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    Yeah got my Master's in 2015, and was a manager with the MBB program for the 14-15 season under Coach Benford.
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    Positives.... O-line looks to be improved. I am not as concerned about them as I was at this time last season. Fine looks healthy and sharp. He has good chemistry with the receivers. I think we can continue to throw on most teams. Negatives... Our defense continues to worry me. When starters were on the field and everyone was serious, our D couldn't make plays. Tackling looked bad on too many plays. The secondary seems the weakest part of our defense...again. I don't believe we have a running back in on our team that can replace Wilson. In all honesty, I don't believe the platoon philosophy will be able to replace Wilson's production either. Our kicking game needs to get much better. We are probably still waiting for some late transfers and we have a long time before next season, so I'm not worried yet.
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    That was more of the defense making a mistake than the kid making a play. Seems like confusion over who had outside contain.
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    That's the thing, he's going to have to better shooting the ball from 18 feet and in. His FTs will need work as well. But athletically kid is pretty gifted.
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    I refuse to be cocky about this. I know they couldn't keep up with the speed/shooting we've demonstrated thus far, I just worry that at some point we'll get gassed and/or shooting simmers down. Hope it's not next week.
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    This is very true. How many of you: Have friends and family that are certain you are the biggest Mean Green fan EVER Find it as almost a novelty that you follow the team "You have season tickets?!" "You go to Every game??!" Ask you about the team with almost a smirk on their face
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    Until very, very recently, Athletics has been treated with disdain by the BOR and administration. He faculty hated its existence, mostly, so it easily spread to The student body/alumni. And the previous AD was lazy as hell, but kept his job for 15 years because he stayed in his meager budget every year and never complained about the lack of funding. Everything was all about cost...known costs, not opportunity costs. Thankfully, it appears that this line of thinking is finally changing at the top, so it will filter down accordingly.
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    Going through it on Page 2 I see the CUSA schools showing their Total Alumni and athletic donors and the annual fund contributions. I was shocked and saddened by the chart. UNT has the largest Alumni and fewest donors to the athletic department and we are dead last in Annual Fund Contributions. What is our problem and dont say winning is the answer, UTEP and UTSA are both killing us. I don't understand our alumni base and the city of denton.
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    https://www.athleticbusiness.com/law-policy/rhule-baylor-football-players-separated-from-team.html I feel for Coach Rhule, but I disagree with his comment stating that this is not a "Baylor" problem. Hmmm, it appears it is.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/24/five-quick-thoughts-unts-spring-game
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    I lean towards NCAA, but I have some thoughts I think our exposure might be greater if we are a 8-14 seed, rather than a 15-16 seed. The latter is rarely given a second thought because everyone just expects you to get plastered by the 1/2 seeds. So, if we'd be a 15 or 16 I would lean more towards NIT. Totally guessing though and I like this thread.
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    @GreenGuy123 How much do you think Miller's new place in the starting 5 has impacted things?
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    Really? Can't they just tell us the players' names?
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    He certainly could do that. And hopefully he learned a valuable lesson from his father's unsuccessful trajectory toward a college coaching career. The correct order is: Successful high school H.C. --> college assistant --> college coordinator --> college H.C. --> win
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    I hope his relationship with North Texas is good. He was a warrior here but the fact that his degree is from McNeese always troubled me. I know why. I just wish his degree was green rather than blue. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Time after time this spring season, the North Texas men’s golf team has shown a certain resilience which has caught the eye of teams around the nation. Not only are View Full Article
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    You have to pass it before you can read it. Where have I heard that before? Seriously though, this continuing deficit is like a bad disease.
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    The USF-Campbell score (I kinda wanted to play a school that had a Camel as a mascot. And what is a Don ? ) indicates that these teams were closely matched. While I have heard of San Francisco, I don't think I really was aware of USF. Campbell, Mercer, Jacksonville State, etc are all teams that don't seem to get a lot of press, at least in this part of the world. I think North Texas is easily the class of the College Basketball Invitational tourney. I can't find the attendance stat for last night's game. I would assume the Thursday night attendance would be about the same we would expect on Monday night in San Francisco. Where, by the way, little cable cars climb half way to the star. Beat Don Corleone, Don Drapper, and the SF Dons GO MEAN GREEN
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    I'm going to go over this again.......for the umpteenth time. Please pay attention. We are in this situation because HISTORICALLY we have been the "best-little-teachers-college-we-can-be-so-there's-no-reason-to-solicit-outside-funds......for anything-school". It's been that way since North Texas was founded and continued on until the Presidency of one James Carl Matthews (1951-1968). So that has been 78 years. All of those presidents may have been very religious men, but when it comes to the outside fundraising issue.....they've all been a bunch of heathens. I've heard more than one story from credible sources where Dr. Matthews refused to accept money, or refused to consider accepting money, from alumni to start scholarship funds etc. Dr. Matthews attitude was "we get enough money from the state to run this school and we don't need to raise any additional funds". I'm told that he refused to allow a Mean Green Club-like organization to be created. He (allegedly) stated that the University gives the athletic department an adequate budget to operate under and there is no need for additional funding. Finally that changed (in theory) when Dr. Matthews retired and whoever was in charge of replacing him decided that we needed a President who was more in the present. Initially that guy was John Kemerick who only lasted until 1970 when his anti-Vietnam war views got him in trouble with the Governor and he was forced to resign. John Carter served as interim until the next president was hired. C.C. "Jitter" Nolan was hired next. And it wasn't because he was an outstanding academic. He was known to be a very good fund raiser and that is what he set about doing. He had only a bachelors degree, so all of the "academics/ Dr. Matthews minions" at North Texas were very unhappy with the hire. During his tenure he was the one who figured out how to hire Hayden Fry. Fry subsequently started the Mean Green Club.....around 1973. I don't know this for sure, but I suspect that Nolan was responsible for the University creating it's endowment fund. Anyway, to shorten this rant, not long after Fry left for Iowa the academics ganged up on Nolan and ran him out of town. Since then, any attempts to have a consistent fund raising program for athletics has gone in fits and starts. IMHO, thanks to the "old nesters" still embedded in administrative posts, fund raising for athletics has never been either a priority, or consistent. It's only been in very recent history that that "cultural" change that we've needed to happen for decades is finally happening. SO, to summarize, it's been in our DNA to not fund raise and getting that out of our system has been/will be a long process. But this Mean Green guide represents (IMHO) a significant change in engagement with fans.
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    DRC: UNT will host two games in three-game series http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/22/north-texas-face-san-francisco-cbi-finals
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    PG - Ryan Woolridge SG - Roosevelt Smart SG/SF - Chris Davis PF - Tony Mitchell C - George Odufuwa Bench PG - Josh White SG - Calvin Watson SG/SF - Tristan Thompson PF - Jeremy Combs C - Shawnson Johnson Maybe Jordan Williams instead of Jeremy Combs as a stretch 4 off the bench. Leaving Combs because I think I have enough shooting on the bench with these guys.
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    Junior Ian Snyman received his second straight nod for Conference USA men’s Golfer of the Week award on March 7. This follows a week by Snyman in which he tied View Full Article
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    Bullshit. There is no denying that Baylor has a special version of such problem. They just need to be shut down. I mean, not just the athletics; the whole place.