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  1. Today is certainly a brighter day than a couple days ago. Didn't we go through something similar with Mason Fine only not as involved?
  2. Arch's grandfather, Archie Manning’s $600,000 salary led all NFL players in 1981. It's possible that Arch could be paid more than that as a college freshman.
  3. The bolded font indicates a photo of that coach is included for your viewing pleasure.
  4. Good interview with a legendary coach. I think it would be fun this coming season, following a good defensive stand, to do a take off of the "NORTH......TEXAS" cheer: "COACH......BENNETT".
  5. Let's get together and ask Harry if GoMeanGreen could start a new category called, "Transfers to Other Schools".
  6. Just an observation: I don't know what it all means but, it is interesting that the day after our "Excellent Spring Football Thing" we're churning up RV stories.
  7. Women’s basketball is near the top. “A lot of female athletes have social media followings, especially on Instagram and TikTok, that marketers crave,” Doerr said. “They cut across different demographics. They reach the youth space. They reach, for lack of a better term, the soccer mom space. They reach the 18-to-25-year-old space, both female and male. … Who follows them is a really tough demographic to reach. Some of these quarterbacks, they have big followings, but those followings are almost people you already have in your ecosystem.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2022/03/30/womens-college-basketball-endorsements-nil/?utm_campaign=wp_post_most&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&wpisrc=nl_most&carta-url=https%3A%2F%2Fs2.washingtonpost.com%2Fcar-ln-tr%2F3672ffd%2F624482783e6ed13ade469cb3%2F5bd39801ade4e2323ef16c75%2F52%2F72%2F624482783e6ed13ade469cb3
  8. Buffy, can you show Daddy where they touched your pony?
  9. Thanks, BillieSee. I hope he reaches his plans and his dreams become reality. I also hope he has a tolerant sense of humor and if he reads these boards I want him to know that I thank him for the millions of hours of practice and sacrifice...the weight room, more practice, and the incredible willingness to serve and be ready all the while knowing most other students were out partying and doing what students do and, most of all I thank him for choosing our beloved North Texas !
  10. I heard he was weighing his NIL options against Social Security benefits...no word yet on the redshirt from Medicare. Coach said he's become just like family. Apparently he wants to stay around at least until the McCasland kids graduate high school. The youngest child said with a sad face, "It just won't be the same without Uncle Jamiah."
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