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  1. I was not a fan of the hire but I don't think a 4th defensive lineman would magically make us better. We almost always have an edge player on the LOS anyways he's just not in a 3 point stance. I know no one wants to hear this, but almost 2/3rds of the roster is made up of redshirt sophomores or younger. Only 23 scholarships between the junior and senior classes. We should be competing for conference championships next year and beyond, no excuses.
  2. 2017: FAU 69, UNT 31, CCG: FAU 41 UNT 17, Bowl: Troy 50 UNT 30 2018: Bowl: Utah State 52 UNT 13 2019: Two 20+ point losses to Houston and SMU. 2020: SMU 65-35, UTSA curb stomping us before half, likely to be a blowout barring a miracle. We don't just lose every big game, we get our asses handed to us.
  3. Is there anyone on this forum who could message me and help me understand the current rules regarding eviction? I'm not trying to put anyone out on the street but my mother has a tenant who owes for five months now and was VERY rude about wanting plumbing repairs done at thehouse. Once they learned they couldn't be evicted because of covid they stopped paying. My mother is the nicest lady around and doesn't deserve this. From what I understand the Cares act runs through Jan 4th but we would like them out now is there anything I can do?
  4. Man, McCrae blew that badly. If Harris keeps there there's three players to stop him outside, he's been a disappointment this season.
  5. Jesus christ he was untouched. How is the front seven getting destroyed this bad, these are video game numbers.
  6. He missed it with 100 whistles going off at the same time then he would have been 5 yards closer.
  7. You should go for it on their 22 on 4th and 2 but I also think when you've come away with 0 points on first two possessions you have to take the 3 there.
  8. Starting walk on John Davis and backup Whitlock at corner again and both look outmatched early. Bean had a running lane on the interception as well, would like to see him scramble more.
  9. Really didn't like that second play call, same motion as the first play making it obvious it won't go to Darden again and a run on second and long which is statistically the worst choice you can make.
  10. "This is one nose tackle prospect who I’d be surprised if he escapes Day 2." I know we are all naturally pessimistic (6 out of my first 7 seasons as a fan I didn't see more than 3 wins in a season) but I feel a whole lot better about the streak finally ending this season.
  11. Sophomores McCrae and Nixon, RS freshmen Murphy twins really progressing as the season goes on, Bean (SO) with another great game and an OL of entirely underclassmen dominating the LOS. We are gelling at the right time and it's the young guys making the difference.
  12. Aside from the penalty the defense has carried over the effort and enthusiasm from the MTSU game and showing signs of life. Starting to see the young guys flash more often, love the fight I am seeing from the team it would have been easy to fold if they didn't stop them on 4th down. GMG Let's win this thing
  13. We look like a team that hasn't played in 35 days. The offense has let the defense down a couple times now, a rice touchdown here could be the ballgame early.
  14. Backbreaking undisciplined penalties, a staple of the Littrell era, by a senior nonetheless. Unreal
  15. Man, three easily telegraphed runs at midfield, zero targets for Darden on the first drive no bueno
  16. Back to back to back incredible plays by Dion Novil, that possession was a win for me. With both starting corners out it's going to be a long day defensively. Really need the offense to maximize every possession, need 7 here.
  17. This should perfectly explain why it's impossible for this generation of college students to "pick themselves up by the bootstraps and work for it" the way people who graduated in the 70s and 80s were able to get by working a job at the same time. The math simply doesn't add up.
  18. Jerry Jones was named executive of the year after the 2014 season, it was a joke then but just sad that 24 years post championship this is the only title he has to his name. McCarthy was a bad hire, regardless of injuries they interviewed two candidates and one of them was Marvin Lewis to comply with the rooney rule. A coach so desperate for another chance to be a head coach he lied about watching every snap of the Cowboys 2019 season just to get the job with a team that cares more about jersey sales than winning. The only bright spot is this team could be bad enough to land the #1
  19. We have had the absolute worst luck with safeties what a shame
  20. https://nfldraftbible.com/scouting-the-nation-clemson-unsung-hero-hungry-wolves-a-slew-of-under-the-radar-prospects/ Nice write up on Jaelon here, he is turning some heads that's for sure.
  21. I am skeptical at best that it will be a slot receiver who breaks our draft curse. The NFL doesn't value those guys very highly even Hunter Renfrow was a 5th rounder though his age was a big factor. If you search twitter there are a few draftniks who have noticed his production including Dane Brugler former owner of nfldraftscout and current writer for The Athletic. He's listed on the Reece's senior bowl 2021 top 250 maybe I am being pessimistic I just thought it would be Novil garnering the buzz this year.
  22. HUGE play by one of the Murphy twins rushing off the edge, those are the plays that build confidence in younger players and we have A LOT of young guys trying to figure it out. GMG!
  23. Darden is so damn special, he is on such a tear right now he's unguardable. G5 slot WR's are a dime a dozen in terms of NFL prospects so it's hard to imagine him getting drafted but the production has been unreal.
  24. Guyton has been targeted 8 times this season and has 6 receptions for 174 yards and two touchdowns. Guyton, Wilson Jr, Fine was one hell of a trio.
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