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  2. Nice Brune article on 247 https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/LongFormArticle/Where-every-north-texas-mean-green-football-player-ranked-in-recruiting--145675477/#145675477_7
  3. History Check: CUSA All-time Championships won, UNT moves into #1 spot! NORTH TEXAS (8)* CINCINNATI (7) MEMPHIS (7) CHARLOTTE (6)* MARQUETTE (5) RICE (4)* COLORADO COLLEGE (3) SAINT LOUIS (3) EAST CAROLINA (2) FLORIDA ATLANTIC (2)* SMU (2) DEPAUL (1) SOUTH FLORIDA (1) UCF (1)
  4. If he stays at an .8700 rating, he would be our fourth highest rated recruit ever and third highest to make it to campus coming in just ahead of Michael Pruitt. This size at that age, he's gonna continue to grow.
  5. I personally never considered Ryan's departure reason for concern. I don't find Mo's decision concerning, per se, just so very very odd.
  6. not sure if it affects Basketball but NCAA extended Dead to at least end of May, I believe, but need to double check
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  8. Coach gets results but his style is not for everyone.
  9. Ryan left as a graduate transfer though. That's different. Mo is leaving and will have to sit out a year if he is not given a waiver. Ryan did not have to sit. Plus, Ryan had already proven he could play PG at this level. He couldn't hit a FT to save his life, but he could play the 1.
  10. Anything is possible, but according to BV someone close to the situation says that he wants to play PG to improve his chances of playing in the NBA. I am thinking he did not see himself getting to play PG here much.
  11. Anything is possible, but the concern is Mac has now lost two of his top players in consecutive seasons with Ryan leaving for Gonzaga last year. This one hurts. Mo had two more years to terrorize opponents..
  12. I expect Texas is making a run at Kim Mulkey or has something else lined up before letting her contract expire.
  13. Maybe the kid wants to play in front of bigger crowds? Or maybe he just doesn’t like McCasland? There are a lot of reasons these kids transfer and to be honest, the power teams set this up as there backup for not having to develop kids for 4 years anymore.
  14. I think it came down to. They did not want to sign her to a multi year contract, and she probably would not sign a one year deal. I think schools are going to be careful right now with extensions and such with the uncertain times.
  15. Congratulations to you Jayden ! You and your family will love North Texas! Go Mean Green!!!
  16. I have not problem getting her back to Denton. Jalie is not cutting it.
  17. All true. But she never could get over the Baylor hump.
  18. Saw this coming. Too easy lol Keep an eye on Kim Mulkey.
  19. Her Denton team played so hard. They would run through a wall for her. If there were some way to get Karen back in Denton, we need to make it happen.
  20. Yes. He’s a combo guard, so he would fit as that secondary ball handler on the court like Mo was. I’m very high on his game but don’t want to unfairly hype him up. But I will say, as a prospect he is as good a guard prospect as we have signed since Chris Jones.
  21. Great pick up! Glad to see DFW talent stay local
  22. No clue if she would want to be an assistant here but I’d hire her yesterday. In fact this may not be a popular opinion but I’d rather have her in the head spot even though I appreciate Jalie and love the fact she is one of our own.
  23. Can the new recruit from Houston play the two spot? I was thinking he will be more of a 3 in this offense
  24. Still worth bringing in to help Jalie or worth a look to bring back if Jalie can’t get it done.
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