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  1. The area between Aubrey and Celina is being developed so rapidly I shutter to think what travel down highway 380 will be like since it's already a nightmare and they just now began construction to widen it. When will small towns learn it's not worth it to let your town be ravaged by builders who plop 500 houses with 4 feet of side yard in between each on 6500 square foot lots all for a little money? That whole area has a bunch of 2 lane roads without shoulders or turn lanes and simply doesn't have the infrastructure to support that kind of growth so quickly.
  2. 6'3 216 averaged 19.6 PPG, 41% from three on 148 attempts, nearly a 2:1 assist/TO ratio, 1 steal per game, and 83% from the free throw stripe. I would bet that his recruitment blows up soon enough those are pretty efficient stats.
  3. I have a few items for sale if anyone is interested. The helmet has to be from 1992 or 1993 according to helmet history and was worn by #42. I can't find a roster online and it's way before my time so I don't know who wore it. The facemask does lift up meaning it's screwed in at the top but detached from the sides, it can be attached on one side but would need some work obviously. I'm unsure when the seat back was made, but it's in pretty good condition other than a couple small tears. All of these items were bought at local garage sales or auctions. PM me with an offer if you would like.
  4. I am truly excited to see Passwaters develop the next two pass rushers who are going to produce 23.5 sacks over two seasons combined. It won't happen again they were special talents, penalties or not, good run defenders or not they were the two most gifted pass rushers we've seen since the Dickey era. They will be sorely missed.
  5. I would much rather see a mens soccer team than baseball. It will cost a whole lot less and the two sports are basically on even footing in terms of popularity now.
  6. Right now we're wasting time offering a bunch of class of 23 players who will never sign here. History says we might sign 2 or 3 of the high school players we are offering right now, only if their offer list stays with only a few FBS options. The class of 23 will be filled by our next coach during the months of December and January. We recently signed 5 high school players who we beat the likes of SFA and Lamar for. We're waiting to fill out half of our signing class with portal players, yet almost every other school still has 5+ scholarships left to give so this won't help either as there are 120 other FBS schools who will beat us for said portal players if offered so there's no advantage to this. Seth Littrell doubled down on high school players when other FBS coaches utilized the portal, when he finally started using the portal he brought in players that didn't help. He is late to the party and behind the times when it comes to recruiting and we should just go ahead and bite the bullet and fire him.
  7. BRING BACK CHAT The old chat GMG had was awesome and was very popular during away games.
  8. The amount of copium I've seen on this forum the last couple of days is astounding, even referencing Mason Fine's class for reasons a class filled with guys 130 other teams didn't see as FBS players could be successful. Guys, this is AWFUL. Shockingly bad, especially for how much money we pay these coaches. You are trying to convince yourself that guys we started recruiting less than a month ago after damn near every recruit we spent resources on in 2021 turned us down are AAC level players. You are trying to convince yourself this staff is somehow going to hit on 8-10 random portal players that are still looking for a school this offseason. When we went 4-8 and then 4-6 everyone (including my stupid self) said to just wait for all the underclassmen from the last few classes to develop. Well, the majority of the highly rated players left and very few have panned out. Other AAC teams are punching above their weight beating P5 schools and we are fighting with SFA for scraps. We are screwed, short term and long term.
  9. They accounted for 40% of our sacks last year. They were the two best players on this team in my opinion. Absolutely one of the best G5 pass rushing duos, they will have no shortage of offers. I can't blame them, the current signees leave a lot to be desired and our plan of sitting on our ass and seeing who's left after 125 other schools have filled up is garbage. I promise you that none of Johnathan Pickett, Trent Ward, Fatafehi Vailea, Kevin Greene, Tayshon Johnson, Leblanc, Hutchings, Rausaw, Cam Roberston or Tom Trieb will come even remotely close to filling the void left by the two best pass rushers we've had in 18 years. I have watched a lot of embarrassing games and shitty football over the years, when does our time come? Because I've seen about 4 good seasons since 2004. It's not too late to fire Seth. All we are doing is adding another year for the next coach. We all see the difference between a program led by a winner (basketball) and a loser. Littrell has three L's in his last name alone get this fraud out of here.
