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  1. He might not be a walk-on for long. Welcome. We are anxious to book a trip to a bowl game and watch you play. GO MEAN GREEN
  2. No, I’m serious. What does “rock chalk” mean ?
  3. What is this “Rock Chalk” you speak of ?
  4. I googled "Hayden Fry Funeral service." It came from a newspaper in Iowa.
  5. Hayden Fry was the beloved football coach at the University of Iowa for 20 seasons, from 1979 to 1998. He turned around a struggling team that hadn’t had a winning season for 17 years. Within two years, Iowa was back with a winning season, and Fry’s Hawkeyes went on to win three Big Ten titles and play in 14 bowl games over the years. Prior to his years at Iowa, Fry coached in his native Texas at Southern Methodist University and Texas State. He played football at Baylor University and was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he played with the Quantico Marines football team. The main character of TV sitcom “Coach,” Hayden Fox, was named in honor of Fry. The struggle goes on.
  6. Imagine the size of Denton if the above problems didn't exist.
  7. I know that the "west" team will wear a dark jersey like red or blue and the "east" team will wear white. But each player wears their team's helmet. Since the helmets aren't supposed to be color coordinated, I wonder which helmet Mason and Ladarius will choose ? I like the "icy white" with the green wings. I hope it's not the matte black.
  8. What an easy question. All time points leader Kenneth Lyons.
  9. When and where is the Shriner Bowl ?
  10. UTSA is still a little sore about the “Hitler learns UTSA didn’t go bowling” thing last year. Which was, by the way, the best “ Hitler joke” thing in history.
  11. Other than military bands, as in the U.S.Armed Forces, high schools and colleges, what marching bands are there ?
  12. I'm not qualified to critique the Green Brigade except as a casual fan. But this year's edition was the best I recall. I liked the opening show and especially the well thought out version of America. The giant US Flags is a great touch. The flags make me proud every week. I still don't get the dancing rifles. Nothing else about the Green Brigade suggests a military style band. I'd like to see them twirl something else. Perhaps a Mean Green Battle Flag. GO MEAN GREEN
  13. If ever there was a time to wear green, it's Thursday night. If, for some reason you don't have a GREEN shirt to wear, go buy one and wear it. I promise you our friends from across the Red River will be in their school colors. ANY SHADE OF GREEN IS GREEN. GO MEAN GREEN
  14. Did NT get some sort of bargain taking Reffett and Reeder ? I was not aware that lack of money for assistant coaches and coordinators was an issue. We got a late start last season because the head coach was distracted. Waiting may have caused a lack of choices but I never heard that lack of money made us settle for second best.
  15. I have always wished fired coaches or those that quit would have a "Mean Green Garage Sale" to rid themselves of un-needed polo shirts and sweatshirts. I wonder how many of those items get put in the trash.
  16. I'd like to see a Mean Green team not sleep walk through the first quarter. If we played in the first qtr the way we usually have to play in the 4th, we would be making bowl travel plans this week. I wouldn't miss the game but I was pretty much done emotionally after Charlotte. GO MEAN GREEN
  17. I don't know who Jonny Carroll, the photographer credited with the drone (I guess) shot of Apogee is, but unless I am mistaken, that photo was taken before the pedestrian walkway over I-35E was built. Also, much of the seating that has been around for years is not in the picture either. Whatever our problems, Apogee isn't one of them. GO MEAN GREEN
  18. Back in the 70s, local broadcasts of the Dallas Cowboy games required a sell out prior to the Wednesday before (I think) kickoff. Frequently, a big retailer (Gibson's ??) or Schweppe's Dairy would buy the remaining tickets, creating a sell out, and thereby providing Sunday afternoon entertainment for thousands in the DFW area. The article didn't say how many tickets were not sold and so, depending on what that number is, I'm surprised some big business person in South Bend doesn't endear himself to millions of Irish fans and keep this streak alive.
  19. My pre-season prediction of a 12-0 season, a conference championship, a bowl win, and seeing Mason Fine named as the 2019 Heisman winner is looking less and less likely.
  20. We have never won in black. As far back as the first time we wore black against FAU under Dickey, black means a loss. GO MEAN GREEN
  21. Singing Glory to the Green Singing Glory to the White Unless there is a second verse I'm not aware of, those are your choices. GO MEAN GREEN
  22. Sign me up for either of those bowls with my preference being the Armed Forces Bowl in Ft. Worth.
  23. If salmon on rye is the opposite of tuna on toast, what is the opposite of a green shirt with a white "Mean Green" on the front ?
  24. We will win ? Easily ? Please recall we got beat by a Charlotte team that was 1-5 when we got to town and we are playing a 1-6 UTEP team that is perfectly aligned to beat us at Apogee. Nobody wants success for North Texas more than me but I'm terrified of everything this team does for the rest of the season.
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