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  1. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/early-lead/wp/2014/09/27/it-could-be-worse-you-could-be-an-smu-fan/
  2. Here it is. The Big 12 only has ten teams Big 12 expands to 12. Florida State and Virginia Tech will leave the ACC for Big 12 The ACC adds two orphans from the Big East. The Big East grabs two more teams from the C-USA. The remaining C-USA teams merge with the MWC. You heard it here first. .
  3. With the obvious exception of UTEP, why would any other C-USA school even consider the MWC? I think a merger between the C-USA and the MWC is more likely.
  4. Here is some wild speculation. The Big East new television contract does not provide the revenues that Houston and SMU areexpecting as a provision to move to the Big East. SMU and Houston choose to remain in the C-USA.
  5. Does a MWC merger with C-USA make since again? Especially, if SDSU and Boise State stay committed to the not-so-Big East.
  6. 1. UTSA is located in San Antonio having games at the Alamodome does not help to market their program to greater San Antonio. Having games at the AlamoDoMe does not bring visitors or alumni to the campus. 2. With the Spurs leaving the AlamoDoME and the building of the AT&T Center, there no major professional sports franchises that play at the AlamoDoMe. The AT&T Center and the Alamodome actually compete for events. 3. A Bowl Game once a year and a final four tournament every four years is not enough to support a major sports arena. 4. An empty sports arena benefits no one and c
  7. But wait.. isn't the Alamodome twenty miles away from UTSA? I mean, completely across town. I guess there is plenty of parking on campus during games...that's a plus. Along with placating the San Antonio Spurs ownership's demands for a larger basketball venue, the multi-purpose facility was intended to increase the city's convention traffic and attract a professional football franchise which has not occurred. The Spurs played basketball in the Alamodome for a decade, then became disenchanted with the facility and convinced Bexar County to construct a new arena for them now called the AT&a
  8. http://denton-tx.gra...d=3&clip_id=583 http://rodenfordento...vention-center/
  9. Hopefully, in future, C-USA may chose a tourney site that will increase the exposure of the conference. I like .San Antonio.
  10. UNT is not subsiding the convention center. UNT is leasing the land and generating revenue. With the convention the city will have vested interested in the University especially in the area near Apogee. The University will be one the entities that will uses the convention center, why would you not want the convention center on campus? The convention center will allow the University to leverage its facilities and resources. This project will increase the University's visibility. "The xyz convention at the University of North Texas." THIS A BIG WIN FOR THE UNIVERSITY.
  11. I agree Harry, with is size he could cause a lot of havoc in the middle of line and take up a lot of space similar to a Nose tackle. This may allow more flexibility in using your defensive ends especially if you have good speed at defensive end.
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