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  1. agw0038

    New Recuiting Podcast Coming This Week

    what will be the most noticeable change or biggest impact with the new OC?
  2. so is Riley on the staff or not? I realize he may not end up being the RBs coach, but he would be a great hire if we can find a spot for him. This is the 100% facts right here. We want the best coaches we can get, no doubt. I believe there is a way to get the best coaches and have a diverse staff. GMG
  3. agw0038

    Pre Spring Offensive Depth Chart

    thats a good looking depth chart. It will be fun to watch the backup qbs battle it out. Doesnt surprise me they have Aune a couple of notches ahead of Bean. Should be an interesting spring.
  4. agw0038

    Holgorson agrees with UH

    In your opinion, how much of a possibility is this? Would they actually come after GH? would he leave? who would be some possible replacements for GH?
  5. agw0038

    LinkedIn Post - Asst. Football Coach Position

    Doug Meacham would be a steal. Even if he's only here for a couple of seasons.
  6. good job as always fellas. So just for clarification, we have used up all of our 2019 scholarships, correct? Meaning, if the Manvel rb would want ro sign in February there would not be a spot available.
  7. agw0038

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    so did Lyles take his spot?
  8. agw0038

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    All good points. I just think the uncertainty of Littrell combined with a really bad loss has provided even more fuel to the negative recruiting against UNT and in doing so probably created just enough doubt in his mind to make him reconsider.
  9. agw0038

    ‘19 RB Garrison Johnson (Manvel)

    Very sad to see this. Not surprised at all. The same recruits who saw us on the come up and making some noise are the same recruits who saw Littrell have one foot out the door and the team get molly whomped on national TV. It sucks, but this what happens when you straddle the fence. I put this 100% on Littrell and I'm sure he will learn from it. We'll see... I still think he signs in the end, especially if we keep the remainder of the class. A lot of these guys have already developed friendships.
  10. Injuries, 2nd half adjustments, and handling success are the three words i would use to define this season. I have no issue with the high standards, and im glad we're starting to develop a culture where winning is the expectation. All that being said, we have a very young coaching staff. This year we took a big jump in the level of play on the field, next year i think we see a big jump in the level of coaching and decision making. I also think we have Littrell for at least 3 more years. GMG!
  11. agw0038

    Recruiting philosophy by position

    I think the Juco route is effective for schools in areas where its hard to recruit. OL/DL is the only position i would even consider this for at a school like UNT. We just need to keep doing what we're doing. Establish a culture, create a family environment, and hopefully start to when some big games.
  12. why not bring in shanbour and do some type of RPO?
  13. Can someone please elaborate on KU sniffing around our recruits...
  14. agw0038

    GMG recruiting podcast. Need questions

    1. Give a deep assessment of the Littrell Rumors 2. Talk about the 2019 and the 2020 class 3. Talk about what our expectations should be as fans of a successful mid-major athletics department (i.e. possible departures of Littrell and at some point McCasland.)