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    No. He anticipates nothing except a couple butthurt assistants from other schools chiming in on his choice of school. It means little to nothing. It's a trendy phrase right now and needs to go away.
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    I totally agree. Especially when it's applied to our school in any manner.
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    Please respect my decision? What an odd thing to say.
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    I interviewed this kid early last month. We will discuss on the recruiting podcast. Huge commitment. Will be a challenge to hang on to!
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    "Bigger conference schools" telling him just wait and I should be able to get you an offer? UNT is where he wants to be and he is better than waiting for other school's first option not choosing them?
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    To other coaches recruiting him and fans of other programs
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    Probably from fanbases of other schools.
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    So he anticipates catching a lot of twitter crap from his friends for making a commitment to North Texas?
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    Dang,...Sounds personal? Infidelity? Sexual deviance? Inherited wealth? Egotistical? Sounds like your describing a Kennedy, Clinton, Gore, Bush, Obama or Biden. But....you slept just fine while they were in office I’m sure. Rick
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    Agree. Nothing wrong with a little common sense. Rick
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    Job growth. Low unemployment for all including record lows for many ethnic group. Economic growth Median income growth https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/trumps-list-289-accomplishments-in-just-20-months-relentless-promise-keeping
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    Not really. We got a non politician in Trump instead of another Clinton. Rick
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    I am just not gonna complain about the TV; all I can think of is how much better the schedule is than the 2009 schedule.
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    Oof my man....I think you are confusing us with UAB 😉
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    It’s not hard to do a good job of resigning.
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    Like what? By my account all he’s done is fix crises of his own doing. Government shutdown? His fault. Trade wars? His fault. Creating the most unstable presidential administration staffed with nothing but two-bit grifters? His fault. Increased tensions with Iran? His fault. Obvious obstruction of justice during the Muller investigation? His fault. He’s a sweaty bumbling rube who throws enough culture war red meat to his chud followers to make them gloss over the fact that he’s a two-bit grifter. As long as the libs are #owned, 40 percent of the country will love him.
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    UTSA going to FCS will help.
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    No way, the U of Phoenix has never lost a football game.
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    No. Army gets all their slots. Wake Forest gets a slot. Texas gets a slot. Baylor gets a slot. Those slots have nothing to do with Rice.
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    I see no objections for SMU, TCU, Baylor, Notre Dame or any of the great number of religious affiliated schools. The obvious reason is those teams are in general not influenced at all by their affiliation. Not as true with Liberty, who seem to take their religion a lot more seriously which they have every right to do so. I am not religious at all, but the anti-Liberty bias seems over the top to me. Look at some of the things that many of the power schools have gotten away with that actually affect competition. It seems to me a lot of people are putting down a lot of good students and athletes only because they don't like Jerry Falwell, sr. or jr. Having say that, CUSA doesn't need more teams.
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    Were you a fan of Bill Clinton?
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    Muller is a leftist hack and has done everything he legally can to reverse the 2016 election. Despite all his efforts this expensive witch hunt does nothing more than support the fact that some on the left do not believe in the rule of law. . You hate Trump so much? Simple,...vote him out of office in 18 months. Ruck
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    Fun fact. When I attended a conference at McMurray eons ago (around 2001) the students from ACU and Hardin Simmons told me that their officials would check the bar parking lots for university parking stickers. If you were identified as being at a bar, you had to report to the Dean of Students. We naturally gave them a ride to the bar with us.
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    The store in Celina has them, too GMG
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    Hey, don't slam Five Below too much. I sometimes find some good stuff there!
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    I don’t know guys. It kinda looks incomplete. And the cranes look like they will be in the way. Complete waste of money
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    I’d have been all for investigation...I’m always Team Send a Bunch of Rich White Asshats to Jail. I guess unfortunately you you were more focused on birth certificate race-baiting, (ironically) dying to keep health care away from the masses and concerned Obama’s jeans made him look like a 45 year old mom to conduct an investigation. Missed opportunities...
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    AS so he should. Not in any way NBA ready when I saw him play.
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    If you can't make it tonight, but are able to make a game in June they will most likely have caps leftover that they are selling. I believe it was last year that I went to a game a few weeks after "NT night" and they had a table set up with all of the leftover caps from the various college nights. I want to say they were charging $10 for them, but I could be mistaken. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Mason makes a better throw than the lady for the White Sox. Wow! https://youtu.be/8f7eLzcYWBE
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    hoooooo boy we made it to dollar general!
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    Your President just circumvented Congress to sell arms to a dictatorial regime that attacked us on 9/11 and kills journalist among countess other human rights violations. Less than a week later he was praising the dictator Kim Jun Un whom imprisons and executes hundreds of thousands of North Koreans. You are cool with that, right?
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    Well so it is over, nothing here, move along............. Mueller was true to his charge and did not investigate Deranged Donald because he knew it would not be pursued by the Justice Department. He did say that the Russians helped Deranged Donald win the election. He did say that if Donald was "Not Guilty" he would have said so and he did not. Do not believe your own eyes and ears, it was from Mueller's mouth, not Donald telling us what the report says, not Mitch McConnell, not Lindsay Graham or Rudy but the former head of the FBI who was approved by the Senate 100-0. No collusion, not so fast. Donald would just as soon lie when the truth would serve him better. How can Donald drain the swamp when he is the swamp. Make America, America again!!!
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    You'll never elevate a program without quality big men.
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    Hes a Republican chosen by other Republican's but you know that and are just stirring the pot. Ultimately the character of the people we align ourselves with reflects directly upon our own character. If you find Trump acceptable that is on you. I would never align myself with such a POS. Sure I wish there was a better option than Hillary but that does not make Trump defensible.
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    https://fbschedules.com/cbs-sports-netwo...-schedule/ Friday, Aug. 30 Rice at Army – 6:00pm Friday, Sept. 6 Wake Forest at Rice – 8:00pm Saturday, Sept. 7 UAB at Akron – Noon UCF at FAU – 7:00pm Saturday, Sept. 14 Texas at Rice (NRG Stadium) – 8:00pm Friday, Sept. 20 FIU at Louisiana Tech – 8:00pm Saturday, Sept. 21 Baylor at Rice – 7:00pm Friday, Oct. 18 Marshall at FAU – 6:30pm Friday, Nov. 15 Louisiana Tech at Marshall – 7:00pm Saturday, Nov. 23 Miami vs. FIU – 7:00pm Saturday, Nov. 30 FIU at Marshall – Noon Saturday, Dec. 7 Conference USA Championship – 1:30pm
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    You aren't going to win him over since the team is coached by McCasland and not Benford.
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    Fake college courses Maybe we don't want to be associated with hate mongers They hired this guy literally right after he covered up 50 rapes at another religious school Previous poster is absolutely right- get James Madison before even pausing to think about Liberty
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    Nice parenting as well. Teaching one's children the value of money and the "costs" associated with decisions. So very many ways to "lower" the potential borrowing/loan amounts of a college education, but one must have guidance...which more often than not lacking.
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    As we all know .... if it is on the internet it must be true!!!
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    Instead of adding Liberty we need to move up the chain. MWC or AAC please...........
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    It's the trendy sig line nowadays with the kids in their what they think is infamous "decision" on twitter or instagram, etc.. Much like, "I have decided to 'take my talents to....X'".

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