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    That is fantastic news. Thanks Mr. Wyche for all of your efforts with the team and best of luck to you in your future!
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    DRC: Several young defensive players made an impression in first workout on new field https://dentonrc.com/sports/unt-wednesday-practice-notes----mean-green-work/article_9bfb49dd-2c35-5b17-80ad-cc4fbb19a4dd.html
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    It's interesting the "E" was the first letter to go up. If this was the off season we could have a 10 page thread on why this letter was first and what letter should have gone up first.
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    "Okay, Pat, I'd like to buy an E" Ding! Ding! Ding!
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    Remember, he was the guy who was working to qualify academically. He wasn’t here for the Summer like a lot of the other guys were, working with the strength program & dietary program. He could have been working out every day at home and still come in ‘out of shape’ because he wasn’t here for the summer.
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    DRC: Reeder wants to get the ball to star running back in a variety of ways https://dentonrc.com/sports/football-torrey-looking-to-pick-up-where-he-left-off/article_fb10bc62-94b1-5dda-b5cc-bb824860d0f4.html
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    https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/rankings/cbs-sports-ranking/ Pretty good ranking to start the year. Ahead of many teams we are playing this year!
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    I also really wanna see what Easley brings back to the position as well... UNT is still well represented at RB. I don't recall the last time we had a bad group at RB honestly.
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    It’s pronounced “cordon-bleu” They’re fancy, ya know
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    If anyone gets bent out of shape when NT happens to get blamed for "running up the score" in any game, that person simply needs to be reminded about the ODU game. Even a 28-point lead is not safe. The guys took their foot off the gas and it cost them the magical 10-win season.
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    Wren made a joke to Ernie Kuehne at Mean Green Mania that no - they'll need to put the rest of the letters up and not just leave the E for him.
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    If these rankings hold true, that’s a 11 win year
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    I think it should have been a massive jumbro tron type thing on constant replay of highlights facing 35.
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    Yes, the money would just roll in like it did as a member of 1aa football. As bad as it is being a second class institution in D1, a separate division would be a disaster. Anyone who followed the program during the 1aa years, knows that the designation as D1 matters. If you want NT to return to single digit thousands average football attendance and reduce national coverage by about 90%, a G5 football organization and playoff is a good plan.
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    I blame Harrell.
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    There’s no simple answer. Maybe that’s the problem: everyone wants to find one answer for legislation, but in the end a lot of things need to be addressed. Ironically, nothing gets done.
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    I was one of them. Not having a male role model, playing videogames, being lonely, mental health, or whatever other excuse thrown out there is not responsible for killing all of those people this weekend. A person with hatred killed those people. Stop making excuses for 'misunderstood' white kids.
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    I am not anti-gun..(own some and use them to kill snakes etc. . I own rural ranchland.). I am anti "assault-type guns"... 9 people were killed and 20+ wounded in about 30 SECONDS in Ohio ... that could have NOT happened with "normal guns".. No one but police, military, security, maybe a few others should have those.. Those are almost always the guns used in mass murders. ...We have extreme control of dynamite and explosives .. I can not even buy certain fertilizers that I once did anymore. Why not assault guns.? ... Guns are not toys.... especially to most rural type people... Assault types guns were originally designed to kill PEOPLE in combat ... not for sport or any other reason.
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    Circle November 9th on your calendar. That's the game that will determine your dream scenario.
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    Easley was just coming into his own before the LaTech injury. He’s healthy and we win that game. We have a lot of talent in the backfield. GMG!
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    Divorce rate in UK is approx 42%, statistics put US rate somewhere in neighborhood of 45% - not a statistically significant difference...so why is their mass shooting rate basically 0? What is the difference there?
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    How about an OLED screen covering the entire wall facing the highway, with original UNT/NTSU footage of our HOFers on loop. Just spitting in the wind here... A live Twitter feed (list) connected to the accounts of current players (okay, bad idea) A camera feed of the inside, so that it looks like there is no wall. How about a world record for continuous back-to-back playing/looping of Necessary Roughness? Some sort of countdown illustrating Fine’s approach to a new school passing record. Have a Super Smash Bros tournament for the opportunity to win Mean Green gear/prizes.
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    Looks a little small but I think it’s an improvement. Still hate ODU though...after last years debacle.
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    This might be the best attended game of the Mcasland era. Let’s break some records!
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    Since we’ve had a Mason Fine Cherokee jersey & he already been on record of wanting to be part of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma even possibly in a leadership position &.......since we’ve already had the uniqueness of a post-game wrestling match at Apogee—why not honor our record-breaking QB on Senior Day (the UAB game) by working this kind of activity in the below YouTube into that last Game Day of the 2019 regular season? Bunch of Native Americans in Oklahoma & Texas who would come to this game to honor someone they (like the Mean Green Nation) are very, very proud of.
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    1.) Design is an Apogee clone 2.) Missed opportunity for a crown-zone.
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    Here is a link to ODU's new stadium. They began the work immediately following their last game of the season against VMI and have been working nonstop for the past year. It has to be ready for their first game on the season against Norfolk State so they have about four weeks to go. BTW, The Virginian Pilot's former ODU beat writer and my old high school classmate, Harry Minium is now a writer for ODU. He puts out some good stories on their behalf. ODU Stadium
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    It would be interesting to know what universities all of these "independent investigators" received their law degrees from.
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    -- The Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars had scouts in today. The Cowboys had scouts observing the other day. Pretty cool. It's a great time to be a fan. GMG!
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    I have no idea. I just remember this from the renderings and did a quick search for the photo.
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    hahahaha --- I can thinks of some "wimps" that think having a gun makes them a "real man" ..... ...maybe even a strong male model to be looked up to... ...hahaha Anyone that carries one FOR THAT REASON.... has a problem.
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    There is no E in "uniforms", but there is an E in "schEduling" and one in "pagEantry" so we could have talked about it for weeks.
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    If NT stays healthy and the coaching carousel distraction doesn't start again.....this might be a very special season for NT.
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    Don’t know the answer to that, but young men need strong male role models.
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    I was not expecting the green lettering. Will definitely be noticeable from the highway during the day
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    Is that pronounced CORN-BLOW Field? Rick
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    Agree with this take wholeheartedly. I think you'll find a similar connection--I know you will--when examining situations in Chicago and other hotbeds of gun violence. "We are quick to settle on narratives that suit our own convictions, because that’s how we make the boogey man go away."--Rod Dreher
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    Foreman Field, the original stadium, held 15,000. When ODU began playing football, seating was added at the end zones raising the capacity to about 20,000. The new stadium will hold about 22,000 but can be expanded to 30,000 later if needed. There was not much else they could do other than build the new stadium on the bones of the old. Norfolk is such a densely populated city, surrounded by water, there was no place to build a new stadium. I admit, it is impressive that they did this all within a year. One nice touch, when the last game in the old stadium was over, they invited relatives of A.H Foreman, an early backer for the Norfolk Division of William & Mary which was the forerunner of ODU, to turn off the stadium lights for the last time.
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    Interesting read and makes total sense. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/markmeckler/2018/02/27-deadliest-mass-shooters-26-one-thing-common/
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    I wasn’t able to stop by Mean Green Mania today, but I did stop by Voertman’s, and they have a great sale going on. I got a white Nike hat, green Nike polo, green Nike t-shirt, and a white Columbia button up all for $75.

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