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Getting to know the newest members of C-USA

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GIVE A HEARTY welcome to the five institutions of higher football education joining Conference USA, aka The League of Misfit Schools.

These schools, described below, are vaulting from humble roots into some of the richest 17 years of mid-major tradition you will ever find. And get this: All five have football programs ahead of that at the departing University of Memphis.

(Yes, two of the newcomers haven't played a down of major-college football. As Marshall basketball coach Tom Herrion would say, "You can laugh.")

The five schools are Louisiana Tech, North Texas, Florida International, Texas-San Antonio and North Carolina-Charlotte. They join in the summer of 2013.

(We think Old Dominion will join the fray, once folks there get used to the idea of traveling beyond Williamsburg for road games.)

This quintet will discover a number of benefits of C-USA membership, such as an increase in television revenue (from near zero, generally) to an increase in bowl opportunities (though that BCS access thing is closing) to relative stability (two are escaping the WAC-tanic). Charlotte and UTSA win the best springboard into major-college football since Marshall mashed the MAC.

Fans of the new schools will see better football and will discover that, no, their sports teams won't be shuttling to East Carolina and/or El Paso every week. This is also a great league in which to hire coaches with personality, a checkered past or both.

They'll discover that in C-USA, you don't lose your shirt to play in a bowl. For example, Marshall played in the oft-pilloried Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl in the even-more-pilloried Tropicana Field, and had a $54,000 surplus to show for it.

(West Virginia lost $200,000-plus in one of those open-the-vault BCS bowl games? Really?)

So, as Conference USA bids adieu to Houston, Memphis, Central Florida and Southern Methodist, what will Marshall fans see from the newbies? Let's take a look.



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One thing the article failed to mention is Four of the five schools bring a market size ranked among the top 36 in the country and totaling over two million more TV households than the league held this past year. The CUSA should see a major improvement its media revenues and exposure. If ODU commits that wll bring an additional 718,750 households. Five of the six schools are in the fastest growing media markets. Three of the six schools are media markets without competition from other major Universities or Pro teams.

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What I don't understand is the negative comments by the Marshall fans to the article. Would anyone care if Marshall even left the C-USA? WE ARE NORTH TEXAS!


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      Welcome to "Second Guess" Tuesday.
      This is much like two-for-Tuesday specials, but with opinions instead of pasta.
      Would it really cost a Conference USA member school only $400,000 in exit fees to leave for another league?
      Not even close.
      Granted, it sounded like that at first.
      When C-USA commissioner Judy MacLeod had an informal chat with media members during the recent Conference USA Football Kickoff event in Irving, Texas, she reportedly commented that the exit fee would be two year's worth of revenue.
      So, lots of people leaped to the conclusion MacLeod was talking about just television revenue. Since the projected television revenue in 2016-17 and 2017-18 is only $200,000 annually per school, folks arrived at the $400,000 exit figure.
      But as it turns out, the exit fee isn't based on only television revenue.
      "It would include any revenue allocated after a school would submit their notice of withdrawal," explained Courtney Morrison-Archer, C-USA's associate commissioner for public affairs. "Schools must provide 14 months notice.
      "So, before May 1 of year 20XX to withdraw June 30 of year 20XX plus one."
      And that includes all revenue?
      "All revenue," confirmed Morrison-Archer.
      That makes a lot more sense, not to mention a lot more dollars.
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