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  1. Please explain Lofton's interaction with GMAC
  2. 1. Jones 2. Drez 3. Bell 4. Wright 5. Abou
  3. Losing Mo definitely hurt us. It's one of the main reasons Javion has struggled. He's not getting as many 1 v 1 matchups because the player gaurding Drez is going to help everytime. Mac built this team with Hamlet's dribble-drive and Zac posting up as the focal points anchored by 2 wings players that you would have to gaurd at all times (Reese and Mo). It would have created mismatches all over the place. (Including rebounding with Thomas)
  4. 1. Aune 2. Gilmore 3. ? This is where Bean's departure hurts us. I get it, he wanted to be the guy and it became clear that wasn't going to happen here. But Jason Bean would have easily been the best QB2 in our conference if he would have accepted the role.
  5. 100% Agree. As i have said before, The person most affected by GH leaving was not Mason Fine. It was Jason Bean.
  6. The next guy to break lose on this team will be Deonte Simpson.
  7. SMU is very good offensively. It wasn't just them playing against our awful defensive. They're actually really good on offense. Once they play someone who has some real talent on defense they will lose. As good as they are offensively, their defense is almost as bad as ours. (Keyword - Almost. We're still the worst. smh.)
  8. we offered. He chose UH. I actually think that once he figures out, Aune could be at his level if not better.
  9. I completely agree with this. except for Will Khuene. If Will Khuene is in consideration for meaningful playing time then things are bad. VERY BAD.
  10. The reality is that things were always going to get worse before they got better. We just lost a really good qb on a team that could only muster 4 wins last year. We have a new DC which means new schemes and philosophy. We weren't good last year and we had Mason. So there was going to be a drop off no matter what. Aune is good. He's going through some growing pains. He has shown growth every week. I would say the same the for Seth as a play caller. He still has a few head scratchers but it's getting better. Once Littrell and Aune figure it out we will be a decent team. Littrell wants to play fast and sometimes they look really good. We have to get to the point where we're getting 3 or 7 every offensive possession. Yesterday we had 3 missed FG. Three trips to the redzone with 0 points. This teams best defensive strategy will ultimately be an offense that can score at any moment from anywhere on the field. But they actually have to be like that. They have to get points every offensive possession. That's how we stay in the game. Our defense is very bad and deserve lots of criticism. But it wasn't like they were getting scored on every drive. This teams ability to be competitive is directly tied to Littrell and Aune. Just like it used to be with Littrell and Fine. If our defense turns out to be above average then will have a chance to win conference and possibly be competitive nationally. (2017 and 2018) Those are my thoughts. Go Mean Green!!!
  11. Strong start for them. It would not surprise me if they go 0-3 in October. Also, i think by the time we play them we will be very hard to stop offensively. Our defense will continue to hover around the D+ to C+ range
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