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    Remember, he was the guy who was working to qualify academically. He wasn’t here for the Summer like a lot of the other guys were, working with the strength program & dietary program. He could have been working out every day at home and still come in ‘out of shape’ because he wasn’t here for the summer.
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    DRC: Reeder wants to get the ball to star running back in a variety of ways https://dentonrc.com/sports/football-torrey-looking-to-pick-up-where-he-left-off/article_fb10bc62-94b1-5dda-b5cc-bb824860d0f4.html
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    https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/rankings/cbs-sports-ranking/ Pretty good ranking to start the year. Ahead of many teams we are playing this year!
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    It’s pronounced “cordon-bleu” They’re fancy, ya know
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    If these rankings hold true, that’s a 11 win year
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    I think it should have been a massive jumbro tron type thing on constant replay of highlights facing 35.
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    Yes, the money would just roll in like it did as a member of 1aa football. As bad as it is being a second class institution in D1, a separate division would be a disaster. Anyone who followed the program during the 1aa years, knows that the designation as D1 matters. If you want NT to return to single digit thousands average football attendance and reduce national coverage by about 90%, a G5 football organization and playoff is a good plan.
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    How about an OLED screen covering the entire wall facing the highway, with original UNT/NTSU footage of our HOFers on loop. Just spitting in the wind here... A live Twitter feed (list) connected to the accounts of current players (okay, bad idea) A camera feed of the inside, so that it looks like there is no wall. How about a world record for continuous back-to-back playing/looping of Necessary Roughness? Some sort of countdown illustrating Fine’s approach to a new school passing record. Have a Super Smash Bros tournament for the opportunity to win Mean Green gear/prizes.
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    Looks a little small but I think it’s an improvement. Still hate ODU though...after last years debacle.
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    This might be the best attended game of the Mcasland era. Let’s break some records!
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    Since we’ve had a Mason Fine Cherokee jersey & he already been on record of wanting to be part of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma even possibly in a leadership position &.......since we’ve already had the uniqueness of a post-game wrestling match at Apogee—why not honor our record-breaking QB on Senior Day (the UAB game) by working this kind of activity in the below YouTube into that last Game Day of the 2019 regular season? Bunch of Native Americans in Oklahoma & Texas who would come to this game to honor someone they (like the Mean Green Nation) are very, very proud of.
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    1.) Design is an Apogee clone 2.) Missed opportunity for a crown-zone.
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    Here is a link to ODU's new stadium. They began the work immediately following their last game of the season against VMI and have been working nonstop for the past year. It has to be ready for their first game on the season against Norfolk State so they have about four weeks to go. BTW, The Virginian Pilot's former ODU beat writer and my old high school classmate, Harry Minium is now a writer for ODU. He puts out some good stories on their behalf. ODU Stadium
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    This is true, but I had a friend of mine that was a DB at Memphis. They send you a workout to try and stay with the team. It’s your choice to follow it or not.
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    I was not expecting the green lettering. Will definitely be noticeable from the highway during the day
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    Is that pronounced CORN-BLOW Field? Rick
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    Foreman Field, the original stadium, held 15,000. When ODU began playing football, seating was added at the end zones raising the capacity to about 20,000. The new stadium will hold about 22,000 but can be expanded to 30,000 later if needed. There was not much else they could do other than build the new stadium on the bones of the old. Norfolk is such a densely populated city, surrounded by water, there was no place to build a new stadium. I admit, it is impressive that they did this all within a year. One nice touch, when the last game in the old stadium was over, they invited relatives of A.H Foreman, an early backer for the Norfolk Division of William & Mary which was the forerunner of ODU, to turn off the stadium lights for the last time.
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    I wasn’t able to stop by Mean Green Mania today, but I did stop by Voertman’s, and they have a great sale going on. I got a white Nike hat, green Nike polo, green Nike t-shirt, and a white Columbia button up all for $75.
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    1). So I haven’t really been following Cal football, are we that much better than them? 2). Is UH as good as this ranking suggests? Regardless, I just listened to a Barbershop Podcast from last year. Man, I miss football. GMG!
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    Any reason in particular that Jordan Roberts left the team? He was a contender during the Spring. Just wondering.
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    Crown Zone. Nailed it!
