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  1. Very impressive graphic. Great visual layout and love the link to fan sites for your opponents. I’m the admin for ACU’s site. Consider this an open invitation to come on over and troll us (a little bit, don’t be too mean 🥺). It would be a welcome relief from our current discussion about why our fall roster hasn’t been posted.
  2. Thanks for the visit to our site and the invite to chat with you about how our team matches up with the Mean Green. Let’s face it FCS teams don’t have a stellar record when playing FBS teams that aren’t in the bottom 10. A game against a FCS team like ours with a middling record doesn’t generate much fan interest. That said, You are welcome to come on over to our site and share your thoughts if so inclined. Our goal in past years in games like this has been to beat the line. We’ve managed to do that about 75% of the time against the likes of Baylor, Air Force, Colorado State and Fresno State. The betting line for this game hasn’t been posted but the Mean Green will probably be favored by 28 or so points. At a minimum we plan to beat the line whatever it may be, to score more than the 27 points we put on the board against Baylor in last year’s opener, and to collect a guarantee check to help subsidize our athletics program. Many of us us believe we have the talent to do more than meet these minimal expectations. What can I say? It’s the summer. A perfect time for delusions of grandeur before the first snap of fall practice begins and reality bites.
  3. Jared did a stellar job for ACU. He’s one of several connections between ACU and UNT. Riley Mayfield played for ACU before grad transferring to UNT. When we were searching for a new HC two years ago our search committee contacted Graham Harrell, who has deep ACU family connections. He said no thanks, but Wren Baker suggested Adam Dorrel from NW Missouri who eventually became our HC. Those of us from ACU are looking forward to playing the Mean Green. We like the money and a chance to play on a bigger stage than normal. Who know we might even score a few points against you.
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