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  1. I googled “Baylor battle flag” and I still can’t see it. Does anyone have a photo of this infringement ?
  2. And why are we wearing green at home ?
  3. Have to be there for practice ??? Tell me again what cheerleaders are for ?
  4. As involved as the students were at the first game, they are that in-involved tonight. And where are the cheerleaders ? Not a cheerleader in sight.
  5. The Mean Green Maniacs are taking a “I think I’ll just sit” attitude tonight.
  6. Coach Andy, I have been in touch with Doug Rush and he put me in touch with Danny Suges and Danny is coming to Denton Wednesday, February 1, to speak at my Kiwanis Club about the “bring it back” project. I will get back closer to February to promote Danny’s presentation but I’m inviting all GMG members to attend. I’ll even buy breakfast. I’ll be asking Bret Vito to attend to give this project some coverage. The Denton Breakfast Kiwanis Club meets at Rudy’s Wednesday mornings at 7:00am. More to come. CALL FOR INFORMATION. Joe Holland. 940) 206-5177 GO MEAN GREEN
  7. The worst half of North Texas basketball I’ve ever seen.
  8. Icy white. Always a good choice. GO MEAN GREEN
  9. When does the current home-and-home contract expire with SMU and does it matter anymore ?
  10. GMG poster LETSGIVEACHEER lives in New York. Great fan.
  11. Winner !!! Ding, ding, ding !! The Gaels are an ethnolinguistic (whew) group native to the British Isles. They are associated with the Gaelic languages, a branch of the Celtic languages Irish, Manx (?) and Scottish Gaelic. GMG posters are so smart.
  12. SMU gets credit for enrolling Jerry LeVias in 1965 when North Texas enrolled football players Abner Haynes and Leon King almost 10 years prior. I’m surprised NT doesn’t get more publicity concerning this than we do.
  13. No, but thanks for playing. As a parting gift, we have a replica cardboard cannon. Just like the real cardboard cannon used at UTSA. GO MEAN GREEN
  14. Honor system in effect here !!! Without looking (I had to), who knows what a “GAEL” is ? GO MEAN GREEN
  15. I just got home from the game so im sure this has been asked, but, why did Southern Naz not put their starters back in late in the second half, and that is the best showing I have ever seen (45 year season ticket holder) from the student section, cheerleaders and dancers. Great energy.
  16. I recall, after Fry decided to move on and take the staff with him, I was speaking with Bill Braisher. I said something like, “Iowa State ! What a great opportunity.” Coach Brashier sort of rolled his eyes and said, “Not Iowa State. IOWA !” I’m not sure I knew where Iowa was either.
  17. The FIU equipment 18 wheeler had “Paws Up” written by on the side. Incredibly lame.
  18. Friday ??? That compounds travel plans to attend. Do you think a 7:00 kick ?
  19. I know it’s too early, but if, if we win out, we play SA for the conference championship. Guess what date and time. GO MEAN GREEN
  20. I was there and my wife made me leave early. A stupid kidney transplant or brain surgery or sumptin’.
  21. I understood he was not coming back next year. CONGRATULATIONS TO AUSTIN AUNE !
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