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    Here's how i did it. I don't have dish or directTV or anything like that. I got a 7 day free trail to FuboTV's highest tier. 1. Go to https://www.fubo.tv/signup to get a 7 day free trial. 2. Click on the package called, "Ultra". 3. Click on Start Trial. 4. Enter your credit card. 5. Click on, "Start Watching Fubo TV" 6. Search for "North Texas" and you'll see the unt events. https://www.fubo.tv/search?q=north texas&fuzzy=true 7. Go mean green.
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    Signed by New England.....put on their practice squad.
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    Sunset out our window. Rick
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    Terrible take. If Reeder needed experience he shouldn't have been hired as OC and if SL has this mentality he shouldn't be a coach. I've never heard of a coach thinking "let's get our teeth kicked in but come out with some experience!" Reality is, Graham Harrell was good at his job and we trashed him on the board thinking we knew more than we knew.
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    Tap the brakes on "the defense looks okay".... 20 in the first quarter to a bad offense that couldn't hit 30 on UC Davis...
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    Mason holding the ball too long again. What a regression this season.
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    FUBO TV. Add the optional “Sports Plus” to the subscription. Gets you access to the specific PAC12 - Bay Area channel that we’re on. Its a free 7 day trial and you can cancel online with the click of a button tomorrow if you want. No hassle calling a customer retention number or anything like that. Used FUBO a couple times last year with no issue.
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    If you want to know what Berkeley is like,..remember what Fry Street was like in the 80’s and times that by 100. Rick
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    If we can avoid falling into a deep hole like last week, we have a really good shot. I think if our offense can score 20+ points we will win. Not sure their offense is any good? UNT 24 Cal 21
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    i'm also a cal fan, so i'm used to embarrassing rooting interests.
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    This is how the wrestling SHOULD be done: 1) Halftime performance. 2) As the initial match concludes, the winner shreds the top part of their uniform to reveal a T-shirt underneath of <OPPONENT HERE> 3) Once the wrestler is identified as an “enemy”, Stone Cold immediately comes out from the tunnel and clocks the wrestler. Then Stone waves UNT flag around the ring for a little bit. Crowd goes absolutely nuts. If something like above happens the performance would no doubt be on a ton of top 10 lists and likely generate similar amounts of social media buzz as last years fake fair catch. Halftime concludes with some band schenanigans.
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    https://www.mercurynews.com/2019/09/11/no-bosa-as-49ers-practice-in-youngstown-before-bengals-game/ "Running back Tevin Coleman (ankle) did not practice and likely won’t for a couple weeks. The 49ers likely will wait until Saturday to promote Jeff Wilson Jr. from the practice squad." It sounds like he's going to get a look during the regular season. Happy he's still hanging on.
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    there was still a glimmer of Heisman hope, maybe some Pro Scouts in the stands
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    I've watched A LOT of bad DBs over the years at UNT, but this may be the worst year ever. Looks like a Jr High game.
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    This new OC has turned Fine into Check Down Charlie. Something I noticed right off the bat...
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    Defense seems to be up to the challenge. Be cool if the offense/offensive coordinator would show up
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    Good luck to your boys. Let’s hope for no injuries and a good game.
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    Ours last night, roughly 300’ from our game seats.
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    From the second half of the ACU game thru the Smut game I have lost confidence in NT. Too much hype and so far nothing to back it up. The OC and DC so far have demonstrated to me very little confidence for this team to be Champions. The "Buck" stops at Seth. He better turn on the bilge pumps and stop the leaking! I hope they win but anticipate another loss....could be worse than last week. Please prove me wrong!!
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    You are welcome to give Fuzzy’s in Allen a free trial (or one of the other watching parties). Food and drink aren’t free, but admission is. Games are always more fun to watch with fellow Mean Green faithful.
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    Have you been assaulted by ANTIFA yet?
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    source: Bowling Green Daily News Charles Bassey (WKU So.) has been named 1st Team All American by Street & Smith and Lindy's. WKU is poised to continue their reputation of excellence in men's BB.
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    Hello everyone. Chili's just called me and said they actually did not have the Pac 12 network. We are moving the location to the Park at South Lamar- a little more watch party friendly. https://www.google.com/maps/place/The+Park+on+South+Lamar/@30.2363139,-97.7933272,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf64b871917e3876e!8m2!3d30.2363139!4d-97.7933272
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    CUSA needs Bassey to have a big year The attention Ja Morant brought the Ohio Valley Conference in 2019 was amazing - allowing the conference a 2nd bid when Murray State landed an at-large spot (Belmont winning the tourney). CUSA member schools haven't had a player drafted into the NBA since Tony Mitchell in 2013 (and we weren't yet CUSA then). The most recent player drafted after playing CUSA ball was Will Barton (Memphis) in 2012. The ideal story for the NT season is WKU to post a gaudy record, Bassey to grab headlines, NT win the CUSA tourney, and WKU get in as an at-large.
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    Never seen a quieter GMG on game day. That SMUt loss was such a beat-down.
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    Correction: Game Time is 1:15 p.m. so the Cal Band should be at the Student Union/Sproul Plaza around 11:45 a.m. They usually form up 1.5 hours before kickoff. If you take BART to Berkeley the walk will start in downtown Berkeley, about a block west of campus.
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    Was all over campus and surrounding area last night and ran into three NT alums at Triple Rock, one who posts here under Jackson? Great folks. Not a lot of night life for us older crowd but the kids were all about doing their thing. It was 93 yesterday. 67 this morning and a high of 75 today. A great day for a college game. Rick
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    Agreed. All 3 phases have taken a step back. Our offense; the only thing I ever had confidence in, is being held back by Reeder's play calling. Our defense is atrocious, and stupid mistakes being made on special teams. No idea what people see that make them remotely confident about getting a result against Cal
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    Rock Chalk Jayhawks. I watched and they dominated Boston College, but we do have things to worry about until we magically find a defense
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    King is fast and elusive. Gonna be tough.
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    Not stopping Houston. Now up on the #20 team. I need to get more scotch for the 28th
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    Anyone know of Alamo drafthouse plans to show games again? I rather enjoyed that option too.
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    Dot's Hop House in Deep Ellum will have the game on multiple TVs.
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    Which one? UNT pretty left friendly in my experience. 😉
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    Do a 7 day free trial on sling. They carry the Pac12 network. Then cancel Sunday morning.
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    I think we go 6-6 now that the dust has settled, I had us at 8-4 before we started the season. We were not good in our first game and terrible in the second game. We might be underdogs the rest of the season. Maybe we bought into our own hype. UTSA has me worried because Houston is the following week. Sorry I rather beat UTSA than Houston. I think Houston is going to kill us on our own field and the attendance will take a big hit the rest of the season if it already hasn't happened. If our starting CBS are really the best we have we are in trouble. What happened to the quick offense? I will continue to go the games and support our team but my expectations have been lowered.
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    Something is wrong with these calculations if they say we have a better chance of beating Houston and LATech over SoMiss. Very broken.
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    If it is after the game, why would anyone be against it? It doesn’t affect your usual game experience whatsoever but may bring a few extra butts in for the game. Maybe there are students that love wrestling but not football or maybe they root for UT or OU. There interest in wrestling putting in front of Mason Fine and the Mean Green may be all it takes to convert them to a Mean Green football fan. Maybe, maybe not. It may not help but I don’t see how it hurts. Plus, imagine the excitement if by some strange coincidence Steve Williams actually made it to that game.

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