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Official Southern Miss Game Score Prediction Thread


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Watching Dodgeball was like sitting at a blackjack table where you're dealt a sixteen every hand to the dealer's face up Ace. You split the eights, catch a ten and a ten, think you're sitting pretty with a pair of eighteens, and the dealer turns over a 9. Every time.

Watching present day UNT is more like betting your whole wad on hard eight on the hop. Big wins, bigger losses, nothing in the middle.

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I'm not predicting the score, I'm predicting the board reaction:

If We Lose:

RV, Mac and Benford receive only 5 year extensions. -- Announcement Pending.

Ben Gooding commits ritual seppuku. --Has anyone heard from him?

SSP finally shanks someone. -- This was pretty much a given either way, I feel bad taking credit.

UNT90 rants and raves, constantly pats himself on the back. -- This was a Norm double play.

Andrew tells us to wait for BB season, cause thats when the winning starts. -- Done.

Cerebus, CBL and TTG try to prove how smart they are by making comparisons between Mac's recruiting and long form Russian realist drama. No one is amused. -- We did this on the NPR forums.

Vito asks if we miss DT. Carves DT in his palms and side, unvoluntarily committed to mental health facility. -- Announcement Pending.

DallasGreen says Nicholls would beat us by 77 and 1/2. -- Missed on this one.

Seven for eight, not a bad week for the Aardvark.

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