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  1. Actually he was the second best behind KD Davis in both total tackles and tackles per game. He almost doubled his tackles from the previous year (68 vs. 38).
  2. Rivals has him as an outside linebacker and I'm thinking that may be his best position since he is a little undersized for FBS as a WDE. He has quickness and an affinity for hitting that should serve him well at linebacker. I think that this is a great pickup.
  3. A shout for Duval County where Jacksonville is located.
  4. Pass Breakup is usually abbreviated 'PBU'.
  5. He could play football at that weight but to graduate he would have to be 215-220 maximum. That's what it is for the naval academy and I believe for the other academies as well. The service academies don't want overweight officers.
  6. Maybe it was academics but he would have eventually faced another major hurdle in that he would have to lose 50-60 pounds before he could graduate from the academy.
  7. It's OK. We're not a stickler for exactness. We changed the talon sign from three fingers forward to two fingers. So far, I haven't seen an eagle with only two front talons.
  8. First of all I hope that he can play up to his expectations. But I am befuddled as to how he got such a high rating from the composite. He came from a small school in Kansas where (I'll take a flyer) their competition was weaker than 80-90% of the high schools in Kansas. His passing statistics were not very good and surely his receivers were not that poor. Yet, he received a four-star rating from the average of three rating services. His career at North Carolina certainly doesn't uphold that high rating. In three seasons he competed in only six games, completing 7 of 9 passes for about a
  9. I think that you are right. Phil will coach safeties but as Defensive Coordinator he has responsibility for the entire defense. I think that he will mentor his son-in-law to be and help him to succeed. Passwater's only experience on the defensive side of the ball was as a GA. It is definitely abnormal for a coach to move that high immediately. But, due to the unique circumstances, this just might work.
  10. I realize that Leon King did not have an easy time of it but without Abner there would be no statue. Abner is the one with the accomplishments. Both were the victims of Jim Crow times but Abner had more abuse on the field because he was so good. Some of the games were reminiscent of the guards in The Longest Yard with the eye-gouging, hitting after the whistle, piling on etc. Abner has been perhaps the greatest ambassador for North Texas of all of our graduates and I heartily support a statue of him on the student side of Apogee. Then I move that the nominations cease.
  11. Yes, it was an oversight...my bad! The reason is that they had him rated as a safety (and also as Kevyon Davis). His rating as a safety was .8165.
  12. The Real jay-D charted the personnel by position the defensive personnel that will be available to the DC this fall. I won't be as detailed as jay-D but I did want to list them with the combined average generated by 247 Sports. By doing that you can see the quality of the players as they came from high school. Of course, not all of these rates are valid today. Some have risen; some have fallen. For example, the one that I would rate the highest today is, I believe the lowest generated average. However, Dion Novil has added fifty pounds of muscle and 28 TFLs while being largely double-te
  13. You can't keep success (or failure) hidden under a rock. Every public school must submit a report to the Department of Education with Title IX information. That includes total revenue and expenses. It especially includes the amount spent on women's sports vs. men's sports. I didn't think that we'd do very well this time but last year we had a surplus of over a million dollars. There are two primary reasons for this...donors and the student athletic fee. Of course, it takes a sharp Athletic Director to manage those funds efficiently. The DOE Title IX Report covers September through Augus
  14. Pour me a little more green kool-aid and I might predict 10-2. Until then I'm thinking more like 7-5. I'm thinking the new defensive coaches will coach their asses off this first year.
  15. Keep thinking! You may be on a roll. You can even expand to Randy fries, Kelly Fries and Zack Fries. All were UNT lettermen.
  16. Well, Scott was the highest paid commissioner in the NCAA with nothing noteworthy in accomplishments. When you make over $4 million dollars per annum there should be something to show for it.
  17. Wow! It's hard to believe that the kicker is not on scholarship. He is often in the top three scorers and yet he has to pay his own way? Do the kicker, punter and long snapper get their meals paid?
  18. It's a good problem to have but if the Murphy twins are the starters at DE we lose our best potential DE (Devonte McCrae) as a starter. I think that McCrae will be much more effective in a four man line than he was in the three.
  19. John Skladany retired in 2014; the year before McCarney was fired.
  20. I don't think that age is that much of a factor. As someone pointed out, John Skladany is probably the best DC in the last ten years and he was 64 when he came here. Bennett didn't retire because he had lost interest in the game or couldn't get a job; he retired for health reasons. That was apparently the reason that he only lasted the one year at Arizona State. He is now healthy again and ready to go to work. His best work was at Baylor where he was essentially fourth in the Big XII against a lot of formidable offenses. I'm hoping that he can get us to at least fourth in CUSA. With our
  21. Great win! Happy for Chris Wright and the Aledo Bearcats.
  22. Bowden is 63 and still receiving buyout from Akron so he was easy to overlook and not everyone wants an old coach. Rich Rod is 57 with some good coaching skins, especially at West Virginia. Bowden called him because his QB son was in the transfer portal and Terry asked him if he'd like to coach his son who has two years of eligibility left. Good timing and I believe that he is also getting paid on his buyout from Arizona. Both coaches have more than 150 wins and ULM was able to get them for a song. Good thing, because ULM's revenue is the smallest in the FBS and they have had one winning
  23. That might work. They'd never believe that he'd run it three times in a row.
  24. I'm lost as to who Hall is. The only Hall that I know that used to coach under Fuente is now the head coach at Southern Miss. We have no Hall on our staff that I can find. I'd be OK with Ekeler if push came to shove. He was CoDC when he was here last and at least he puts fire in the belly of his players and maybe he'd have done better if he'd had it alone. But, this is a make or break year for Seth and he needs complete confidence in his hire.
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