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  1. What am I going to do with this BEAT TAMU-COMMERCE sign I had made ?
  2. I think if DeepGreen were to better embrace his true feelings he could confront what is really on his mind. I think he wishes no good will to Southern Meth. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  3. I like the Safeway bowl logo with the green and red shield. And as far as the Southern Meth fans who play at Ford Field not knowing our proper name, we've had that name for over 31 years. Many of the Southern Meth fans are not even 31 years old. This speaks to their lack of knowledge of college football. They are probably not aware that Texas State and Memphis also have changed their names in recent (31 ? ) years. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  4. Now we have a legit winner ! I'll buy the first round of Fletcher's Corny Dog. See you at the UTSA game. Joe
  5. Please define "many" used in this context.
  6. A Raleigh 10 or 12 speed as I recall. I don't remember what I sold to Mr. Fletcher. Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner !!!
  7. Very obscure trivia... Name the bicycle shop that has sold a bicycle to both PlummMeanGreen and one of the Fletcher brothers. First correct answer wins a Fletcher Corny Dog at the next home game.
  8. I believe that's spelled 'Rasslin'.
  9. Wear green. If NT fans wear their white shirts from Saturday's game, they will look like Sothern Meth fans. It should be noted that the Southern Meth White Flag of Surrender will be harder to see if it is sandwiched between both their fans. Please keep a look out. WEAR GREEN -WEAR -GREEN -WEAR GREEN -WEAR GREEN -WEAR GREEN-WEAR GREEN-WEAR GREEN-WEAR GREEN-WEAR GREEN 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  10. I have a friend that asked me to sell his Club tickets for September 21 against UTSA. He doesn't usually sit in these seats and wasn't sure the location but thinks they are between the 15-20 on the north side. Includes Blue parking pass and dinner. Face value $130 ea/ $260. cash. PM or call me. Joe 940) 206-5177 I just learned this same friend has a single club seat available for Houston the next week, September 28. $130. w/ blue parking pass. Call me. J
  11. Had I used that term in my freshman English class at NT, I am positive that my professor, Dr. Burns would have taken me out into the hall of the Language Building and kicked my arse. Meanest Instructor I ever had. And probably the best. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  12. Maybe a security camera ? If nothing else, it would make for some interesting posting here.
  13. I saw Florida State at Fouts on Homecoming back in 66 or 67. Imagine scheduling FSU for homecoming because they were a cupcake. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  14. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice This is almost too easy 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  15. I sat next to a young man named Preston. He said he was a writer for the Daily. He seemed surprised that the Coach shows had been going on for so long. That got us discussing how long the Coach Show had been going on. I remember it used to be at what is now called "The Dive." Someone mentioned that the show started at the first version of Sweetwater Grill. Good crowd. Always fun. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  16. Among the things that could have been used as a microphone stand base, other than, say an Atlas microphone stand base, I guess a steering wheel makes the most sense. Thanks for the clarification. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  17. Is that guy in the hat holding a steering wheel ?
  18. "May I help you , sir ?" "Yes. I'd like to buy a ticket for today's game." "Golly, I'm sorry. We're all sold out." "You mean to tell me there isn't a ticket available anywhere in Apogee Stadium ?" "That's right sir. We've been asking fans to buy tickets early. I guess you didn't read your emails. Maybe you can try again when we play Houston. Or go watch the Mean Green next week at Ford Field. Apogee South as we like to call it around here."
  19. Apogee south-Ford Field 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  20. I think it’s sad that people don’t attend the school they want to. But I also think ir’s sad that people forget the school they attended. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
  21. "But you can't play for a national championship. But you can't play for a national championship. But you can't play for a national championship." Mason did the good job as he always does. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
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