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Another Realignment Article


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Here's a story from something called Saturday Blitz.  https://saturdayblitz.com/2021/10/11/aac-football-realignment-mapping-out-new-conference/

It has no sources, and here is their CUSA proposal of: 

"SMU, Louisiana, UTSA, and Louisiana Tech would headline the new-look Conference-USA. ... Other teams that would comprise C-USA would be UTEP, North Texas, Rice, Tulsa, UL-Monroe, Texas State, and basketball only UT–Arlington."

This looks like baseless speculation.   Why a 10 team football division?  Why wouldn't Tulane want to be in a division with RICE, SMU and TULSA?   Why would a division include UTA for basketball and not also include WITCHITA STATE?


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1 minute ago, ColoradoEagle said:

This is regional G5 wishcasting. SMU would sooner drop football than be in the same conference as ULM.

To be fair, no one should want to be matched with UL-Monroe.  They need to get the NMSU treatment and get booted from D1.

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The bottom line appears to be this : 1] The Big 12 is not thru expanding but is going to take a time out to digest their 4 new members while discharging Texas and Oklahoma. 2] The MWC in not doing  anything  until the Big 12 makes its move or until hell freezes over 3] Both the SBC and CUSA are hunkered down in their respective bunkers awaiting a preemptive strike by the AAC. 4] The MAC is wondering what the fuss is all about.

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