  10. Littrell said on early signing day we had 12-14 more spots open and since then (40 days) we have had ONE (1) player commit, a backup OL from a New Mexico team that went 5-14 the last two years. We are either losing every significant battle for 22' recruits or we are waiting for signing day to pass to fill out the class with transfers. This is MacCarney type bush league recruiting where we're beating Abilene Christian and Lamar for prospects. Either way, my only hope is one of JD Head or Stone Earle can actually play, Brammer returns, and we see real improvement from the secondary. We can compete for a conference championship if those things happen.
  11. The Murphy twins are our best pass rushers since Awasom? maybe? and we have two of them. And he also had two 300+ lb interior defensive lineman with a lot of starts under their belt to form one of the best starting 4 in CUSA. Lets see how much of jump Jackson, Brown, and the Murphy twins make and if anyone develops behind them before we say Passwaters is incredible.
  12. I agree, but offers go out to hundreds of players, so a P5 offer from last year that's no longer committable but was listed on their 247 page shouldn't get us excited. Littrell is screwing over whoever takes over in 2023.
  13. We were all so happy to beat a UTSA team that had nothing to play for and benched their QB at halftime to prevent injury that we completely ignored who we actually beat. Victories over FIU (129) USM (123) Rice (110) UTEP (93) and an FCS school. Rankings are from Massey. We are doing exactly what Mac did, trying to find hidden gems in January because we consistently lost recruiting battle after recruiting battle during the season. As we fill out 2/3rds of this class with guys who have few options left, let's all remember that just because Indiana or Vanderbilt once offered the kid 9 months ago, it doesn't mean we beat a P5 school for his commitment. Can't wait to see the 10 commits we get the last week of January sold to us as "steals".
  14. Was once committed to Colorado State, received offers from Temple, NMSU, Miami (OH) , Charlotte, UMASS, WMU, Kent State and Ball State according to his twitter. I like this commit, safety play has been a constant negative the last several years.
  15. https://n.rivals.com/news/the-top-qbs-still-available-in-the-2022-class "SMU, Arizona and Nevada have also been in touch with the Houston-area prospect, who threw for more than 2,600 yards yards and rushed for another 1,000 with 46 total touchdowns and no interceptions." He should be offered as an athlete if anything. I get that his throwing motion doesn't look pretty but he is worth a long look to say the least.
  16. Holy shit why won't the refs call a holding penalty??????????????????
  17. These score predictions seem unnecessarily high in our favor. They do have a good run defense, a good quarterback for G5 level and at least one very good WR. I don't know how this will play out but confused by the confidence because history says we will fall flat on our face today, hope I'm wrong.
  18. Blaming "liberals" is so engrained in your DNA it's the first thing you list for improving attendance for a G5 basketball program LMAO. Are they also the reason you don't make 10 million dollars a year and date a supermodel? Do you really drive through the Denton square pissed off bitterly judging the people walking around?????
  19. I didn't get back on GMG after the afternoon yesterday, I am very pleased with this signing his tape was incredible upon first view a few weeks ago and he seemed like a guy who would surely get an offer from a P5 in the Midwest. Great signing.
  20. Are you saying that he is a good recruiter? As in able to beat P5 schools regularly, or at least able to beat schools like SMU or Houston? Because I think that is simply not true. Or are you that he is good at identifying overlooked players and finding diamonds in the rough? Every player you linked Aside from Brown and Bean (who doesn't belong on this list) were signed in the 2016 and 2017 classes by the way, and everyone aside from Guyton and Siggers either had a few lower G5 offers or none at all.
  21. Believe what you want, I have no reason to lie. We got a good player at a position of need that's all that matters.
  22. Could have wound up at a P5 school we got lucky. Looks like he will be the most athletic DB we have outside of Gaddie next season he is fast.
  23. Nevermind, I shouldn't post things about potential recruits until they commit. GMG
  24. I really hope we don't shit the bed in the bowl game, but I won't be negative after a game like that. I'm glad Seth turned it around, I'm hopeful we get a local bowl. I realize we could lose some 4th year juniors/grad transfers before next season, but, we did that with 17 underclassmen starters. 13 of those freshman or sophomores. No Jyaire Shorter/Oscar Adaway. Lots of other reserves who are very young flashing as well. The expectation should be to win the bowl game and compete for a championship next season.
  25. I promise you that if Stone Cold led the team on to the field with the iconic glass shatter theme music it would be an electric atmosphere. Even if you argue that current students were born past the year 2000, most of them will still know him from memes.
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