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  2. I don't see Ron Tiavaasue on the roster, so we used a scholarship on a JUCO TE that only ULM wanted who won't even be here for the spring when we already signed two high school TE's one of which enrolled early? That's almost as irresponsible as having 8 (hopefully at least 11 by next fall) total defensive lineman on scholarship heading in to year 5 as the head coach of an FBS program.
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  4. I’ve missed a bit, but what’s the latest on Rico?
  5. She needs to capitalize on that talent. On another note, there always seems that someone really important gets hurt right before the season starts every year. What do you think that's all about? Is a new S & C coach needed? Last year it was Townley, Tosin Mabodu, and the girl that transferred in here from WV. This year it was the Freshman from Santa Fe in Oklahoma.
  6. We've just had a rough couple of decades. GMG.
  7. Hurricanetown1I.T.S. Freshman read more: https://tulsa.forums.rivals.com/threads/is-this-a-“littrell”-move-for-bloesch-or-an-advancement.19192/
  8. As you should. I would rather take my chances with someone who is unselfish.
  9. I've already said this once. We didn't "go after him" for the same reason Tulane dropped him. And it ain't academics, that's just PR spin. I posted links earlier but he was already found responsible by Tech's Title IX office for having sex with a girl too incapacitated to give consent. In searching his name on twitter when he announced he was transferring, there was some tweets about another sexual assault Tech was investigating. Add to that the other arrest and damage to property. He's a talent but too much of a risk for campuses in this day and age. I wouldn't be surprised if CMU drops him too when they take time to check with Tech. That's what I think happened at Tulane. Put it this way, you think Houston, SMU, Texas State, UTSA, etc. etc. wouldn't be after him if they didn't know it wasn't worth it? There's a reason he's headed to CMU.
  10. I’m older than both of you, so basically my memory these days is sucking wind. We expanded Fouts to move back to D1. I think.
  11. My memory may not be much better than yours, but I’m pretty sure the end zone seats in Fouts were to get us back to D-1.
  12. We don’t have many bad losses, at least in my mind. EMU, Rhode Island, and OU maybe. We played tough teams.
  13. Ummm, we added the aluminum endzone seats to Fouts bringing the capacity to 30,500 or did we do that to get back to 1A? Getting old and the memory is distant.
  14. NT didn’t try very hard at all. As I recall, the requirement was to have a stadium that held 30K. We didn’t, thus dropped to 1AA/FCS. He the administration do the requirements necessary to stay 1A, UNT would have been in the original CUSA, then the AAC, along with Cincinnati, Memphis, Tulsa, Louisville, etc. our old MVC pals.
  15. Post-win coverage. Of note, we have held our last 4 opponents under 60. It's been a very long time since UNT has done that. https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/1/18/mens-basketball-hamlet-sinks-game-winner-for-historic-win.aspx https://latechsports.com/news/2020/1/18/mens-basketball-bulldogs-fall-at-home-on-last-second-shot.aspx
  16. Where do you get that? NT never even tried to fight the re-assignment to 1aa. Others did and remained 1a. Podunk schools unlike what, the great current G5 designated teams now has? NT played their peers in 1aa, just has they are doing now. A lot of those old Southland schools are now considered G5. I would not count on two of the most successful P5 programs in the country, Baylor and TCU dropping down to the G5 level. NT has chosen to invest heavily in athletes relative to their history. NT has aspirations of moving up if there is ever an opportunity. So setting back and being happy about their current status is not the plan and don't comprehend why any fan would want it to be.
  17. That seemed to be the worst of his options.
  18. Not sure how this season will pan out but I do like that we have 53 underclassmen and a lot of them have the size to compete immediately.
  19. Notice that on Mason's TD throw the announcers can't stop talking about how it should have been an INT but the Ohio State wide receiver "saves" him.
  20. Jalie is much like Coach Mac, if you make a stupid mistake or don't hustle back on defense you grab some bench.
  21. Case and point North Texas hadn’t won in Ruston in MBB since the Eisenhower administration. We got to be better then that moving forward...in all sports.
  22. It doesn’t matter what division; wherever we are we need to consistently win most of the games. And that will lead to opportunities to move up. It is a travesty that this massive school in such a rich area can’t consistently win most of its games given the usual competition. The underperformance is SO old I can’t even explain why I even care at all anymore. Shameful effort by administration after administration.
  23. Yep exactly what I was saying. Rice has some good scorers in Adams and Mullins, and these games are always close I predict UNT 75 Rice 69
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