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  1. lol, quite the opposite. I think he's more motivated now, then his first year because he's knows how much money he missed out on.
  2. Two ways you can look at it: 1. Littrell is doing what Dodge couldnt do - Fire his friends. The culture at UNT has done a complete 180. This is New Denton. Littrell realized Reeder wasn't a good fit and he did what he had to do. 2. Littrell flinched - Littrell fired his OC after one season. Reeder's offense scored 30.58 points, Harrell's 34.62. So he fires his new OC after one season and after scoring basically only a field goal less than the season before. But Why? My theory is that Littrell realizes he's losing steam nationally a can not afford another losing season. Which ultimately means he's looking to get out of here at some point. This may be obvious to some, but we have some die-hards on here who believe Littrell can do no wrong and that he's going to retire at North Texas. 9 wins and a bowl game victory and I think Littrell is gone.
  3. Its between Bean and Aune. Nobody else is even close. (unless there's a surprise transfer) - Both will get their shot this spring. May the best man win.
  4. did we actually have a chance at landing Beck? I just want to know, based on our pay range, who do we actually have a shot at landing?
  5. has anybody mentioned OU's o-line coach? Bill Bedenbaugh. Pretty sure we can't afford him but he would my selection, especially with Briles gone.
  6. okay so what are the latest rumors? any ideas on who we are actually considering?
  7. yeah, it could also be Lebby from UCF. They just had a kid decommit after picking up an offer from Ole Miss.
  8. i just want Briles.... if he doesn't go to Ole Miss with Kiffin then we may have shot
  9. thanks for the update. I was told that things would speed up after the early signing period.
  10. I guarantee you SMU goes hard after this kid... he is a perfect fit for what they are looking for in a grad transfer QB. An athlete who is used to playing at a high level and grew in an affluent community.
  11. we need to grab that tisdale kid before SMU does
  12. I like Walters and Orlando. Thanks for the info!
  13. Knee. Hopefully just dislocated.
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