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  1. Offense needs to drop about 60 points if they want to win
  2. UNT will struggle to contain the triple threat offense. I think our offense will make it interesting for a half, but overall our defense won't be able to give our offense any breathing room 48-31 Navy wins
  3. Best of luck explaining your mindset to high rated prospects
  4. Which one of these basketball facilities is more likely to get you to the NBA?
  5. I forgot this is a formal environment. Excuse me for using text language on every post I create.
  6. I didn't go to high school in Texas so I know I may sound like an outsider, but this level of madness just seems immature and misuse of CRUCIAL funds... What purpose will this be used for other than getting more butts in the stadium. In a state that desperately needs to improve funding and focus on high school academics, this just seems stereotypical and stupid
  7. UNT alumni on this page seem to do a lot of ass kissing to Texas oil tycoons... All to get absolutely nothing in return
  8. You lived through the entirety of SMU's death penalty scandal and you still don't believe shady oil tycoons influence athletics in Texas?
  9. Really great read that examines the history of automobiles on the campus of UNT. I know their is current talks about potentially closing Highland Street and portions of Avenue C, but I think this historical evaluation provides insight in how UNT has become such a beautiful campus through the years https://blogs.library.unt.edu/unt125/2020/12/02/changing-pedestrian-malls/?fbclid=IwAR0JZAyNrOBITU9bohFqCcEliX7_VXbgdiLjUzmuhbXt30gOBlcdJfqhOA0
  10. it'll either become too hot for outdoor sports to take place sometime during the late 21st century, or DFW will become a "coastal city" if you know what I mean.
  11. When I first toured UNT after looking at schools like Nebraska, Louisville, Pittsburgh, etc, I noticed that UNT felt the most authentic out of all the places I looked. You can walk into pretty much any class and find any type of person you could imagine. While the campus wasn't the prettiest, I was immediately impressed by the cleanliness and effort that the administration seemed to have placed upon new campus facilities and the physical environment. During my flight back home from touring UNT, I remember talking to my dad about how I felt UNT was a "hidden gem" not only in the DFW area, but honestly the entire country. My point is that UNT is starting to get noticed by people on a grand scale. I chose this school because I loved the potential it had to offer and I was immersed with the benefits that other students are finally starting to see. Hell my freshman class had the largest number of out of state students UNT had ever seen. Given society is still around in 20 years, I genuinely believe UNT is on a track to compete with pretty much any school in America. I am glad I chose this school and proud
  12. I am so sorry but do you know how genuinely stupid this is? INCARNATE WORD IS AN FCS TEAM AND BOTH THOSE LOSSES ARE TYPICAL SCORES AGAINST FBS OPPONENTS....
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