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  1. Sorry to hear. I missed the last 2 home games and my first Apogee misses back in November from a positive, and symptom free COVID test. Get well.
  2. This day in history, a Scott Davis led Mean Green defeated Billy Joe Tolliver and Texas Tech in Lubbock 29-24. All game, Tech fans pelted us with tortillas until the game turned in our direction late. Then, we gathered up the tortillas that had accumulated at our feet and threw them back. And that, boys and girls, is where the former tradition of tortilla sailing at North Texas games came from. GO MEAN GREEN
  3. Would it be considered poor form to ask to be put on the agenda at a soon to be held Big 12 meeting and ask to be considered for membership ? Then, there would be no question about our desire to be invited and our request would have to be dealt with, up or down.
  4. Gentlemen. Gentlemen. Why the abusive language ? GOMEANGREEN.com has always maintained a high level of decorum. I for one would appreciate our avoiding profanity. GO MEAN GREEN
  5. The first time I saw that uniform was against UTA (I think) at Texas Stadium. I thought it was the greatest uniform I’d ever seen. Still is. Stylized Eagle.
  6. Does Oklahoma have a College of Radio, Television and Film ? I’ve just never heard of a graduate of that program.
  7. i think it would be tragic to have affection for one school and be "forced" to attend another.
  8. I got a GREEN blanket. My dog immediately chewed a hole in it. He didn't go to North Texas. He went to obedience school. Didn't graduate.
  9. Is it likely someone else pick him up first ?
  10. I wonder if the Athletic Dept could sell any season tickets at the Coach Show ? You know, set up a kiosk next to the ribs.
  11. I like the photos he chose for his twit picture. Pittsburgh needs a Mean Green teammate again.
  12. I don’t watch the Cowboys. What happened ?
  13. Annetta Ramsey wrote an article in Friday’s Denton Record-Chronicle about Abner Haynes and Leon King breaking the color barrier as the first African-Americans to play football at NTSC/ UNT. Abner was born in Denton, the son of a minister. When his father was made a bishop in the Church, the family moved to Dallas. Abner, according to the article, wanted to go to college and play football close to hone. He applied to SMU but was rejected because, according to the article, SMU did not allow students of color at that time. In fact, it would be another 9 years before SMU would admit Jerry LeVias, the first black player in the SWC. Ive always had a special place for Abner Haynes. Not only was he an excellent football player without qualification, but he attend North Texas and while he was here, my father was his physician. I think the time is long past that there should be a memorial to Abner Haynes and Leon King, hopefully while both are still living. GO MEAN GREEN
  14. It seems to me the point of matchups during bowl season is to pit teams that haven’t or don’t usually play each other. Playing Southern Meth again serves no purpose.
  15. I’ll be there. I’ll be easy to find. I’ll be wearing green.
  16. Doesn’t rhyme but it certainly gets the point across doesn’t it. Good obversation.
  17. Typically, college home teams wear a colored jersey. The visiting team will usually wear white. So we’re going to show up appearing to support the “white” team. From across the stadium or on TV no one can read what’s on your white shirt. “The Demons sure brought a lot of fans with them today, Bob. I didn’t know they traveled so well.” ANY SHADE OF GREEN IS GREEN.
  18. I hope that’s what they’re saying.
  19. Amazing. A team called Mean Green wants to have a “white out.”
  20. Did you notice the Texas Stare Armadillos made the waiting list ? That’s too close.
  21. I saw the Stones at Memorial Coliseum in about 1966 and again at the Cotton Bowl in about 1975. One of the great. “Time is on my side. Yes it is.” Until it’s not on your side. Thanks Charlie Watts
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