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  1. back up qbs played more in the UTSA game, no? I would like to see them
  2. Good Stuff Billy, seeing if there is a correlation between offer list and production on field is a big one I would say. Side note: How are we doing in recruiting? I feel like its been super quiet.
  3. Fair point, what i wrote earlier was an over simplification. I feel like our best guys have been bubble prospects, where it could go either way. In those situations i do think program's sustained success does play a role. I think the guys from our conference that were drafted over the weekend were always going to get drafted. I think the speculation with those guys was when, not if, like with Mason or Hambone.
  4. Also, our program has not had enough sustained success for scouts to trust our players. Of course, first round draft picks are first round draft picks, but sustained success is a big deal at the G5 level.
  5. another good season, and I think we get this kid. l'm pretty sure we were either his first or one of his first.
  6. Not sure what the starting lineup will look, but i can tell yall right now, Lewis is the best of the 4 signees. He is a huge get!
  7. yes, good for her! Good to see another Mean Green athlete graduate.
  8. Good for Mo, hope he does well. Good kid.
  9. This really exciting. I think the next step for this program is that Javion needs to get drafted. That would be a big deal! GMac needs to be able to sell kids on North Texas putting kids in the league. I think we have guys on roster now who could do it.
  10. This could be the final piece! Do we have a shot?
  11. i agree it has been quiet. I think this program is intentionally under the radar. They kind of did the same thing last year with Hamlet, Reese, Deng, and Bell. If it wasn't for verbal commits, I'm not sure we would know anything about this team's recruiting. They really don't recruit local, or at least openly recruit local. My personal opinion is that McCasland plays the long game with big time local talent and they go hard after jucos based on the recommendation of their trusted sources all over the country. Long game meaning...,"Hey, if something doesn't work out, you'll always have a home here at North Texas" or "Hey why don't you come play your last year at home for North Texas. Your parents can come see you play and you will get your master's taken care of." I'm hoping this is the strategy for all that talent that came out of dfw last year. Especially those Denton Guyer boys. GMG
  12. If Bean can show some growth and move past the whole "dear in head lights" thing, the job is his hands down. But he may not be able to do that. If he can't, Austin Aune is ready to lead this team. I'm good either way. Also, i still think there's a good chance we add another QB before fall camp.
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