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  1. What if the most accurate is Gunnell and the healthiest is Ruder?
  2. Not positive, but I believe that it refers to the beginning of basketball season.
  3. How about hiring a QB coach that has played the position? Gunnell was good but hasn't played in two seasons (except for two short series this year) with one of those out with injuries. Ruder has had limited experience and needs tutoring by someone who has been a quarterback coach. Both were highly rated and I can't help but believe that both can become polished quarterbacks. Give each a start and if they have trouble then let Aune come in and finish. Give Gunnell the most reps because he has two seasons of eligibility left while Ruder has only one. I don't see any of the other quarterbacks as potential starters. Head might be a good backup but he is a little shorter; but then so was Mason Fine.
  4. Skip Holtz is the head coach of the Birmingham franchise in the spring football league. He won the championship. He might want to stay where he is; it would help solidify the league. I have no idea if his salary would advance or if it would be a lateral movement.
  5. I believe that you hire a coach that has been at a higher level therefore you start him at least at Seth's salary or probably above. Only if you choose to hire an up and coming coordinator or an FCS coach would you start him at a lower salary. With the move to the AAC I believe that we hire a coach with lots of wins or winning percentage.
  6. P.S. I missed commenting on my ending my ninth decade. I am now more than a year into my tenth decade.
  7. No, Jim, I have never heard of Richard Pennington so I went to my Alumni Directory and it seems that they have never heard of him either. However, I did find a James G. Plummer Jr. that got a BS (appropriate?) degree in 1976. My guess is Richard Pennington was some media type that was in the DFW area in the mid 50s-early 60s who may have been a Dallas Texans fan or even worked for the Texans. One source that I found was a sports journalist who said that Abner should have been in the Pro Football Hall of Fame but that he played in the wrong league for too long so he formed his own American Football League Hall of Fame and put Abner along with twenty or so outstanding AFL players in it. Thanks for the kudos re my longevity and with the Eagles/Mean Green. I didn't see all of the games since the 1948 season and now but take out the years 1951-1954 (in the service) and 1964-1967 (lived in West Texas and could only come for Homecoming) and I saw very close to 100%. I also saw about two dozen away games. I boycotted the first year that we were back to 1-AA but then I saw all seven years? after that. Oh, by the way, the only game that I saw in the 1951-1954 era was the opening of Fouts Field. I happened to be home on leave. The person from the Golden Triangle who said that the Mean Green were hard to follow could have been me. I was born in Port Arthur but left before school age.
  8. Happy Birthday, Abner my man! I hope I last long enough to see your statue completed on Unity Plaza. You are most definitely deserving. In fact, I don't believe that anyone else could have brought us together the way that you did. My thanks for you and for all that made this possible. God bless you.
  9. I think that he's embarrassed by the losses. All he would be able to say is we'll review the film of this game and correct the mistakes. Same old story. Losses tend to give you a complex. You keep wondering what the next mistake will be. It also makes it more difficult to recruit to a school that is constantly losing. You lose your confidence.
  10. I admit that I'm a little puzzled that Seth didn't take over the play calling with so much at stake. He was successful at it for six years and it had a bearing on his landing this job. I realize that it's even more stress but with his salary wouldn't it be worth it? Our play calling has been especially ineffective in the red zone.
  11. Well, many. But there's a difference between constructive criticism and hate.
  12. The best coach with the best major college record...Tom Herman (54-22). He may not be Mr. Congeniality but he wins. Best major college coach that WB has worked with...Justin Fuente Best college coach with the most major college wins (181)...Gary Patterson. Best coordinator (no head coaching experience) for our situation...Graham Harrell. These would be my favorites in the order presented.
  13. Just because Wren may not make the announcement before the season's end doesn't mean that he hasn't contacted his favorite(s) and perhaps even interviewed them. I think that he needs to talk to Don Lovelace soon to soften the blow and perhaps save the big contributor for similar contributions over time. I don't know why the AD has waited this long but I'd bet it has something to do with money. It's obvious that this needs to happen ASAP or it may scare off another big donor and thousands of fans. Wren is a very good AD and will do the right thing. Although football may not be his forte I still that you will see a good/great hire. The new football coach might want to wait until the end of the season to see what assistants are available. I think that its doubtful that he would retain the entire staff.
  14. I'd say at the end of the season. There's not a lot to gain by doing it now.
  15. Also remember that Ford Stadium will be a little north of 40,000 in 2027. They will put stands where the south berm now exists.
  16. The announcement was made by Vito. Remembering the play when he was injured, I'd say that it could be anything from a sprained ankle to torn ligaments.
  17. I am not so sure that Wren would go that route. In fact, I believe that Jason Fuente is high on his list because he knows him from when they were both at Memphis. He might even work for a song right now since he has 7.5 million coming from Virginia Tech. He's only 46 with seven years as a head coach; probably too young to think of retirement.
  18. I don't think that will be a significant problem. PB talks to the defense whenever they are not on the field correcting flaws. The defense usually gets better as the game goes on. My main concern would be injuries. We've already lost John Davis for a significant number of games. If something happens to Gaddie we are screwed.
  19. They are fine backs when healthy but in their stead we saw BK Jackson and Preston Landis and each contributed a TD. What a deep stable of running backs and it's hard to know who will break out in any game. If we should get another head coach we need to put in his contract that he must retain Coach Cobbs.
  20. Didn't they do this to Michigan a few years back? Watch out for the SBC. Marshall also beat Notre Dame.
  21. I think that there will be divisions now that we'll have 14 teams. It will cut travel expense.
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