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  1. The final score made last night's game look way more lopsided than it was. They very nearly lost to one of the worst teams in the league. When they showed the graphic of current division leaders, it was embarrassing to see everyone at 8-0 or 7-1, and then the Cowboys there at 4-3. If they don't start getting it together, this has got to be Garrett's last year. Especially with Urban Meyer expressing interest.
  2. As much as this is a "joke" shirt, I think it really captures the spirit of Trump's base.
  3. The left had no idea that Trump could strip Pelosi of her title on the spot. Shrewd tactics like that are why the left is calling him a mastermind. He did something no one ever thought possible, and many people had never heard of before today.
  4. The issue is not partying or having bad moments in college. The issue is perjury.
  5. Still hard to fathom how some people are unable to tell the difference between disliking a foreign government and hating Jewish people, but here we are.
  6. Turns out having to stay home with my gf after knee surgery was a blessing. Who knew.
  7. It's UH. They're our counterpart, it's an in-state game that will be covered in two of the largest media markets in the country, and we need to start being competitive with AAC teams not named SMU ahead of any kind of conference reshuffling.
  8. SMU fans always seem very bent on what they can't control. UH and UNT fans embrace what they have, and keep fighting for more. It's why we're trending up and SMU is fighting to hold on. Any kind of rivalry aside, I do wish them luck. They just need to show up for SMU football, regardless of who's sitting across from them. When another school like us, UH, Texas Tech, etc comes to their stadium and automatically fills half of it, it's time for some introspection.
  9. Details on the changes. Confirmed no longer on FSSW: https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/9/3/football-new-fprmat-for-beyond-the-green.aspx
  10. Ah, thanks for the confirmation. What it appears like to me, whether Ashton is still involved or not, is that they're taking the same type of content and breaking it up into separate videos on YouTube. The game recap is similar to any recap that was done on BTG. They've also been uploading player vignettes like "Born and Bred", "Get to Know", and mic'd up videos. What seems to be missing is the game prep, off the field, and on campus type videos. I'm sure we'll see more content now that the season is on.
  11. There's a game recap vid with the title "Beyond the Green". Seems like bad news for those hoping for a return of the long format show.
  12. Quality trash talk. I approve.
  13. I was shocked that the author, who clearly put the most research into SMU, went to SMU.
  14. It's also on CBS Sports Network.
  15. We now get DirecTV?
  16. You're right. When I was checking the listings, I was also looking at the week after.
  17. Not on the schedule for FSSW, and didn't see anything on ESPN+ or Stadium. My guess is that, if it's still being done, it'll be YouTube/Facebook only. Well, and last year it didn't show up on the FSSW schedule until a day or two before it aired, so maybe...
  18. I feel like everybody knows who Biden is. He has questionable views on race and always has to some degree or another. He's also not concerned about associating with racists given his past relationships in Congress. None of that is really worrying in 2019. What's worrying is that his 'gaffes' seem more like the onset of senility than "whoops, didn't mean to say that."
  19. So for tickets to this, when you buy from the AD there's no indication of where you'll be sitting vs. buying from the SMU ticket office. Anyone have that info? It looks like basically in the corner going by their seating map, but of course the exact seats aren't shown.
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