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  1. I don't care who our quarterback is. I want us to pick the one that works the hardest in practice and learns to execute the plays consistently. I want multiple quarterbacks to get reps before the start of the season so the coaches can see and evaluate their abilities. Once the season starts, I want them to pick the one that is most likely to succeed and give them the vast majority of reps and playing time. Exactly which quarterback isn't important. I'm not at every practice so I can't possibly judge which young man will be best for the job.
  2. Look at the Big XII as they've both had a championship game and not had one. The CFP committee told them they needed the "data point" of a championship game. Of course, part of that was the Big XII trying to get greedy in a year when both Baylor and TCU were close and instead of the Conference officially backing one tried to push both which caused neither to get in. Obviously, most years an AAC team won't be in the running for one of the four CFP slots but they will be in the running for a NY6 Bowl game. The "extra data point" will out weigh the hurt of the runner up.
  3. I think it was ULM that was invited to the Liberty Bowl which they hate even more than ULL.
  4. It's not just ULM and ULL! AState, USA and Troy are all still mad at the way La Tech has acted toward the SBC for the last 20 years. Returning member NMSU will remember La Tech worked to keep them out of the WAC in addition to trying to keep the SBC from adding football. La Tech worked well beyond what could reasonably be called "being competitive" against all of those schools for 20+ years through multiple ADs and Presidents. You can bet all six schools will be talking long and loud against any addition of La Tech. La Tech worked for over 20 years to put themselves in a place where most other universities are not going to trust them. Let them rot!
  5. I'm pretty sure Dickerson had a maroon and white transam. An Aggie booster gave it to him and then Dickerson went to SMU. Not much the Aggie booster could do - complain and admit to the NCAA the penalty or just keep quiet. When the NCAA was investigating SMU, Dickerson asked them if accepting a car from a booster then going to another school was a violation. The NCAA said it was not.
  6. Wow! Even Baylor had a few scholarship players when Scott Drew took over. What do those guys know?
  7. I couldn't find the article I read directly about Marshall's situation, but I found this article about when the University of West Virginia sued the Big East because they wanted out of the Big East Conference at the end of the then current academic year. It explains or at least reverences many relevant points about Marshall and CUSA including why starting the suit in West Virginia courts forces the entire process to happen in West Virginia courts. It also touches on why the case couldn't then move to Federal court. West Virginia did leave the Big East at the end of the academic year in question. https://www.vuhoops.com/2011/11/01/wvu-sues-the-big-east
  8. I read someplace that West Virginia filed a similar suit against the Big East when they wanted to leave early to join the Big XII. West Virginia won. I can't remember which paper had the article.
  9. I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you! How could anyone related to sports think they can change the terms of a signed contract!
  10. This!!! Conference Commissioners work at the direction of the Presidents of the University members. If the Presidents really want her gone, she is gone. If a majority really don't like what she is doing, it gets changed. I don't understand the fuss over the three schools leaving early. Scheduling with 11 schools just isn't that hard! As was pointed out in the other thread, the Big 10 did it for a decade or more! It's only one year early and legal action will take months to complete.
  11. That’s correct. The local leadership had decided to go all in on football for several years and built Maverick Stadium as part of that. But the students never really supported football and the administration say “We tried and they didn’t want it.” Even today, this petition only had support of a tiny fraction on actual students.
  12. One of the funniest moments involving Meat Loaf being a guest on the "Tomorrow" show with Tom Snyder. Tomorrow was an interview show in the last 70s/early 80s that followed the Tonight show. Meat Loaf was a guest the the host, Tom Snyder spent the first 10 minutes of the interview calling him "Meatball." Meat Loaf never corrected him, he just went with it.
  13. A change.org petition isn't the same thing as a school planning to restart football. When someone from their administration says they are going to investigate restarting then I'll believe they are actually interested. The last I saw in any news article, UTA administrators were says they were NOT even looking into football, although that was pre-pandemic.
  14. Kids have always been more loyal to their coaches than the schools. Now they can follow them.
  15. Tim Cowlishaw has a good commentary of the transfer portal in todays DMN. The summary, most fans are going to hate it. The Dallas Morning News - TIM COWLISHAWCollege free agency creates chaos https://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popover.aspx?artguid=7fde9a91-d325-461f-982a-2317493fd880
  16. We've got the "something Seth sucks" out of the way, now back to football.
  17. I signed up for YouTube TV around Dec 1 primarily to get bowl games. I couple of friends recommended it over Sling. I found out about no Disney this morning when I tried to find the Boco Raton Bowl. I immediately canceled and went to Sling. When canceling YouTubeTV, they asked if I was can canceling because of lack of Disney. And when I went to Sling, their splash screen read "Are you looking for ESPN and Disney? We have them!"
  18. Thanks for the explanation! I've been trying to understand it! I know several times in the past, coaches over recruited JUCO players that didn't the full 5 years to play 4 left. You can do that for a year or 2, but after that the limits on how many players you can recruit in a given year mean you play a year at less than 85 scholarship players which always results in a bad year. It appears you can still get in the same trouble with the portal, but you have an additional way to balance things out. In any case, the math of limited number of replacements in a year, 5 years to play 4, and 85 play limits mean high school players are still going to have to be the majority of your recruits except in the very usual year.
  19. I understand and that might make sense to you. But for me all of that is completely subjective to the whims of reporters with known biases against anyone from a G5 school. Personally, I prefer actual math when studying stats. In any case, the reporters accomplished one goal which was to write something at least someone controversial and get people to click and look and thus be exposed to the ads!
  20. I'm all for exploring options in the Transfer Portal, but there are a limited number of coaches to work the Portal, JUCOs and regular recruits. And that limited number of coaches only have 24 hours in a day. And there are only so many hours till signing day. Oh yeah, there's this bowl game that they should be preparing for. In short, pick your battles wisely and you will win more.
  21. I suggest everyone follow and read the actual link and NOT just look at the chart. I was wondering how Zappe could have such a terrible quarterback rating. Reading the article, it appears this isn't the standard quarterback rating system that's been used for decades. The authors of the article didn't like the results they got from that system because in their view it ranked Johnnie Manzel too high. So, the authors reworked all of the analysis until they got their desired result. Below is a link to standard quarterback rating this year for the top 100 quarterbacks. Zappe comes in at #7 overall with 167.4. The #1 spot at 207.9 is Grayson McCall of Coastal Carolina - I'm sure the ESPN analysis's hated that result and had to change the numbers until he was much lower. #2 is CJ Stroud of Ohio State at 182.2 Folks can put whatever stock they want in an article. But, personally, I don't like statistics at start with a desired result and rework the numbers until that result happens. Here are the normal, non-altered quarterback ratings for the top 100 QBs in 2021. https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/player-stat/qb-rating-ncaa
  22. Things like this make me glad MY income doesn't depend on the whims of 18-year-old-boys.
  23. Looks like lots of money is being bet on the Mean Green is the line keeps moving that much. Remember, the purpose of the line has nothing to do with who will win, it is to get an equal amount of money bet on both sides. When too much goes onto a single side, then the line moves to attract more bets on the opposite.
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