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  1. Probably one of the few areas I'll selectively wear one. Mostly because people stink and I seem to always be seated next to the guy who brings egg salad on the plane.
  2. UGA and Penn St basketball fanbases are not large. Should the team take a turn, sure, they'll catch more on the wagon.
  3. Best of luck, Drez. Been fun watching you play in green and white.
  4. Because he's going somewhere else? 😪
  5. I'd pay serious coin for some tees with these logos on them. I'll take flying worm too, but we have seen that in print a little more the last few years.
  6. Tylor was definitely struggling with something. The most critical I was were a few of his late 2H possessions where he wanted very late shot clock deep contested 3s. We know he makes those, but they're definitely a gamble I'd rather not take.
  7. I can accept not making the tournament. I cannot accept a douchebaging loss to Texas St.
  8. We get smoked today and our at large bid gets very hard to buy.
  9. First 5 minutes of 2nd half will say it all. This has UTEP vibes all over it. LT D is suffocating us.
  10. Hopefully this is the one we needed to get out of our system.
  11. Russia wants Odessa - not just those 2 areas. They've lacked a freshwater port since USSR breakup.
  12. Not happy with this disrespect.
  13. Some nights the basketball doesn't fall. That's why I like our team built on defense - much more consistency. I still worry that we'll have an off night behind the arch or teams that force us to the line more frequently that may derail us even further.
  14. We’re going to land higher than 12 if we win out or drop only one remaining. Boise shouldn’t be 5 seeds ahead of us. I could see us as high as a 10 if we keep this up.
  15. Winning out and losing in CCG gives us the best shot. Had we not dropped Buffalo and/or held on v. Miami we'd be sitting a lot more comfortable.
  16. I dislike all flags that are riffs on the classic American flag - looking at you, lifted truck with the diamond plated black and white American flag.
  17. I throw it on when making and eating dinner. I watch all Mavs games so that takes priority most evenings. Nothing against the Olympics, something about the internet age playing spoiler has taken away a lot of the luster for me. If I was watching live competitions I'm sure I'd feel different.
  18. I trust coach. We've won 12 of our last 13 conference games and haven't lost a conference road game since Feb 27, 2021. We still have some tough games ahead, but this team is built for road games.
  19. No sarcasm. I understand COVID eliminated the year of sitting out which prevented a lot of the G5 talent from transferring "up" to P5 in the past. Assuming this comes back into play then this acts as a buffer and decreases the number in the portal in future years. NIL still tempts G5 talent to jump to a P5, but they'd have to wait it out (absent family illness, grad xfer, other reasons NCAA has approved). I'm a casual when it comes to understanding transfers and NIL.
  20. So post COVID we'll revert to the same transfer rules, right? Generally sit out a year @ FBS xfer level absent exception or grad xfer? But NIL would cause some to be ok with that and sit on their monetarily enriched hands?
  21. At the age of 35 I'm now playing this to my advantage. In my 20s I had a fair amount of lean body mass. In my 30s I'm trading that for beer weight. Look mom, no change in weight/BMI!
  22. I think I disagree. Now a good G5 player has to consider staying in his G5 program, getting more playing time without NIL money or potentially hitting the portal, getting paid to fill a hole, play next man up at the P5. He may not develop or get as much playing time at the P5 than at G5 but $ now vs. potential NFL $ later is going to potentially lead to more leaving the G5s. Correct my understanding of NIL and transfer portal if I'm off base in how all this works.
  23. If we don't do something, yes. The rules of the game must change if that's the case. Body bag games? Just went up - more $ or we want a % of the gate. Two for ones in scheduling? Turn the other way - you come to us now. NCAA has to do something or why are we wasting our resources? I'm all for the free market exchange of players, with some light rules in place, but its not just the players that need to be enriched here, it's the farm system as well.
  24. Let's play this one out. Hey Mr. large UNT donor: instead of donating large amounts of $ this year to the AD how about you pay into an NIL pool instead? A&M just paid us $5m for the body bag! So ya, it's one in the same.
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