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UNT 2018-2019 Basketball Rosters

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The UNT 2018 - 2019 basketball rosters have been released.

Men's Basketball 2018-19 Roster: http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-baskbl/mtt/ntex-m-baskbl-mtt.html 

Women's Basketball 2018-2019 Roster: http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/w-baskbl/mtt/ntex-w-baskbl-mtt.html

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Thank you for posting this Chris.

Two very explosive rosters in my opinion.

on the men’s side -  minutes are going to be hard to come by, assuming everyone stays healthy.  So many weapons.  Interested to see how good the Russian is but he is basically a freshman so it will take some time to adjust to the game.  

Excited for the ladies as well.  Velma Mitchell could provide a big boost.

lots to be excited about in the UNT sports teams these days!  GMG

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2 hours ago, GrandGreen said:

Again, can't remember when the three main sports were so promising going into a season.  

True, and then soccer will be their usual and volleyball is on the rise.  Sports across the board look very strong.

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4 minutes ago, ntmeangreen11 said:

For those who got to see Umoja Gibson before the injury last year how did he look?

His bio says he started both games as a true freshman he clearly has talent, what can we expect from him this season?

Others like @BillySee58 and @Cooley can answer this better than me, but I would say he is very athletic and a good defender for his size.  I think he can give you minutes at the PG position but is not a true PG per se more of a shooting guard that can penetrate with the basketball.  He’s a good player and was just getting started when he had his injury.  I definitely see him getting significant minutes this season if he stays healthy.  The only problem is there is more depth this season and more competition at every position.

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