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  1. agw0038

    Cross Year Recruiting At This Time

    good stuff! This class is solid. I appreciate being able to see the actual numbers. And I will say despite not landing every recruit (which is inevitable) guys are considering North Texas. 3 star guys are really look hard at our program. That's all you can really ask for at the end of the day, is a shot.
  2. agw0038


    Whats everybody's opinion on how we've been doing recruiting wise? how do we compare to the rest of the conference? smu? UH? How many more years of success do we need before we can really pull recruits away from SMU or UH? GMG
  3. No, unfortunately this is very true. The University of North Texas has some of the top programs in the state - this is a FACT We, however, are not talking about facts. We're talking about opinion, and more specifically perception. We are not a b-list or 2nd chance school because of our programs, no, we are a b-list or 2nd chance school because we perceived as being such. Even in recruiting, rarely is UNT the kids' first choice. Often we are the best fit. And there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that. Now as to the origin of this perception.... we can debate that but I'd say it's combination of lackluster athletics and a commuter school vibe. many in higher education disagree, but the quickest way to get people to take a 2nd look at UNT, and in doing so, come to the realization (through research or whatever) that we are one of the top Universities in Texas is for our football and basketball programs to have consistent success. That's how it works in Texas. People identify with athletics. Bottom line we need to win!!! And win a lot!!!
  4. We are already basically the "U of H" of the metroplex. We just haven't had the success in Athletics and branding that they've had. North Texas and UH are very similar. We just have a real hard time with ownership (outside of music). So many of our alumni start at whatever school but finish at UNT. (Houston has this same issue) I wish there was a clever way to market this. A way to show pride in finishing strong. We're still considered a B-list school unless you want to be a teacher, Jazz Musician, or something with RTVF. Otherwise were still most people's 2nd choice. I don't know that success in athletics will change that. What it will do is bring us more notoriety, which is a really really good thing. Athletics is the doorbell of your university.... or something like that. Great conversation topic!!
  5. agw0038

    Starting Lineup

    Hey Guys and Happy Summer to everyone! I thought it might be fun to go through possible starting lineups for the upcoming season. So my thought is that Ryan Woodridge gets to moved to the 2-gaurd to make room for Gibson at the 1. Roosevelt and Adbul on the wings and Zach Simmons in the middle. 1. Gibson 2. Wooldridge 3. Smart 4. Mohammed 5. Simmons Thoughts? Also, how good can Jordan Duffy be next year? How good is the Russian kid? Who else do you guys think can help us coming off the bench?
  6. agw0038

    Jason Bean

    The future!!!
  7. I wonder if we offered the brother?
  8. agw0038

    Jason Bean

    hmm... I'm not sure I completely agree with this. I see what you mean, but I also think a defense will always have to choose how to they want to defend. Yes, they can come up with a game plan that may be able to put a particular aspect of an offense at a disadvantage but in doing so they (the defense) also put themselves at a disadvantage. Only the special defenses have the ability to completely shut down an offense, and thankfully, we wont be playing to many of those teams. I think we are very close to having the type offense FAU had last year. Unstoppable, at least in CUSA.
  9. agw0038

    Jason Bean

    Hopefully he will come here with the attitude of getting better while waiting for his shot. In 2 years, if his arm strength, accuracy, and ability to read the defense are anywhere close to what Mason Fine was like as a sophomore ; he will be the next great QB at UNT. We will get to see what a truly unstoppable offense looks. (WRs who can get open, QB who can find the open receiver or extend/make a play with his feet, and a RB who could break it open on any play) We were pretty close to this last year. I think if we can keep Littrell until 2022, we will be able to score at will.
  10. agw0038

    Littrell and Wilson both applied for Tennessee

    So does anyone know which schools Littrell turned down? I keep reading he had offers and turned them down. I read the same about Wren Baker. Any ideas?
  11. agw0038

    Who is your favorite 2018 signee?

    Jason Bean/Kason Martin I can't decide!!! I'm excited about them both. I know Kason Martin has been getting a lot of love on here (and rightly so), but please don't sleep on Jason Bean. With the right coaching, Jason Bean could become one of the most unstoppable players North Texas has ever had. I truly believe we will win our first CUSA championship with one of these guys as our quarterback! Go Mean Green!!!
  12. agw0038

    Rewatched UNT vs UTSA Game

    I agree with almost everything your saying. The exception being I loved the motion pop to Guyton. I think plays like the pop as well as the QB sweeps on goal line really caught UTSA off gaurd and, to some extent, kept them from completely packing the box and overloading the A and B gaps (which they still did anyways). I think it was a moderately successful attempt at keeping the defense honest. I love talking the X's and O's!!! So much to discuss and learn from! GMG!
  13. agw0038

    Oklahoma State (12/3/14)

    What channel is the game on?
  14. agw0038

    Dajon's Twitter Comments

    "Starting not to care" we have no idea in what context he is saying this. Could be talking football, could be talking females. who knows.... we have got to let this guy grow. this is all apart of the maturation process. He has to mature just as much mentally as he does physically. Dajon is hitting the wall many freshmans hit when thrown into starting positions.He's realizing that he cant just out-athlete everybody and force plays to happen. He's probably also regretting not being as focused during spring ball. Part of being a student-athlete is being a student! He's got to study the game, he's got to do his homework. He just has to break through the wall! once he breaks through mentally i believe the football will follow.