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  1. So percentages and prior experience show Seth won't win these last two games. If he is here next year then the Administration shouldn't be surprised by an Empty Apogee next year. But the sun shines on a dogs ass occasionally. Maybe he wins both. Then Seth will for sure take us into the AAC.
  2. If Seth wins the next two games he will be here next year. A 9-5 Conference and Bowl Champion ain't going no where. But it want happen so don't worry.. just my opinion. GMG
  3. Might have been that the first half.....(3000+) Then the band parents left the stadium after half time show.
  4. He may not survive a possible 7 win season.
  5. Correct.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Texas_Mean_Green_football_statistical_leaders#
  6. This right here is why UTSA is nothing more than a inflated Community College. Good luck guy.
  7. I'm thinking so....but does Wren think so?
  8. Correct if wrong...didn't Smut put "Dallas" on their uniforms right after UNT started the " UNT the University FOR North Texas" campaign and NT signed some kind of affiliation contract with the Dallas Cowboys...been a year or two.
  9. Might be Apogee in two weeks unless Wren can figure a better angle than "a win might mean a trip to San Antonio for the Big Game".
  10. Mentioned this in another thread( I thought 4) and get down voted.....truth hurts sometime.
  11. I'm watching MAC football right now. Do I want NT playing on Tuesday or Wednesday night....nope.
  12. For all the success AA has those interceptions take the luster off him. Two yesterday of which one turned out to be a "pick 6"...fourth this season. (5 actually) Interceptions under normal circumstances aren't the foundation of Championships. Maybe his supporting staff can pull him through. For all the down votes...I know...the truth sometimes hurts.
  13. The Mayor and City Counsel to UNT and Its students... "Just Show Me The Money"!!! The City of Denton and County to some extent, just leech off UNT and Its students...always has and continues to this day...#olddenton IMO
  14. The color guy made some weird comments....maybe a training session?
  15. These rankings don't do much for me....keep winning and show me consistency then I'll believe in the "Mean Green".
  16. I just can't get that little run of "Pick Six's" off my rear view mirror.
  17. It might be if they win out and get to the Championship Game.
  18. Down vote me all you want but Wren Baker ain't gonna fire a 9 or 10 win coach.
  19. Guess the players don't count when going or not going to a bowl... We ain't made it to no Championship game yet...let the season play out...its a up hill fight for NT to get there.
  20. I'll still say NT wins against FIU...though they did look better last night. G.James was 31/48 for 321. I'm thinking our Defense is better than LaTech and our running game better too... Every game for Seth will be a nut buster..
  21. History and percentages I believe show that a SL team want fair to well with WKU. Course it's homecoming so there ain't nothing aligning for this team to be victorious ... Hope I'm wrong..
  22. Every game the rest of the season is a trap game for Seth......
  23. Austin's passing percentage is around 50...hence UTSA's defend the run and take your chances with the NT passing game. Blue Print on how to beat NT.
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