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1 minute ago, MCMLXXX said:

In the event a fan from UTSA is reading this post I think it should be explained more clearly. That Bucket of Chicken is Half Full not Half Empty!   

You have to be even more clear if you’re talking to UTSA fans.  

The analogies above are referring to basketball.  Basketball is a game played with a round ball and five players on each team.  The object of the game is to put the ball through a hoop that stands 10 feet off the ground.  One day UTSA should add a team to play this game.

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13 minutes ago, emmitt01 said:

La Tech fans have a chance to see their teams win the men’s and women’s conference titles today. 

We were a once in a lifetime shitty shooting half (men) and 3 points (women) away from the same opportunity.

The sky is not falling folks. 

And hopefully they get completely annihilated in both games. 

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I was just as mad, frustrated and disappointed by the loss yesterday as everyone else but to call this a choke job and wasted season, as some on this board have, is way off base. Before the season began, we lost our two best scorers and post. Hamlet being arguably, one the best players we have had in program history. We were picked to finish 6th in our division. If you had told me this team would set the school record for consecutive wins and win the regular season title by 2 games, I'd have questioned your sanity. This team is a bunch of Hard working, over achievers, that almost no other D1 schools wanted. We don't pass the eyeball test warming up against UAB, FAU, Middle, UTEP or Western. All have better athletes than us. These 7 guys bought in to playing a hard style of basketball to be able to stay on the floor with more talented opponents. They put winning first. We didn't blow out any good teams this year. We won grind it out brawls. Not pretty to watch but effective because we made big plays in crunch time. We came up short Friday. It sucks but to say we choked is not fair. They earned the right to play in the NIT and I will be at every game possible. The old timers remember a time when we would have killed to get an NIT bid. No it's not the Dance but still a historic and respected tournament. Go Mean Green!

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