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  1. North Texas Shep

    Nic Smith

    Coaches seem to know what they are doing (clearly). So they have him behind others for some reason. Which is fine with me.
  2. North Texas Shep

    Power 6

    Oh I saw that as well. Talk about being Extra.
  3. North Texas Shep

    Humidity and Altitude in Fayetteville ??

    It is a joke. They are referring to playing in Colorado and some people blamed altitude for their loss. None of it is serious.
  4. North Texas Shep

    Sports Illustrated still sucks

    Kathy Ireland my first love
  5. North Texas Shep

    Arkansas Fans Reaction to UNT Dominating SMU

    It was 3 - 0 till they put another QB in. He threw for 3 TDs and ran one. It should be a close game if our defense and OL can hold up. ALSO, we are not on the team. So we can look at and talk about any team we want. If we played for the 2018 North Texas football team then it would make sense to say, "One game at a time" or "Don't look past (insert team they are playing this week)".
  6. North Texas Shep

    It may be time to look into expanding Apogee

    Nope. Not at all. Thanks
  7. North Texas Shep


    Happy dance. Sports wood. Good night.
  8. North Texas Shep

    Ponyfans: 3 topics of interest

    I got 3 topics for Pony Fans.... Kiss my A$$ F U and last but not least... YOU SUCK!
  9. North Texas Shep

    Extra Club Ticket?

    Where is this cocaine machine? It is game day. Got get hyped (insert nose bleed here).
  10. North Texas Shep

    Just for koolaid drinkers

    I'm down
  11. North Texas Shep

    What Uniforms?

    All green would be nice. With a specialized helmet that says Ponies Suck or CJK5H on it.
  12. North Texas Shep

    Bryce English

    I agree. No word is good word in this instance.
  13. North Texas Shep

    Missing From The Roster

    I heard from one of his professors he had a lot of academic issues
  14. North Texas Shep

    A Picture of the Endzone

    I like the Green but they are kinda basic. Rather just have North Texas.
  15. North Texas Shep

    North Texas has Arkansas Worried

    Going to Arkansas right now for a masters degree. Will be at the game sitting with some people I know from school. However I will be sporting my unt hat. Most their fans have no clue who we are. Coach Morris knows and has beat us with a lesser talented smoo team. Unt has a chance and I hope they win.