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  1. I should point at the several ADs from CUSA have said there is no discussions at all about a merger, team swap or anything with any other conference. The whole thing appears to be being pushed by reporters, generally reporters who cover non-CUSA school, who don't have anything else to write about.
  2. Good. Things will likely be different in a few months as they have changed drastically every month so far this year.
  3. <s> Unless they both do! </s>
  4. He only posts here when there are free articles he can link to. The only free articles in the DRC are COVID-19 related.
  5. We can be better than last year - a lot better - and not be contending for a title. No one had spring training this year which could help equalize things. This year is going to depend on talent and individual work. I agree on the six wins as a likely result, but with so many unknowns it's more difficult this year to make predictions. In my imagination, we always start 14-0.
  6. It appears schools dropping programs must still balance sports opportunities for women through Title IX. Have too many scholarships for men and you are going to get sued. Multiple quotes from attorneys in the article. The Wake Forest AD points out all schools "can't be everything to everyone." https://edition.pagesuite.com/popovers/dynamic_article_popover.aspx?artguid=116994c5-3bc5-49c4-9c9b-4ef174103fed&appid=1125
  7. New softball recruit from my home town of Edinburg. https://www.themonitor.com/2020/05/22/ex-bobcat-sabercat-truitt-signs-mean-green-softball/?fbclid=IwAR1WF5e1d_ztUwERyFDGNbz-qO4ts1v79XHf0zn1GZ4NM2e3OkZueOrp8jE
  8. Here's an article with more detail on the decision against a blanket drop in total number of required sports. https://www.golfchannel.com/news/ncaa-blanket-waiver-cutting-sports-will-not-be-considered 1. Individual schools can still make the request. There is a history of schools in emergency situations - after natural disasters, etc. - doing so. But they have always been required to bring the total number BACK in a few years. . The D1 Counsel is made up of people directly involved at colleges. It's AD, Coaches, Presidents, Conference Commissioners and even some student athletes. Here is the current list. http://web1.ncaa.org/committees/committees_roster.jsp?CommitteeName=1COUNCIL
  9. I think Mason used up all of his eligibility.
  10. Since Colorado State, AF, Wyoming, San Diego State and I think New Mexico have repeatedly said they do NOT want multiple Central Time Zone schools and WILL NOT make the concessions that were granted to TCU again, I don't see how a MWC East is a possibility.
  11. Actually, we didn't meet the stadium requirement. If we had designated Texas Stadium as our home stadium as Tex Schram wanted us to, we could have stayed 1A. It was a retroactive requirement meaning when it was announced, no schools had the option of complying. It was the only time the NCAA has made a retroactive requiremen for Division status.
  12. Yes, it will. There was an article in today's DMN about over 20 NASCAR drivers participating in an eNASCAR event this weekend. It's getting network coverage. I'm on my phone so I can't link the article.
  13. I didn't actually think it would happen, but ...
  14. Any chance the NCAA might do something for the Seniors denied tournament participation? I highly doubt it, but these are interesting times!
  15. Hey @Brett Vito maybe you could put a paragraph about Covid19 in every story so they could all be free for a while. Just a thought!
  16. True - the venues are booked years in advance. Also CBS has other things scheduled for then as well. Soooo, congratulations to our Mean Green NATIONAL CO-CHAMPIONS!
  17. Look, do you want to play P5 schools or not? If yes, then you need to schedule the games! As this article from last Aug points out, it's not unusual for games to be scheduled 15 years in advance. "Texas has home-and-home matchups scheduled with Georgia in 2028 and ’29, Florida in 2030 and ’31 and Arizona State in 2032 and ’33. UCLA hosts Wisconsin in 2029 with a return leg in 2030. Oklahoma and Clemson recently announced a home and home for 2035 and ’36 — so far out that a senior in the second of those games will enter kindergarten this fall. When Alabama and Wisconsin announced a home-and-home last week for 2024 and ’25, it felt not excessive but pragmatic." And - "“I think what happens is, everybody is ready to walk down the aisle and they don’t want to get down the aisle and not have a bride to kiss,” Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne said. “And so that’s the challenge that you have is, sometimes if you don’t schedule far enough out, you literally can not have an opponent to play.”
  18. We probably should just cancel the football program because we won't win a National Championship in a game tomorrow.
  19. The top two pods have five teams which makes scheduling more consistent. You play two games at home and two on the road.
  20. Pod play does increase the strength of schedule. Strength of schedule is the chief determiner of bracket rankings. Thus pod play DOES give teams in the top pod the best chance of being ranked ranked higher if they get into the NCAAs. It's math, folks. However, it is still up to the teams to actually WIN.
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