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  1. Even if we add 300,000 new viewers? That's the opinion of many but no one to my knowledge has figured the plusses and minuses. We'd have to build a strong football program in the next few years to make a good case. As for SMU I don't believe that there is the animosity that once existed between us. We left the teachers college status about 70 years ago and most of that stigma has been removed. As to openings, Connecticut hasn't been replaced. If that is decided before we gain support then the only other possibilities are Tulsa throwing in the towel or the AAC deciding to expand to 14 tea
  2. I believe that both are some kind of offers that are still open. He hasn't accepted either yet. Both were posted yesterday; possibly back to back. If he gets a full ride offer from a FBS school I would think that he would take it assuming that both our offer and TSU's offer are PWO.
  3. I saw that Brewer de-committed from TCU. Reading between the lines it could be that he was a PWO at TCU and may have been given a scholarship to North Texas. My take is that Bennett was involved in the recruitment which I would have doubts that he would have talked to him about a PWO and he had a scholarship to give due to the loss of Willie Simmons. i
  4. Another good Arlington Martin offensive lineman. I like his size and footwork. I'd sure like for us to get this one.
  5. I can see that going one way...benefitting the P5s. They can cherry pick the best from the Gs and reap the rewards. The best that we can do is get a pretty decent player who isn't getting any/enough playing time.
  6. An extra 1 for the appropriate use of seamlessly.
  7. The consensus of all the picks that I have seen is fifth round. The earliest that I have seen is the third round and the latest the seventh. Jaelon was a little unlucky in that this will be a strong receiver class. I haven't seen any of the gurus that have seen him as a free agent. I think that he did his job in that Simpson will become a better receiver and Brown, Jackson, Johnson and Shorter will be better receivers after seeing Darden's work effort. There could be others too as his film will likely be constantly reviewed in the receiver meeting room.
  8. He was in school when I was. My time covered nine years with four years in the service splitting my beginning and ending. Jim Hampton was featured in the Yucca in 'a day in the life of a student' photo page in the middle 50s. I only spoke to him a few times briefly and I considered him to be very likable.
  9. Which way? I think that it's grossly unfair for a biological male to compete with biological females.
  10. In addition to the fact that the transfer portal should be larger this year I believe that North Texas will be more attractive to transfers because of the success that we had at the Dance.
  11. Division III does not offer athletic scholarships.
  12. Officially, both Farrell and Bray were released "for violation of team rules". Bray went to Tulsa and as far as I know will start for Tulsa this fall. I don't think either tackle committed anything super serious. It looks like Bray has moved on and I hope that Farrell will do the same. Broesch is his coach and I hope that he can help him. I also wish him the best whether he returns or not.
  13. I think that we will be improved this year but not near as much as in 2022. I think that we will have six wins this year but I hope 8-4 so I'm going to compromise in the middle...7-5. I won't pick the bowl win or loss because I don't know who the opponent will be.
  14. I missed the 5 things that are likely to be done to improve the defense. I might add that PB will use multiple formations and the same player might not excel in all formations so that the starter and the backup could switch positions against different opponents.
  15. It would be great if we could get both Hamlet and Reese back for another year. I think that Hamlet is good enough for the NBA and I wish him success but if he doesn't make it this time and doesn't want to play overseas then maybe he'd return for another try. I believe that Reese is looking for an elite team as a showcase for his talents and if he doesn't get one then I believe that he might return. I also wish that we could get another big man with the equivalent of Simmons talent but I know that they are as scarce as hen's teeth. With the talent that is coming in, I believe that the bench
  16. The size is probably right but Hudl has him 5'8" and 185 lbs. Runs the 100 and 200 meters. Reportedly ran 11.25 100 meters as a sophomore. No one catches him from behind.
  17. He is much like Torrey only a little faster. He can also play the slot.
  18. Jason Bean went through the transfer portal so I have no doubt that Kansas is giving him a scholarship. Based on last year's quarterback he would be a strong candidate to start. Last year Bean ranked 32nd in passing rating and Howard (last year quarterback at KU) ranked 95. I realize that P5 defensive backs are much tougher to throw against than G5s but that's still a big difference. Lifer and Wag Tag I think nailed his two worse faults. He is not a team player. If he is not in the game he becomes disinterested; moping around on the sidelines instead of cheering on whoever is quarterback
  19. He was a good one and will be sorely missed. We don't really have a replacement for him. Ousmane is just not as agile but not many are.
  20. He was pretty good at the linebacking craft as well.
  21. Although it may not have happened yet, I believe that Finn Corwin will also receive a scholarship. Also, the roster indicates that Loronzo Thompson has been returned to wide receiver. Caleb Johnson will be a future starter if he wants to be a receiver (his high rating was as a cornerback). If the 4* receiver in the transfer portal should want to follow Ruder we could have the strongest and deepest receivers in G5.
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