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Kim Phillips: Gamedays at UNT becoming big draw

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Link: http://www.dentonrc.com/business-tech/denton-business-headlines/20151024-kim-phillips-gamedays-at-unt-becoming-big-draw.ece

Everyone is talking about it. Not enough touchdowns. A head coach change midseason. It has looked to laymen like an unusual flurry of activity in what is obviously not the University of North Texas Mean Green’s most stellar season. I’ll be honest: I don’t know the whys about all that.

I can talk with authority about how things appear to laymen because I am the ultimate when it comes to football. I don’t really even qualify as an armchair fan, much less quarterback. I understand the game; I just don’t relish watching the details unfold. What I do love, though, is gameday. Regardless of the season’s scores, winning or not, I’m at the games wearing my green and having a blast.

Our youngest son, Chris, graduated from Texas A&M University in August. When his (and our) Aggie journey began in 2011, we were unprepared for the vortex that swallowed us whole. Aggie football was at the heart of the giant sucking sound.

From our first gameday experience, we were hooked. I was envious of our College Station Convention and Visitors Bureau colleagues. Every home game, hotels are full and restaurants are packed.

Gameday pumps millions into their economy.

Because Chris was a member of the Corps of Cadets, Tim and I were among the thousands who traveled to every home game during his college career, sometimes without a ticket to the game. We went for the Aggie Game Day experience, something that, over time, spawned the concept for Denton’s Mean Green Game Day.

Mean Green athletics and the Denton CVB joined forces to merge the Apogee Stadium and downtown experiences into one major event during home games. Our goal is building Mean Green football attendance while teaching the art of Dentoning at the same time. And even in an off year football-wise, this is winning.



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It's a pretty simple concept to follow.

If the Mean Green succeeds.....then the City of Denton succeeds.  That's why there should be screams demanding accountability and change from every voice around.



Accountability at UNT above the head coach doesn't exist. 

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It's a pretty simple concept to follow.

If the Mean Green succeeds.....then the City of Denton succeeds.  That's why there should be screams demanding accountability and change from every voice around.



Exactly. This article only begins to highlight the full economic impact a winning football team could have on Denton. This is why small donors buying several season tickets should not be discounted by the "ELITE". In the aggregate, those fans have a huge impact and their disengagement will be felt by the University and the Denton community.

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Accountability at UNT above the head coach doesn't exist. 

At this point why would anyone dislike your comment UNTexas, I will never understand.  There is accountability in the academic departments at UNT I assure you but athletics since our first few years back in FBS accountability in the Athletic Department is somewhat lacking.

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    • By Harry
      The Mean Green Game Day goals are important to reiterate because they demonstrate how Hank Dickenson thinks and works. This campaign thrives, as do many other civic projects he leads, because of Hank’s relationships in Denton.
      Mean Green Game Day is one of many ventures on which Hank and I have collaborated over the years. He has chaired the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and currently sits on the CVB’s Advisory Board, both roles where he’s been intricately involved in our initiatives.
      He has invested in Denton for more than 20 years, and not just to tout the Mean Green (though he never misses that opportunity). The fact is he loves this city and UNT.
      Recent changes in the North Texas athletics landscape have altered Hank’s title from deputy athletic director to acting athletic director. It’s my understanding that a nationwide search is underway for the new one. I just wonder, though, why everyone doesn’t see what I see. We’ve got our guy!
      Of course, this is only my opinion and should not be taken as the opinion of the Denton Record-Chronicle just because you are reading it in this newspaper.
      Like hundreds of you, I’m a Hank fan. He’s in the trenches with us, giving more than his 100 percent to uphold our Denton way of life. I don’t pretend to know what the experts look for when seeking the next Athletic Director, but I do know Hank Dickenson.
      He knows sports and bleeds them all. He’s been wrangling UNT athletics for more than two decades, through ups and downs, wins and losses. And he’s still here.
      As the team readies and Mean Green Game Day ramps up for year five, let’s do it with the best man on top.
      Go. Mean. Green.
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      Neal Smatresk, president of the University of North Texas, hit two pedestrians with his Toyota Highlander on the night of Thursday, Dec. 10, according to a police report obtained by the Denton Record-Chronicle.
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