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Greetings UNT fans


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Hello UNT fans. I just registered and can't wait for the season - particularly when Tony Mitchell is eligible.

I had the pleasure of knowing and helping to coach Tony when he went to Pinkston HS. I had been involved over there before Tony showed up, and was lucky enough to help out while he was there as well.

I can tell you that he is a fantastic young man and it is a shame that he had to sit out a year. Of course that resulted in his enrolling at UNT and the time is approaching for him to suit up again.

When it comes to basketball there no other way to put it - Tony truly has a very rare combination of athletic ability, skill, and work ethic/coachability/humility. He has the size of an NBA big man and attacks the rim with authority. He also has guard skills when he needs to, and I have seen him size someone up on the dribble and drain a 3-pointer many times.

I travelled to the Texas Jamboree in November of 2009 and it was simply one of the most dominating performances I have seen at any level of basketball. Tony was NBA ready 2 years ago according to some Dallas bball insiders. I would agree with that.

I could go on and on but I will be back to add more as the season approaches.

Here is an article from 2009 - keep in mind Tony will be 2 years bigger, stronger, more skilled, etc. He may have been ruled ineligible by the NCAA, but he has worked out hard and played on Team USA U18 and U19, and was the leading rebounder and shot blocker even though he played limited minutes.

2 years ago at a top HS event in Texas:


Standout players

Tony Mitchell, PF/SF (6-8, 215)

Mitchell was simply terrific, displaying high-level athletic ability on both ends of the floor. He finished around the basket with power dunks on clear paths and in traffic. He rebounded at rim level in and out of his area on a consistent basis. Mitchell also is an excellent ball handler for his size and is great pushing the ball after pulling down a defensive rebound. He is a threat to go coast to coast if not brought under control by the transition defense. When Mitchell was not looking into the rim on one of his many dunks, he hit the midrange jumper with needed time and space. He also posted smaller defenders and elevated over them with ease to score in the lane. Mitchell can run the floor like a gazelle, and on defense, he has the speed, quickness and lateral movement to guard the 2, 3 or 4 position. He must add strength and work to extend his shooting range, but this live-body forward will keep Tigers fans on their feet with his high-wire act. He was by far the best player this weekend.

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2:10 shows why he's a freak w guard skills at 6'8 probably 230 now. You can see how he dunks w authority whenever he can but can handle and shoot it like a guard.

Lsu is going down....and a sun belt title. I believe jones knows what he has and will maximize Tonys amazing abitlity with a great supporting cast.

Chris jones is a real player too btw

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I think tony is certainly capable of playing point fw. As the espn article stated he can play all over the floor. Espn was speaking defensively but I think he has the offensive skills to help handle and break the press.

I'm not sure how much all those guys have played together honestly. I don't worry about too much of an adjustment period tho. I think tony is so good his impact will be tremendous regardless and I'm confident johnny jones and staff will have them ready and on same page by lsu

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Thanks, I'm just a fan and not a basketball insider like yourself so I appreciate your wise input!!! Glad to have you here in the Mean Green Nation. Our board can get kind of lively so I'm sure you'll enjoy everyone's opinion as we'll as us looking forward to yours. As others will attest I drink from the Green Kool-Aid fountain when it comes to Mean Green BB!!!

Go Mean Green!!!!

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