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  1. I am waiting for the Official Announcement before I get all twisted up over this..... Just too beaten down by NT Football.to get my hopes up. Now I'm insulted being compared to RV......
  2. 16.9 million buy out...guess LSU "ain't worried bout no stinkin money". It's all over Louisiana!
  3. Haven't seen USM but FIU is better than NT....these are two away games that don't help SL and NT.
  4. I didn't see it on the NT Police Blotter/reports ....if some finds it post a link please.
  5. FIU has looked good at times and better than NT...this want be a easy win at their place. We could lose out.....
  6. You have to be able to deal with frustration watching this team....
  7. And I'll continue to question any leadership, Wren included, when those under them are failing.
  8. Since 1970..LOL Referring to Head Coaches.....
  9. All I'm saying is Wren has never fired a Head coach...what's there not to get?
  10. HFC's have this old sayin....."Money Talks..Bullshit walks". During negotiations it's always " Show me the Money"!!!! Anyway at least NT can throw that G5 money around.
  11. I understand why many want Seth gone now. But realistically.....he will be here till at least the end of season unless HE pulls the trigger and what coach has ever done that.
  12. Hope there is a decent crowd for a Friday night televised game. Expect nothing and you want be disappointed. Just support the team in "Green"! Lol
  13. I'll ask again..."Who has Wren fired here at NT"???? It wasn't Benford...just didn't renew contract. That's the hardest thing a leader has to do but it shows the ability of a leader to do their job.
  14. Offense looked at times improved but play calling ended some drives. This season seems to me to be a fine example of what we've experience the last couple years...can't beat a team over 500 and barely competitive with those under 500.
  15. Six Frickin years!!!! And this is where we're at with a $2mil coach.....SIX FRICKIN YEARS!!
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