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    I do not know about you but I thought Mean Green Mania was a big success. Our Athletic Department has sure raised its game. The garage sale, the practice, mingling with other fans, the refreshments, selling swag all over the place, the coaches speaking, all in the confines of the Hub Club. The alumni association with the license plate holders, first rate not cheap plastic. I just found the entire atmosphere energetic and nice. Things just seem to be getting better and better. A big thank you to the Administration, the Athletic Department and Wren Baker. We have a Great Team and a Great Coaching staff and I feel good about this year and the future. I've got to break out those Mean Green shades, the future is so bright!!! WIN GAMES BEAT aCu GO MEAN GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Especially the field.
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    Man that DOES look like Apogee. It's nice....
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    looks nice. and they only finalized the plans in April of 2018... these guys moved fast!
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    True, but it won't work at smuT. These kids were also used to playing in front of large home crowds, something smuT will never provide.
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    Mack Brown also supports making the "Horns Down" sign a flag-able and fine-able offense... just saying...
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    My Top 5: (In no particular order) My Tailgaite Tony's The Anderson/Verus Group the group that sets up at the southend of the Blue lot under the trees The group that sets up in the middle of the RV area close to the Shed
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    Maybe because G5 is not a conference or for that matter, anything but a moniker for conferences that are not in the d1 bowl alliance. Technically G5 schools are eligible for the championship bowl arrangement. It would be interesting if an organization of G5 conferences did occur. I think their focus would be in getting more inclusion in the D1 decision making, not in separation. It would still be second tier with a better cast than the old 1aa system. Yes, I do think it would be akin to the old split of D1 between 1a and 1aa. NT was lucky to survive their stint in 1aa and it took years to recover. I doubt there are any D1 programs that want to be designated to be in a lower level of competition. As far as a Mack Brown forced separation, not going to happen. Can you imagine the lawsuits?
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    A few minor future non-conference scheduling notes for you while we're waiting for the real football season to get here. * Noticed that we replaced Rhode Island with Northwestern State for 2021. That should make some people on the board happy as I know many were not enthused with Rhode Island. Also, getting a former Southland Conference mate to play here will definitely bring more people than Rhode Island would have. * Speaking of Southland Conference teams, SFA has been moved from 2022 to 2023 creating one more open date for us in 2022.
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    That is in the eye of the beer holder!
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    Where this idea will fail to gain approval is the schools that are on the low end of things. Interestingly, UNC is one of those schools, so not sure why he is saying this. Either way, those schools need to try to build wins through schools with a lower profile and fewer resources. Why would they approve this kind of plan? It will just hurt them, so I don't see this kind of thing building any steam.
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    the one that allows me to eat their food.
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    Any MWC school! We should play one every year. Would like to see a 1-1 with CSU!
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    Let’s get UCF on the schedule.
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    Also playing at Dayton. Between the Jamaica classic, OU home game, and Dayton road game, this year’s OOC schedule looks to be the best we’ve had in a while.
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    Also went by Voertmans and got on those deals. I was able to score a fleece vest and Nike t-shirt for $24. Hot deals, especially if you are XXL, XL, M, or S.
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    Only if you like playing in cold, far away places.
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    DRC: Reffett talks about development of UNT's defense https://dentonrc.com/sports/tuesday-unt-practice-notes----secondary-battles-shaping/article_fa909b20-f8cb-532f-8347-96d5a5c94dfa.html
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    disappointing hearing of players not coming in shape, Reffett has no problems calling it out, really no excuse to not be in shape coming into camp unless there was an injury.
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    @Brett Vito How did the backup QBs look? Austin Aune looking like the #2?
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    I wish this was finalized, but C-USA repeated last year's mistake of leaving last four games unscheduled.
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    The reality is that the G5’s will have to be split off, with the lower G5’s going first, then eventually the folks in the AAC and MWC, as well as the Big XII leftovers. The sooner this happens, the better it will be. We shouldn’t be playing those bodybag games just like we shouldn’t be playing FCS opponents. It’s ok to accept that Houston, SMU, and all the rest of us aren’t getting invited in and the legislatures and networks are not going to ever make it happen. The NCAA doesn’t want to lose the basketball tournaments or the college World Series, so they will let the Power Teams and their networks dictate it. And it would be the best thing for us. Our level of play would get the same amount of coverage, plus we can have a playoff all to ourselves, during the time we play most of the spare G5 bowls anyway. Our kids, our coaches, and our fans deserve to play for a national championship. Not having that chance now is absolutely unfair. And asking those Power Teams that have 5x more fans and revenue we have shouldn’t have to change it just because...that’s AOC territory, folks...

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