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  1. I guarantee you SMU goes hard after this kid... he is a perfect fit for what they are looking for in a grad transfer QB. An athlete who is used to playing at a high level and grew in an affluent community.
  2. we need to grab that tisdale kid before SMU does
  3. I like Walters and Orlando. Thanks for the info!
  4. Knee. Hopefully just dislocated.
  5. I partially agree with this. Jason Bean looks like a red-shirt freshmen who is finally starting get a little playing time. So yes he looked shaky and probably will continue to until he gets his feet under him. To be fair, he does not have the same skillset as MF. So IMO, as this program moves forward, barring a transfer, they are going to have to commit to one of these two guys. If the goal is to emulate MF and have a gunslinger type then they need to start playing AA a whole lot more. Aune has the best arm on the team, period. Yes, he had made some plays in limited opportunities but i think he looks so good because we look at him through the lenses of MF. His style is most like Mason's, which is what we are use to, and he's had a little success. So when i see him play i may value him because he's the closest to what i have been use to seeing for the past 4 years. I'm not sure if that necessarily means he's the 2nd best QB on this team. If they go with Bean then they have to actually commit to him as QB1 and structure the offensive around his strengths. Bean can be an efficient passer but he isn't going to be passing for 350 every game. That's not who he is. He is somewhere between Derik King and Jamar Smith. He needs to be a run first guy imo. Defenses should be scared of him taking off. This will open up the zone read, RPO, and deep pass as his run threat will freeze a lot of defenses. The Bean Aune off season battle will be interesting Sorry if i went too deep for Saturday night. Go Mean Green!
  6. Disagree, let's start with firing Reffet.
  7. I agree. The biggest difference for SMU this year has been quarterback play. Yes, the Norte Dame kid definitley helps at receiver but is this not essentially still the same team we were beating 31-0 last year? Also, their schedule has been weak. This is the way I see it, They defended their home turf against us. They've beat all the teams their suppose to beat and then they got lucky at the end of the game against Tulsa and Houston. I try not to hate too much because they are having a good season. (The Triple D jerseys are clean) Also, on a side note: There is most def a media bias for SMU... Its interesting that they seem to be struggling to gain the support of the metroplex where as the media seems to be "all in". I feel like it was the exact opposite for us last year. #GMG
  8. no, it is not. Seth is a good coach.
  9. Cal would beat SMU by 10. We really layed an egg in that SMU game. smh. Credit to SMU for improving but they are not that significantly better than us, if at all.
  10. outside of the blown coverage (or maybe he just got beat) on 3rd down, our didn't look too bad on that drive. Penalties once again are extending the drive. I really want to win this game but I also think its important we iron out this defense before conference play. We didn't look great, but we didn't look bad either.
  11. We are most definitely SMU's Rival in football. The coaches know it, the players know it, and the students of both universities know it. From what i have seen and heard. Its the old-heads (like usual) who refuse to acknowledge the rivalry. We need to be more consistent on our end with beating them (even if its only when we're home) and just having a good program in general, so it doesn't look like we only beat them when they're down.
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