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AAC=MAJOR(not Mid) Basketball Conference


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I just realized that the American Athletic Conference is a Major Basketball Conference.  As such, we could get at least two qualifiers for the Big Dance.  We are no longer considered a mid-major.  I'm hoping that could play a factor in our being chosen by recruits.  Baby steps but an advancement none the less.

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5 hours ago, MrAlien said:

The MWC has sent 4 teams to The Tournament the last couple years as a "mid major" conference.  If not for Memphis upsetting Houston in the conference final, the AAC probably would have been a 1 bid conference last year. 

Outside of Houston and Memphis, no other AAC school had a high NET ranking last year. The AAC is actually getting better in terms of NET rankings with FAU (13), UNT (30), and UAB (39) replacing Cincy (63) and UCF (66). NET rankings and seasons end after all tournaments were over.

If FAU, UNT, and UAB handle business in out ot conference, the new AAC has the makings of a 3 bid conference.


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9 hours ago, GrayEagle said:

I believe that when the Big East broke up and Connecticut left the renamed American Athletic Conference, I assumed that it would be re-classified a mid-major conference.  Evidently, Memphis, Houston and Cincinnati were considered strong enough to keep the rating.

The Big East is strange because it still exists, even though the AAC was a descended from it, so is the new Big East given several of the original schools stayed and then Connecticut moved back a few years ago.


Since the Huskies won a National Title in the AAC almost immediately after the league formed/originated under a new name,--- that likely helped it not being called a Mid Major league by many.

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