf.
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    Rico did look thicker. novil put up solid stats. Hope he can have a breakout year. Missed out on Siggers, and RJ Reynolds. They were 2 kids I wanted to watch. Agree on the White, Rico, Guyton Package. I would love to see us get Guyton in motion and run him on drags to help him beat press. I’m still dreaming of them adding Shorter to the White, Rico, Guyton group.
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    Part of me is surprised, just because the WCC hasn't seemed to really hold Gonzaga back. They've made four straight Sweet 16s and played in the National Title game last year. However, the MWC is generally a stronger league.
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    I'll always take winning over losing. But going into a tournament, you never know what's going to happen.
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    Athletic Director reassigned. This is where TD or Lineweaver end up.
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    DRC: UNT's offense shows explosive abilities http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/24/unts-offense-shows-explosive-potential-spring-game Notebook: UNT's defense recovers after slow start http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/24/notebook-unt-players-coaches-encouraged-rebound-part-defense
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    Mike Law was out due to injury as was Jaelen Darden. Torrey did look good but I thought all the RBs showed a little something. Hosley had some nice runs as did the kid from SFA.
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    He certainly could do that. And hopefully he learned a valuable lesson from his father's unsuccessful trajectory toward a college coaching career. The correct order is: Successful high school H.C. --> college assistant --> college coordinator --> college H.C. --> win
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    It is a place for people who either are ready to buy into wide-eyed groupspeak nonsense or are willing to proclaim it despite knowing it’s nonsense. And I’m not talking about the actual spiritual stuff. All that sadness we read about Liberty and shutting down the naysayers; Liberty didn’t invent that.
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    Who was the "bonehead" that expanded CUSA into Florida(FAU, FIU), and then ODU and Charlotte. The "major markets" idea guru. Stupid.
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    It could get a little chippy. Here is a sneak preview of Eagles vs. Dons:
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    There is absolutely no doubt RV hid the numbers. When Cerebrus posted the article that showed we had increased membership by something like 764 in the MGC 2014, he figured out that we had gotten less than 1% of alumni in that 12 year time frame to join. That s almost impossible to do, unless you just aren't trying--which we now know he wasn't. RV knew that the BOR and administration didn't care, they just didn't want the thing costing money more than what they allocated. As costs still kept going up, he got 17 people to fund his extra stuff by selling them on "access". It took some time, but eventually, the right hire (i.e. Smatresk) finally corrected the multitude of wrong hires and wrong decisions that had been made under RV's watch. Wren Baker is breath of fresh air. He knows he has the full backing of Neal Smatresk. And Seth Littrell and Grant McCasland are the fruits of making legitimately good hires. And, no, RV had nothing to do with Littrell's hire. I really think the future here is about as bright as it can be for our athletic programs. Yes, we are still below where I believe we need to be, conference-wise, and there may not be anything we can do about it, to be frank. SMU keeps us from AAC membership. Who knows what ends up happening with TCU in the future, but the MWC could easily be their home in the years ahead when the Big XII GOR expires. If that happens, and we don't get into the AAC or MWC or whatever league comes from the remainder of the Big XII, I am not sure what that means. But, for now, for the next 5 years, in my opinion, things look really promising here. An we haven't said that about both main revenue sports, simultaneously, in forever. And it might just be what keeps us in the highest level of FBS play in the years ahead when the future culling occurs.
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    I think Tope will surprise alot of folks by next year. Kid is still pretty Green to the game of basketball. I like how strong Tope is around the rim. We need Simmons to adopt that same approach to the weight room.
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    Update, he may come to the game next week with me. Depending on what day we play at home. No, this isn't a recruiting violation because we have a previous relationship.
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    I think an impact 'newcomer' is already on campus. Umoj Gibson is going to be cutting into Woolridge's time next year if he recovers from his ankle injury OK. He's a really nice player.
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    What is our problem? My opinion? Most people who go to UNT don't own that they went to UNT. Our alumni as a whole are disengaged from the university. If you look at our overall university donations I would assume they are in the same place. For many many many years, no one has really given an S about UNT. I have family that went to UNT that don't ever speak of UNT unless I bring it up. I have friends who transferred into UNT from P5 schools that they attended for 1 year and still don't consider them selves a UNT mean green. It's the culture of the university, I don't know that it's specifically a problem within the AD. We are turning around the AD side of things.
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    When Baylor gets left behind, it will be well-deserved. They probably were always going to be left behind, but the image of their institution valuing wins over values, while being a Baptist school, is just sickening. As a reminder, this is a place that has allowed: A coverup of a murdered basketball player by another basketball player, attempting to make dead player a drug dealer, all to coverup players being paid by the coach... Their best basketball player, LaceDarius Dunn, punch his girlfriend in the face and breaking her jaw, only to suspend him for a few OOC games against absolute spares... Criminals being brought in all to win games because they were so bad for so long... Having local media/authorities bury ANY leads about the rapes/violence occurring on campus...to the point that Texas Monthly uncovered everything (point not lost that this publication is a UT rag and Baylor was at the top of the conference when this occurred)
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    I'd rather see several other projects completed before a new b-ball arena though. Tennis still needs a Center court, upgrades at ALL facilities on the old Liberty campus. Upgrades to the Athletics Center (especially the weightroom & lockerroom). Heck, I'd rather see baseball started up before a new b-ball arena.
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    Life without Wilson Everyone knew redshirt sophomore running back Nic Smith would be cast as the primary back heading into this spring. He did not get many snaps on Saturday, finishing with 13 yards on two carries. His fellow backs, meanwhile, combined for 3.98 yards per carry and were contained for the majority of the game. Losing Jeffery Wilson obviously changes the complexion of the offense, but the three backs in Smith and sophomores DeAndre Torrey and Evan Johnson looked able to provide the necessary depth for this offense in the backfield even if they are missing the home run hitting of Wilson. Defense closing the gap After getting lit up on three of the first four drives of the game for huge touchdowns, the defense settled in and shut down the offense, not allowing a score for eight straight possessions. Every quarterback had a shot at them in those possessions, but the ability of sophomore safety Tyreke Davis along with the seasoned defensive line of juniors LaDarius Hamilton and Ulaiasi Tauaalo and senior Roderick Young made for a lengthy stand. Last season the defense was the talking point when it came to deficiencies of that team, this could be the start of closing the gap for defensive coordinator Troy Reffett and company. View Full Article

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