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  1. Okay, cool, I was only returning the sentiment. This isn't huge, the CUSA thing was though.
  2. No, in fact, they don't. And screw you, douche. Tired of the NTDaily making us looking like a fool in regional media. We already get enough crap without the NTDaily making three HUGE mistakes in a week. One of which would get you fired.
  3. What did I say? The NT Daily is an embarrassment to our campus.
  4. Sounds like the little guys will continue to get screwed.
  5. Please stop talking about making rivalries with UTSA and State-San Marcos. We're not an upstart. We shouldn't even be associating with them.
  6. They're kids that a.) get paid and b.) will be going to a professional job where mistakes like yesterday get you fired.
  7. I wouldn't criticize if the Daily didn't make MAJOR mistakes daily. Like the twitter crap the other day.
  8. The NT Daily is so, so, so bad.
  9. The NT Daily made another mistake this morning. Apparently Marshall is in Texas? Seriously, NT Daily, you live up to your reputation.
  10. They're in the basement of the GAB.
  11. It all makes sense. Thus it'd be announced WEDNESDAY at UNT about the CUSA
  12. Google UNT CUSA April for your information.
  13. Aggie, Sooner and Red Raider fans have reasons to be arrogant. SMUt fans have NO reason. They are famous for getting the Death Penalty and James killing hookers, that's it.
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