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  2. If you recall, there was an on-field recognition of a major donation for new GB unis back at I think the Rice home game from last year.
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  4. Okey dokey did okey dokey it seems. Look folks, in case you didn’t know it before the game, OSU is good. Could we have fared better if the game had been played in Denton? Probably. Would we have won? Probably not. But, these are the type of opponents we should be playing if we want to get even better. Would have loved to have played OSU in Denton...hopefully, next season. Folks, this program is getting better and better. The future is VERY bright for UNT Softball. Book that! 👍💚
  5. You are correct. They were dominated by Old Dominion, who in turn lost to Rice in the finals. I hope we have strong recruits coming in because it will be difficult to replace Maria and Tamuna. Replacing Minying will be easier.
  6. 6-0 final. We get one hit in the game against their #2 & 3 pitchers, the first of which had a 1.76 era. We don’t hit top pitching on the road very well. Now,...the girls will get back some time after midnight and have to travel to Birmingham a day and a half later. Hopefully we can rebound. Rick
  7. 6-0. Headed for a run rule. This is why I would never have agreed to change location. At least at The Lace we had a chance. Rick
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  9. Can you imagine Booger & Awasom feasting on this OL? I think people look back on Kingsbury as one-of, if not the best QBs in the long line of the Pirate’s run in Lubbock, even though Harrell has better #s.
  10. Starting the freshman, Bailey Tindal in the circle. Rick
  11. There was a nice one made by JanSport in the stadium 2 seasons ago. I bought one and it was so comfortable. I ended up ripping a hole in it and found it on clearance at the store in the Union towards the end of this past football season so I bought another one.
  12. Cowherd frequently makes fun of smaller schools even though North Texas’ new offensive coordinator hails from his alma mater. 🤨
  13. Wow...yeah, Arrington completely butchers things. And Cowherd shows his ignorance several times over (begins at about the 31min mark)... https://player.fm/series/the-herd-with-colin-cowherd-1789841/best-of-the-herd-04232019?t=1866 At least we know Mean Joe and the NFL won't mess it up tomorrow...
  14. I'm not convinced our current offense would beat that 2002 defense, nor stop Cobbs and Co.. Hard to say. Any stance is really just conjecture, but maybe there are others on this board that can spell it out in more concrete ways. My personal stance on all of this is 1) Fine is a HOF player BUT, 2) we desperately need to see another player in this system. We have zero frame of reference to compare Mason to. What if we continue to average 300+ passing yards/game for the next 3 QBs, and 2 or more of them win titles? Where does Fine's legacy stand after that?
  15. Pls don't crush my hopes and dreams of back up quarterback Mason Fine leading the Dallas Cowboys to a 2021 super bowl victory after Dak goes down with an injury. .
  16. Btw, we’ve moved up in RPI to #54 and are currently the highest ranked team in RPI in C-USA. Rick
  17. DRC: UNT has not had a player selected since Cody Spencer in 2004. Only Air Force, Old Dominion have gone longer without having a player picked https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/football-ejiya-guyton-aiming-to-break-unt-s-nfl-draft/article_8e89cbcb-4cc4-5d5d-a2d5-9c583569a0c2.html
  18. Good article by John Stossel. https://reason.com/2019/04/24/the-green-new-deal-will-hit-the-poor-with-higher-energy-costs/
  19. Good post gangreene. I had been wondering what the format was going to be and where we are in regards to that. Its an exciting place to be tight now. Rick
  20. Correct, we should hide our games behind a paywall with limited subscriber numbers. That'll be big time.
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