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  1. sounds like a good deal for them. Do you feel like 16 transfer in one season is a lot?
  2. Generally speaking, i think grad transfer are a good thing. They can sure up some areas of weakness and possibly put you over the top. But 16 in one season is too many. It makes me think they're not very good.
  3. lol at Frank Wilson's comments. Does he come across as smug to anyone else?
  4. Hey Guys, anybody know where i can get the UNT black nike polo?
  5. i stayes at West Hall the Best Hall!😎
  6. Reading through all the posts and definitely appreciate the contract breakdowns. So to sum it all up, if another school decided they wanted him at the end of 2019 what would the dollar amount buyout be?
  7. my question is.... How is this different than what was done last year? I know in the past, this board has discussed the idea of "bidding against yourself". I was hoping someone could break all this contract stuff down. Happy 4th! #GoMeanGreen
  8. this is a pride thing for SMU, they suck and they know they suck. Be on the lookout for their football to do something similar if (when) we start to dominate the series.
  9. The Houston and SMU games are the biggest games of the year and of Littrell's tenure here. Houston is the mid-major top dog in Texas, and we've never beaten SMU in back to back seasons. Attendance, Recruiting, and our confidence headed into conference play will be primarily based on the outcome of these two games. To me, this is literally the season. #WinTexas #GoMeanGreen
  10. interesting conversation.... my take: thats just the way recruiting is these days. Kids are going to put themselves out there. I think we should just enjoy the ride (just like he is). This staff has quickly become the gatekeepers to P5 attention. It is both a compliment and a concern. It is what it is. Sit back and enjoy the ride! 😎 Go Mean Green!
  11. Seems like he's just enjoying going to a bunch of different camps. Good for him, and good for us that we got him! Think he's at FSU today. Go Mean Green!
  12. @TheReal_jayD is Henderson one of the three you were referring to?
  13. Did we have a pretty good shot at him?
  14. completely agree. I also think if Jalen had stayed another year he would've been drafted in 2020. Bussey and Fine should both get drafted
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