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  1. agw0038

    Top 25?

    I completely agree. We have to win out ( bowl game included), otherwise, we aren't getting ranked until next year. Assuming we have the same amount of success, if not more.
  2. agw0038

    Top 25?

    Are we a top 25 team? No. Are we capable of being a top 25 yes. Learning how to win consistently is something that happens gradually. I honestly don't think we crack the top 25 until next season (assuming we make us much noise next year as we are making now, if not more) To me, the first two years of Littrell were us (coaches, players, and fans) realizing how good we can really be (and the rest of the conference realizing it too). Now we are in a situation where we're good and everybody knows we're good. Good programs have learned how to take a punch in the face and still come out on top. Each week, we're getting our opponents best shot. What we are seeing as fans, what the staff is seeing as coaches, and what the players are seeing on the field, is what its like to be the top dog. We have a target on our back and everybody we've played (especially in conference) is aiming for a bull's eye. Another thing we should ask ourselves is do we have top 25 talent? I would most definitely say yes at the skills positions. Not sure about our OL/DL. Do we have a top 25 coaching staff? I would say yes. There is definitely room to improve and I believe they have been every week. Do we have a top 25 fan base? I say yes. I wish everyone had the enthusiasm of board members, but I understand we're not there yet.
  3. agw0038

    Seth Post Game Comments (Hint: He's not happy)

    we should all be very happy with his body language. He's pissed off. His team has lost its swagger and is underperforming. This makes him sick to his stomach. Love me some Coach Littrell.
  4. agw0038

    Opening Line Vs UTEP

    So if you suit up every game and never play, does it automatically count as a red-shirt, or does it have to be declared?
  5. agw0038

    Opening Line Vs UTEP

    ohhh... my bad. Dang that rule is so vague. So many ways that it can be manipulated.
  6. agw0038

    Opening Line Vs UTEP

    is Bean red shirting? If so, hes done for the year anyways per the first 4 rule. I agree though, Bean needs to play. Hope he's getting reps and not thinking about transferring. If Harrell can get him slingn' the ball around, that dude is going to be a problem for defenses.
  7. agw0038

    Nic Smith

    Nic seems to function better as a change of pace back. As the o-line continues to gel and get completely healthy we will see more of Nic Smith. We are slowly starting to run more zones and stuff to the outside. It will interesting to see how they attack La Tech.
  8. biggest problem is over blitzing. their receivers are good.
  9. agw0038


    FAU's offense still looks pretty good. Biggest difference seems to be not running as much tempo. They still run a ton of misdirection (which is annoying). More than likely, this will be the best team we play all year.
  10. agw0038

    Lauren Holmes leaving UNT

    she dates one of the players (im pretty sure)
  11. agw0038

    After re-watching the game twice

    how are you rewatching the game? is it posted anywhere? is there a link?
  12. agw0038

    Cross Year Recruiting At This Time

    good stuff! This class is solid. I appreciate being able to see the actual numbers. And I will say despite not landing every recruit (which is inevitable) guys are considering North Texas. 3 star guys are really look hard at our program. That's all you can really ask for at the end of the day, is a shot.
  13. agw0038


    Whats everybody's opinion on how we've been doing recruiting wise? how do we compare to the rest of the conference? smu? UH? How many more years of success do we need before we can really pull recruits away from SMU or UH? GMG
  14. No, unfortunately this is very true. The University of North Texas has some of the top programs in the state - this is a FACT We, however, are not talking about facts. We're talking about opinion, and more specifically perception. We are not a b-list or 2nd chance school because of our programs, no, we are a b-list or 2nd chance school because we perceived as being such. Even in recruiting, rarely is UNT the kids' first choice. Often we are the best fit. And there isn't necessarily anything wrong with that. Now as to the origin of this perception.... we can debate that but I'd say it's combination of lackluster athletics and a commuter school vibe. many in higher education disagree, but the quickest way to get people to take a 2nd look at UNT, and in doing so, come to the realization (through research or whatever) that we are one of the top Universities in Texas is for our football and basketball programs to have consistent success. That's how it works in Texas. People identify with athletics. Bottom line we need to win!!! And win a lot!!!